35 Head-Scratching Fictional Relationships

Who says romance is dead?
35 Head-Scratching Fictional Relationships

Look, no real-life relationship is perfect. Who among us hasn’t won back their soulmate while they were working another couple’s wedding, a la Picture Perfect? Raise your hand if you’ve never left your fiance in the dust, racing in slow motion to the love of your life, who’d been pretty clear that you could never be together, like Mary Jane did in Spider-Man 2. Oh, no one? Big surprise there.

Oh, and I suppose you’ve got a problem with Kylo Ren and Rey? Like you’ve never developed a little bit of a crush on space mega Hitler? Get real.

If you’re not married yet, put yourself in Susan Ross’ shoes. You’re a rich ambitious woman, and this neurotic idiot with anger issues proposes to you. And, by the way, his friends are all jerks, too. Do you really think you could resist saying yes to that mess?

We only ask that you cut these characters some slack. Everyone deserves to find love — even fictional idiots.

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