50 Things That Are Way More Disgusting Than They Should Be

50 Things That Are Way More Disgusting Than They Should Be

Earth is loaded with a lot of gross stuff. And we arent talking about spiders or Suriname toads or Steve Bannon. No, were talking about the sneakier things that trigger your gag reflex enough you have to go stand by the toilet for a second or two. For example...

Entry by ashtn

0 have a hard lime using someone else's shower. I know they've been naked in there, and who Knows what else. CRACKEDCOMT

Entry by Dr.Maybe

CRAGKED COM I feel like I'm going to throw up every time I see a parent kissing their kid on the lips.

Entry by ThirdRock

While doing the dishes, touchinge a pieceof food is enough to make me quit. CRACR Somehow 0 feel like a wet piece offood is the grossest thing in my s

Entry by Kevin King

There's nothing sexy about a wet shirt. Wearing one that's just a little damp makes me want to jump out of my skin. CRACKED.COM

Entry by Dr.Maybe

CRACKEDCON I am disgusted by raw meat. I love eating roasted meat, but I am always trying to get out ofpreparing it, so someone else has to deal with

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