29 Secret Details About Beloved Movies and Shows

How many of these did you notice?
29 Secret Details About Beloved Movies and Shows

We love us a good Easter egg. Its like being in on a good secret, like the Taco Bell chili cheese burrito. But youre probably not as hard of a freak like us. You live to add value to your community and value relationships. When watching movies, you probably dont pay too much attention to minor details like what shirt a character wears, but it turns out there could very well be a hidden Easter egg on that shirt. 

Luckily, we have no lives and have tracked down a big old pile of stuff that filmmakers included because they could indulge their clever-quotient. Here are 30 fascinating details hidden in famous movies and shows so you dont have to burn your eyes out watching hours and hours of movies and TV just to unearth what is decidedly the brightest of gold…

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