22 of the Worst Accents in Movie History

We love Keanu, but not as a Brit
22 of the Worst Accents in Movie History

One of the most challenging types of roles an actor can take on is a character from a different part of the world. Sure, all acting demands emotional turmoil and careful choices, but an accent requires hiring an entire person to reteach you how to talk. At least if you want to do it well, that is. Plenty of actors seem to just shrug their shoulders and think, “Eh, I’ve seen Monty Python before, I got this.”

It’s especially maddening when the accent is a character’s primary trait and the studio still goes with an actor who sucks at it. As Redditor 0Grassy0 recently pointed outPacific Rim featured “a father and son Jaeger team from Australia played by Max Martini (USA) and Robert Kazinsky (UK)” whose accents were “horrible” even though “any number of random Australian actors could have been used for the roles without reducing the movies quality.” 

They then asked r/Movies for the “worst casting decision based on accent,” and Redditors rounded up some of the most famous offenders, some little-heard gems and some who didn’t even try.

Gangs of New York

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Bram Stoker’s Dracula


The Hunt for Red October

Django Unchained

House of Gucci


Black Widow

Doctor Strange


The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Logan Lucky

Evil Dead Rise

Lord of War

Con Air


Green Street

Mary Poppins

Seven Years in Tibet

Enemy at the Gates

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