29 Ways You’re Just Plain Bad at Shopping

29 Ways You’re Just Plain Bad at Shopping

Unless youre a self-sustaining farmer or some sort of monk, you probably spend a sizable chunk of your life shopping. The problem is, literally all of us are dumb about the way we shop. And so, we asked our readers to tell us about their dumbest shopping habits.

The winner is below, but first, the runners-up…

Entry by deathpod

I'm often sabotaged by my own cheapness. GRAUIN Condition: New Quantity: 1 706 available Price: US $1.00 Bu $$$ Approximdtohc VS $$ Ad Wat 1.821 sold

Entry by jimclass

love the convenience of using wishlists on my favorite online shopping sites. especially when I'm short of cash. Human Factors for Technical Communica

CRACKED.COM I buy cases of Diet Pepsi because each can is a fraction of the cost of a bottle from the machine at work. PEPSI 1160150 DOS diet pepsi pe

Entry by jimclass

I know it's crazy, but after I look over a product in a store and decide to buy it, I always take a fresh one from the back of the display. $10080 3
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