21 Great Movies With Suckass Sequels

Under no circumstances did we need ‘American Psycho 2’
21 Great Movies With Suckass Sequels

As a man who went on to star in Son of the Mask once said, sequels are by definition inferior films. Off the bat, they’re starting with an unoriginal premise, which they’ve got to find a new angle on to avoid just remaking the first installment, and sometimes, that angle just isn’t there. They got it perfect the first time or simply left no loose ends to tie up. Like, did anyone need Cruel Intentions to become a franchise? Audiences overwhelmingly answered “no.”

That means, sometimes, even the best movies end up with yawningly tragic sequels. For example, “The Matrix was one of the most original, action packed, and just all around entertaining films I had seen in years when it was released,” explained Redditor SpeedyBubble42, but “the sequel was so bad I was rooting for the machines.” They then asked r/Movies for the “best movie with the worst sequel,” and Reddit… mostly fought with them about the quality of the Matrix sequels. But they did have their own contributions as well.

Dumb and Dumber

Casino Royale

The Blues Brothers

The Exorcist


Wonder Woman

Thor: Ragnarok


Planet of the Apes

American Psycho

Interview With a Vampire

Starship Troopers

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Independence Day

First Blood

Wreck-It Ralph

Kingsman: The Secret Service





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