37 Sketchy Facts About the Sketch Comedy Giant — ‘Saturday Night Live’

37 Sketchy Facts About the Sketch Comedy Giant — ‘Saturday Night Live’

People like to say that Saturday Night Live has been terrible since X year, and that X is equal to whatever season people watched when they were in their teens or early twenties (probably). But to paraphrase someone who should have hosted and it’s a crime that they haven’t yet, “When almost 50 seasons you reach, look as good you will not.” There’s lots of interesting facts about the show and its cast members, current and former, from over the decades. For instance, did you know SNL rejected Jim Carrey and Zach Galifianakis before they became comedy giants? 

More on that and other facts you probably didnt know about SNL below…

MINDY KALING CRACKED.COM I had these fantasies of going to SNL and falling in love with some writer on SNL, of getting married and living in New York. Kaling wasn't cast but her Office job was a good consolation prize.

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CHURCH LADY DANA CARVEY CRACKED.COM Carvey developed the Church Lady as a way to deal with demonic hecklers during his 1980s stand-up comic days. He'd shut them down wiith a combination of condescension and patronizing. Patronizing is funny.


JANUARY JONES NOVEMBER 14, 2009 CRACKED.COM In the awkward first sketch, on live television, Jones looked around and asked Which camera? The night didn't get much better from there.



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