31 Women Who Deserve to Be Way More Famous

These are the people who should be running the world
31 Women Who Deserve to Be Way More Famous

Theres only so much room in the history books for heroes, and some of those books have a habit of leaving out the contributions of women. Our readers are here to rectify that, with some accomplished, amazing women who should be way more well-known than they are right now. Please focus your admiration on the following amazing women…

Zura Karuhimbi saved more than 100 people during the Rwandan genocide, using her, reputation as a witch to scare killers away. Whenever a militia near
Khatoon Khider was an Iraqi Yazidi singer, which earned her local fame and success. But after ISIS appeared in her region, she formed an ll-female uni
Huda Sha'arawi arawi was pioneer in feminist a activism. She was the first Egyptian woman to found a philanthropic society, opened a school for girls,
CRACKED COM Misty Copeland is an American ballerina. Despite growing up in a single-parent home and having financial struggles, she became the first A
CRACKED COM Eta Wrobel escaped from a concentration camp into the woods, in 1942. Once there, she helped organize an 80-person resistance group that d
During the Renaissance, Caterina Sforza commanded troops and sezed Rome's Castel Sant' Angelo on behalf of ber busband, despite being seven months pre
CRACKED CO Flossie Wong-Staa became the first researcher to successfully clone and map HIV. Her work paved the way for the development of HIV blood te
Lois Jenson filed (and won) America's first-ever class-action sexual harassment lawsuit: Jenson V. Eveleth Mines. Jenson's -year legal battle was fuel
CRACKED COM Beate Sirota Gordon secretly introduced equal rights and women's civil rights to POST-WWII Japan - and got away with it. As a part of the
CRACKEDo COM Jeannette Rankin was elected as the first woman member of Congress in 1916, four years before American women were allowed to vote. I may
In 1919, at the age of 16, YU Gwan-sun fought for Korean independence, protesting Japanese colonial rule. She was sent to prison, where she organized
Photojournalist Margaret Bourke-White --a pacesetter throughout her remarkable career -- was the first female in her line of work and the first to wor
Edith Cavell was a British nurse working in German-) occupied Belgium during World War I. She healed, sheltered, and smuggled 75 injured British and F
American Virginia Hall was a British spy during World War II. CRACKED COM She created a network of 90 secret agents called Heckler in southern Franc
CRACKEDCO COM Althea Gibson was the world's #1 tennis player in 1957, and was the first to win the Wimbledon, French, and U.S. Opens. She was added to
In 1876, Belva Ann Lockwood was forbidden from arguing before the U.S. Supreme Court because she was a woman. She then spent years lobbying) for a law
In 1957, Mary Kenner patented a sanitary napkin worn on an adjustable belt, for menstrual periods. Most women were still using cloths and rags, so thi
CRACKED COM Dr. Mary Edwards Walker was the first woman awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for her work as a surgeon during the Civil War. She w
Deborah CRACKED Sampson COM son Enlisted in the Continental Army in 1782 during The Revolutionary War disguised as a man. In an effort to not be expos
Trans computer scientist Lynn Conway is largely to thank for the device you're reading this on. Modern silicon chip design is mainly based on her idea
EVa Saxl, a diabetic, taught herself how to synthesize insulin from water buffaloes when legal insulin became unavailable in the Shanghai Ghetto where
CRACKED COM US.A Track and field athete Wilma Rudolph had polio as an infant, required a leg brace until age nine, and was unable to walk properly unt
Helen Gibson (1891-1977) was ONE BADASS WOMAN. Back when men would dress in drag to perform female stunts, Gibson became the first Hollywood stunt wom
Luisa aCapeulabor one of the biggest strikes in Puerto Rican history After winning the right to wear pants in public, she became an organizer, leading
Young Pole Gertrude Boyarski saw her whole family murdered by the Germans. She then joined the Jewish partisans and mercilessly hunted down soldiers.
Junko Tabei was the first woman to reach the summits of the tallest mountains ON EVERY CONTINENT.
Lucretia Mott was an outspoken abolitionist back in the 1800s. She actively participated in public speeches against slavery despite her exclusion from
papapapapapa papapapapoapoapa GLADUS BENTIEY papapapaapa D0dadeoapapa S.MOPPE Gladys Bentley was a bawdy nightclub performer who unapologetically wore
Ruth Lant CRACKED CO one of the very first woman pilots in the US. Mainly flying in an open air biplane, Law smashed long distance records, was a stun
When her three brothers died in battle in WWIl, Roza Shanina quit her job as a kindergarten teacher and joined the Red Army. She became a sniper, made
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