30 Pop-Culture Secrets We Almost Missed

There are secrets hidden everywhere
30 Pop-Culture Secrets We Almost Missed

Around here, we pride ourselves on leaving no pop-culture stone unturned. If there’s a secret, or an Easter egg, or especially an homage in a piece of pop culture, or about a piece of pop culture, we’re all over it. Normally, that is.

This time, we almost blew it. Not just once, either, but 30 times. We came dangerously close to missing what happens when you tip the bathroom attendant 500 times in Grand Theft Auto, the shout out to Caitlyn Kiramman in the opening scene of Arcane, and Meghan Markle’s homage to Princess Diana in her children’s book. Do you know how embarrassing that would have been?

Look, we ultimately caught it, just in the nick of time. But can you imagine what dunces we would have been if we’d missed the Moana cameo in Raya and the Last Dragon? Or the secret phone number in the poster for Murder on the Orient Express? Or, god forbid, the Nightmare on Elm Street homage in Slither? One shudders to think…

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