30 of the Funniest Tweets from Friday, June 28, 2024

Who among us?
30 of the Funniest Tweets from Friday, June 28, 2024

Will Forte is once again reuniting with an old colleague. The Last Man on Earth star is joining the cast of Tina Fey’s Four Seasons at Netflix after their shared tenure on Saturday Night Live and brief time together on 30 Rock. Steve Carell, Colman Domingo and Kerri Kenney-Silver are also slated to star in the series, which is adapted from the 1981 film of the same name. 

There’s one distinct laugh you won’t hear laughing at Four Seasons, though: Eddie Murphy’s. The Beverly Hills Cop star, who once had the most recognizable laughs in show business, told Comic Book Resources that he “forced (himself) to stop laughing.” Murphy confessed that he made the decision after his laugh became the staple of impressions of him, and he didn’t want to be “known for just a laugh.” 

That said, I’m positive the timeline could still get a hearty laugh out of Murphy — especially considering today’s funniest tweets. They include those about a hopeful stomach, a president we’d vote for and a trio better than the Kardashians.

j @contrrl - . 10h ... patrick keene @doo_kee | pray body dysmorphia is real cause otherwise | look really really bad 8:47 PM 2021-04-26 Twitter for iPhone 2,602 Retweets 68 Quote Tweets 31.1K Likes J@knewkie 2 1,061 9,049 122K
Classical Studies Memes fo... 8h ... DORIC IONIC CORINTHIAN poppy @imnotpopba... 3d Name a more iconic trio than Kim, Kourtney and Khloe. 47 4,198 38.3K 749K
- by essie II KAYA era (kinda ia) 15h ... Post Joe Biden Follow @JoeBiden chat, am i cooked? 10:01PM 6/27/24 From Earth 600K Views 9 1,130 20.3K 498K
Lo The Goat @laaauurynn. 1d ... Y'all omg he was READY to say hellur 375 5,038 45.1K 1.2M
Gobshite @ElGobEagle.23h Think they're steaks mate Nick Ford @Ford_Nick. 1d Caramelized onions or mushrooms? 4 63 5,705 166K
Geraint @geraintgriffith.2 21h I've never heard of these bands. Mirr The Mirror or @DailyMirror 23h Glastonbury 2024 gets off to chaotic start with travel misery and 'vegan cocaine' mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/g... 38 445 8,162 395K
Oreos @oreosBaby_ 1d are I hate the whole send him booty pics to make his day, like why can't he send me booty pics to make my day????? 355 9,042 50.1K del 1.7M
Ryan @ryanposting. 1d Daughter ate a handful of sour cream thinking it was ice cream and she slapped the table like it was a bad shot at a bar 7 43 1,526 23.7K
primadonna @versaceschanel-23h ... top 5 quotes @absoluteworst It's flattering knowing men desire me. But then / remember a at&t Js man would also have sex with a McChicken. So / don't let it get to my head. - Adriana Lima 33 6,367 73.6K 1.1M
Marquise @MarqHudson 1d Nah, I be talking aidan @torturedaidan 3d living alone is awesome until you realize you haven't spoken a word in 2 days 236 14.9K 111K 3.7M
: . @abefenty- 1d it's like i checked into rehab, baby you're my diseaseeeeeeee 45 2,704 23.6K 508K
alopecia chlmaydia @usedwifi.1d ... oh this divaaaa CC 220 6,871 56K 1.6M
chicken soup for the soul @do... 2h ... adam @aparrish if i was president no apartment would cost more than $100 08:31 pm 19 Dec 21 Twitter for iPhone 12 Retweets 51 Likes gansey boy @dickthree 4m Replying to @aparrish pretty sure this would lead to some sort of economic crisis 3 adam @aparrish .2m my second order would be sending you to hell 107 2,426 21.4K
ube @bbyube 1d ... i think i'm finna start cutting down on my lol's because ain't nothing funny fr 75 14.5K 48.2K del 1.6M
gianmarco @GianmarcoSoresi.1 11h ... IN BREAKING: The bill from Schoolhouse Rock has taken his own life 74 6,074 53K 1.4M
Chief !! Dinosaurs Are Real 1d ... Godfather Tracer 4 weeks ago Не looks like an ice cream 743 43 37 3,443 66.4K 860K
Big Dog + @massivecanine.1 1d ... Being unemployed is the ultimate bittersweet freedom. You're free in a world that doesn't exist for you 34 918 11.3K del 197K
Ashanty @08shantyy · 21h ... one time i answered the phone thinking it was my fav ex and it was the police 45 280 3,481 del 103K
chromatic. @juhmeer. 1d ... eating a salad and i can feel my stomach wondering when a carb is gonna make an appearance. and it's not baby, it's not. 21 1,347 8,431 del 260K
Waji @Tajeline 1d ... Direct deposit on vacay go so crazy. I just bought the island 216 14.3K 87.9K 1.8M
No Context Brits @NoCont... 18h ... I'm not laughing. I haven 't laughed since my wife died. Why did you laugh when your wife died? 22 258 6,131 235K
ube @bbyube 21h ... me after he gets a haircut @bbyube 98 8,461 52.7K 2.7M
Joe @joeefoster.5h ... Guy next to me on the train just said on a teams call he's got to be offline for a few hours to sort some maintenance at his flat. We're both on the way to the airport. This diva 3 95 4,455 del 110K
pidge @miss_pidgey.1 13h ... him: get on top me: CNN CNN CNN 136 2,658 23.1K 971K
kimani @onthattightrope 14h ... the debate moderator after every incoherent response What the hell, sure. 2 659 17.8K 192K
DeviantPigg @DefectivePigg. dd ... Imagine driving this thing to the liquor store 56 3,958 44.9K del 2.1M
sarah @sarahradz_.1d ... Decided to make a nice pot pie for dinner using leftover chicken. Was well into sauteeing the veggies before I realized I had no stock, no cream, and as it turns out, no leftover chicken 31 205 11.5K 214K
She @___fari.2 22h ... I'VE GOT THE ICK!!!!! 180 7,646 62.8K 1.3M
@heirmeg 14h Meg facts my son inheriting my twitter 40 @40URTY.1 16h Nepotism >>>>> getting it out the mud 42 2,327 8,495 400K
manny @mannyfidel.2h me after my 5th miller high life Joe Biden @JoeBiden 10m Folks, I might not walk as easily or talk as smoothly as I used to. 696 5 10.1K 281K


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