26 Absolutely Bonkers Stories from Mail Carriers

A post-office custodian robbed a credit union on his lunch break
26 Absolutely Bonkers Stories from Mail Carriers

Though “going postal” was first used to describe mail carriers going berserk, it seems like the people receiving mail are equally temperamental. Sometimes, the drama is happening inside the station, like the post-office custodian who robbed a credit union on his lunch break and then returned to work. Other times, the insanity happens out on the route, like getting chased by an angry bull while bringing mail to a farm. 

Regardless of the location, postal workers far and wide have been on the receiving end of some insane scenarios — professional war stories they’ve been more than happy to deliver to the virtual mailboxes of Reddit.

Loki8382 . 2y I have a customer who refuses to use his flag to indicate he has outgoing mail because, in his words, he doesn't want the government to know he has mail in the box. ... 22
Angrypoopoh . 1 1y benefiber regular That time when I delivered the remains and the woman looked at the box and said welcome to California Mom. ... 51
CoverContent 1y People order dildos on wish.com not knowing that they just comes in a plastic bag. The funny part is that I was a carrier in my home town and knew almost everyone on my route lol. ... 8
MaxRebo74 65d Rural Carrier Had a guy at a trailer park come up to me dressed in a full body bunny costume (sans head) and ask for a ride in my LLV (Dude, I just need to go a few miles down the road, dude!) Told him no. Не said I can ride in the back! I won't tell nobody! Before I could say no again, a man dressed like Dale Gribble (and who was, I would guess, 7000 years old) came up, yelled at Bunny Man and they got in a fist fight over...I have no idea. I drove
Extra-Act-801 . 6 65d Still the weirdest was when the guy met me at the door and handed me a hold slip, but told me that even though will be on vacation for 2 weeks, he still wants me to walk up to his door everyday, up 15ish steps, and PRETEND to deliver, so that any potential robbers watching me don't realize he is gone. ... Reply 12
RevolutionaryMind562. 1y City Carrier I delivered a potato once, a literal potato to a apartment mailbox with a barcode priority label and etched on this potato said its organic ... 7
i_iz_potato . 2y Clerk at the hub sold meth over the counter ... 10
Wheredidthetimego40 . 6y One day it was pouring rain and everything was soaked. There was a lady waiting on her porch for the mail. I approached and told her sorry it's wet. She says Don't worry I like it wet... ... 14
RuneFell . 3y I was chased in my car around the front yard of a farm by an angry bull once. ... 3
Boring-Presence433 . 351d Delivered a cert to the door. Little girl answered maybe 8 yo. She said I could come in and look for her mom cause she's around somewhere. I said no I can't and then the toddler ran out the door into the busy street naked. I was pretty freaked out didn't know what to do. Luckily the older daughter was playing outside around the corner and got the baby and signed the cert. But for a few min I thought I was fucked. ... 20
Signal-Awareness-715 . 1y Clerk A woman got 15-20 packages a day for P.O. Box and didn't pick up for a month. Well a lot of it got sent back. Apparently the articles contained components to resurrect her dead husband. She cried and hexed me. ... 2
jjschoon 0 1y I was delivering in a small village on July 10 2013 when a storm came in. The wind picked me up on 1 side of the street and dropped me on the other side. An eye witness says that I went head first over the hood of his pick up truck. I landed in the grass about 2 ft from the sidewalk with a small tree on top of me. I shattered my right humerus and was off work for 5 months. I just remembered taking a step toward then street and then being on the ground.
predictablecitylife. . 1y Master of Custodial Arts When I was a holiday clerk I walked in on the aftermath of a clerk stabbing another clerk while working manual letters because she wouldn't get out of the other's chair. EMT's and Police (city and postal) were everywhere. There were blood droplets on the floor for almost a week afterward. ... 2
whoareyou8424 1y Walked up to a house about to deliver mail to the house when I saw a teary-eyed distraught looking man outside of the front door. Не said can you go inside? I just wanna make sure I'm not seeing things. I had a long night I was hesitant to go inside and questioned him about what was in there. Не just kept saying please go look I finally got it out of him that there was someone dead inside the house. I told him to go in first. I slowly walked behind him into the house where a
Supertrapper1017 • 1y A box got caught in a SPBS and 50,000 оху pills spilled out. Someone lost a lot of money that day. ... 11
SpookyActionSix . 1 1y | have a pulse Had a carrier get fired because he offered an undercover cop hooker two McD's cheeseburgers to fuck in the back of the LLV. The officer tried shoeing him along but I guess the guy was pretty persistent. Then later I heard about the story again as my GF at the time was a county court clerk lol
patricio87 . 1y Guy always left piss bottles in truck. Someone complained so they brought him in office. Its him ny stewart and my supervisor. The supe holds up the bottle of piss we have to discipline you. Не says thats not piss and grabs the bottle and slugs it down right there in front ot my supe and stewart. My supe has been on leave ever since. ... 17
Southern_Second521 . 1y having to take a shit behind a fence on the side of someone's property rural route only to notice a week later a security camera pointed at where it probably looked like a grizzly bear shit... mybad Tuosto's i couldn't hold it any longer ... 34
louig901 . 1y A CCA killed the manager, supervisor, and himself as I was in the Academy for that particular station. ... 119
BLTflops Зу I've had a dog hit my truck. No I did not hit the dog; the dog hit me. Stopped at a couple boxes on a mounted route and a boxer comes full sprint from the front yard and rams the side door so hard it dented it. I'm freaking out thinking this thing just killed itself and look up to see the owner coming from the front porch. Before I can say anything he just yells Oh he's okay! Не does that all the time because UPS guys give him treats! The dog got up but it is
ripmerle Зу This sounds made up, but I assure you its true. I am a clerk and was working at a large station in the 90's. There was probably 5 or 6 of us sitting in the break room, watching the news during lunch. The news was reporting that a credit union had just been robbed near the station and they showed a picture of the robber from surveillance video. We all agreed that the robber sure looked like the custodian that worked at the station, but thought no, it couldn't be. It was just a crazy coincidence. About the
Headset479 Зу I started fairly young and still looked like a highschooler and didn't yet have a uniform. The first time when delivering to an alternative high school I was brought to the principal because I was supposed to be in class and had to call my parents for an explanation. My ID didn't suffice because the school was full of held back seniors, so I decided to call my office. When I had called and asked for help, my supervisors got super upset with the school and were basically screaming at them to let me go because I was
SendBumPics . 5y My partner is a postman and said it's weird the amount of women that will answer the door topless. Не wouldn't mind but most of those women are aged 60+. ... 10
000-000-000yea . 5y There is an area of chicago where the mailman (or mail- women, or mail-person) refuses to deliver because there are some snakes that like to bask on their lawn. So the poor old lady who lived there didn't get her mail delivered for a few months, and she had to put a sign up that says something like Snake Free Zone.
b1andf . . 5y My friend is a mailman and a guy once (dressed in a leopard print dressing gown) invited him to place the package in the kitchen, then casually asked him.. Fancy a blowjob mate? ... 139
Tangboy50000 . 5 5y Weirdest/ most uncomfortable experience that comes to mind is having to deliver the sexual predator warning card to the sexual predator pictured on the card. I don't know if every area has this, but here the sheriff sends out warning cards to the area where the predator listed their address. We have a sexual predator half way house in a neighborhood, so these people get these things like 2-3 times a week. So one day I'm walking up to this place and the guy hanging out on the porch says he can take the mail inside for me.
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