24 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of October 23, 2023

He does look unbelievably swole/surreal
24 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of October 23, 2023

When A24 released the trailer for their upcoming film The Iron Claw, they likely didn’t expect audiences to roast it. The devastating story chronicles the tumultuous life of the Von Erich family and the curse that runs through their lineage. The film stars Zac Efron and Jeremy Allen White in heel-turning roles that required them to commit to truly unrecognizable swoleformations as members of this real-life wrestling dynasty — or in White’s case morphing into a Smiling Friends character. 

At least The Bear actor was in good company this week when it came to burns. Other victims included an amalgamation of Blink-182, someone on the other end of rightful victim-blaming and, at long last, the lonely stoner who frees his mind at night. 

Ali @AliEzzoBezzo 2d i can see it in your eyes that you yearn for affection. the days feel shorter and you find yourself excited for 12 AM because that's when everyone is asleep. you love to be by yourself, but you hate being alone. Ken Carson ? @ fukvmp . 4d great way to start the morning C 0:32 276 2.5K 35.3K 1.9M
bobby wasabi @bobbyteriyaki 22h ??? gen Z life expectancy gonna be 34 R mor @moristiko. 1d when the pen taste like Honda Civic exhaust but it still gets you faded 24 648 12.1K 660K
Anthony Thee Fantano @theneedledrop. 2d ... they have a point blink-182 E RATED BY AM X ALL-WHITE JURT blink-182 - One More Time... ALBUM REVIEW 73,075 views 13h ago ...more theneedledrop 2.79M 2.6K Remix Snare Comments 552 Bro u can't criticise Blink-182 while dressed as an amalgamation of all three members 64 964 35.1K 739K
Corn @upblissed - 3d his big ass jus wants some food SAY CHEESE! @SaycheeseDGTL . 3d Rick Ross says he would rather have dinner with Jay Z than $500k y CHEESE 674 11.3K 128K 12.7M
bЯyan @murderxbryan 1 15h This account makes me an immediate victim blamer Iwaspoisoned.com @iwaspoisoned_ 15h Le Bon Temps -frozen chinese crawfish tail meat -Winn Dixie Mandeville, LA. Le Bon Temps- Onset: Less than 4 hours Duration: 4 to 12 hours. Vomiting and diarrhea so severe I almost passed out and feet and calves went in to spasms. iwaspoisoned.com/incident/ winn-... PIOTE the from boon Donat - - www and the 21 Janetrea teomla 104 Le BonTemps Crawfish Tail Meat 12 OZ. WILD PRODUCT NET WT.12 CAUGHT OF OZ.(440g) CHINA FULLY COOKED PEELE DEVEINED & FAT ON KEEP FROZEN DO NOT REFREEZE 45
juju $ @ayeejuju• 17h for everyone who already beat the whole Spider-Man 2 S game 764 4,474 67.4K 5.8M
Cigs @TheCigsBrand - 3h a People do this and then talk in riddles for the rest of their life dedgrl @ketpup 12h who needs an ego anyway twitter.com/lovelybnuuy/ st... C 0:08 25 255 4.1K 193K
Mina Kimes @minakimes. 11h ... 99% of the replies: H IU Dylan Hornik @_Hornik_ 15h You gotta be a sick person to enjoy the Astros downfall 71 651 11.2K 875K
colin @cheeserburger 2d he looks like a smiling friends character HOUSTON XL54 TRACK NF Ma Jeremy Allen White's Spo huge transformation 158 2.6K 43.4K 1.3M
Nicole @BombshellCole . 2d I know a vampire when I see one. Sassington, M.D. @MissSassbox. 2d he didn't have to slide on us like that. FC @CHRISJOHNFLORA Nina Simone Feeling Goo 15.5K 90.1K 474 3.6M
Bill Shaner @bill_shaner . 1d I like it when something bad happens and the cops trot out the reason the local schools don't have air conditioners Matt Reed @MattReedNews 1d Tactical response teams rolling out as the search continues for Robert Card. Card is a person of interest in Wednesday's mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine that killed 20 people #WCVB CC 44 2.5K 20.1K 634K
Burgundy and Sold @Deion_Slanders 1d Quickly, how many digits are in $500,000? TikTok @ gbthed Flash @Flashyasf.3d 6 figures not the goal no more I'm thinking half a million sound about right 75 4K 18.6K 850K
J*tta @20Kylies 1d She lowkey look like Jennette McCurdy with a tan M MUSIC Complex Music @ComplexMusic - 2d Mariah The Scientist comments on being categorized as R&B CC Anybody that sings and is Black 0:43 916 10.1K 108K 6.1M
Alex Murdoch @alexgmurd 23h i love that hocus pocus is a children's movie that spends 1.5 hours dunking on a kid for being a virgin 4 156 2.8K del 99.9K
miya I free palestine @flostherapy·1 11h ... a documentary having actors BEYHIVE tori @torixxk· 19h if a documentary came out for destinys child, i can see skai jackson playing kelly Likes 1,000 ١/١/٨١ ٧ ١ ٧ ١٧ kvn.luong Follow 7,405 26 467 13K 326K
Jackson Frank @jackfrank_jjf - 17h All you can do is tip your cap at posting like this Jackson Frank @jackfrank_jjf· 6m Sixers offense looks quite stagnant for a team that talked about ball and player movement all summer 14 17 91 del 3,469 Gerry Davis @ThoughtsByGerry It's because of liberals like you unfortunately 8:31 PM 10/26/23 from Earth 25 Views 49 183 4K 143K
good reddit @GoodReddit 4h r/illegallifeprotips2 r/ u/theexhibdude 9h How do I get 8.50 within a day I need 8.50 for a movie ticket. It comes out tomorrow. 26 154 Share Осус 5h Whats your cashapp broke ass Reply 181 33 1.9K 50.9K 1M
soapy @soapyhadid - 5h ... They don't hire haters in music journalism anymore Taylor Swift Charts @chartstswift. 14h 1989 (Taylor's Version) -Metacritic: Rolling Stone - 100/100 The Telegraph - 100/100 NME-100/100 1989 942K 39 675 13.7K
MonsterKing @CerromeRussell. 1d It's not YJ @yasminbrie 1d This man in this slingshot keeps circling the block playing keyshia cole, hope everything's alright 3 74 145 du 15.1K
sydney @insect_opera 17h One time I told this guy that I didn't want to talk to him anymore and all he did in response was unfollow my cat's Instagram 8 3 144 4.6K
good reddit @GoodReddit . 7h Question from first-time husky dog owner: will it calm down? 45 397 16.4K 412K
Mr. Chau @Srirachachau 2h Overlook Hotel A lot going on but it's nice that we can all come together to July 1921 dunk on Max Landis Bill Clinton's Epstein Apology On Twitlonger 8h Max Landis had his laptop stolen and now all his scripts are lost media. I believe in miracles. Forgot my laptop bag on a curb and it was stolen. Did not have find my laptop on. I have lost over 10,000 pages of writing, two novels, 6I unfinished scripts, and the entirety of the five projects I was working on this year as well as last year,
@PEACHYBLACKGORL 20h me when i lie out of boredom V @Variety .2 20h Variety Josh Peck says he auditioned for the role of Edward in Twilight: A month later, I'm with my manager and he goes, 'It's down to you and three guys, you're close. Robert Pattinson eventually won the role. bit.ly/ 3tNZZXD 71 3.4K 80.3K 4M
I'm Haala Gay @haalamakesfilm 1d ... One little bit I remember from the A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese documentary where he mentions that if Jesus were among us you'd find him amongst the drug addicts and the mentally ill. Desperate vulnerable people. No better place to find them than on Letterboxd FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates 1d Martin Scorsese has joined Letterboxd. boxd.it/7ua3D FOLLOW PATRON This is cinema. RECENT ACTIVITY 9 343 5.6K 235K
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