46 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of June 17, 2024

It’s a valid question, honestly
46 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of June 17, 2024

In addition to directing a film adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s musical Merrily We Roll Along, Richard Linklater is getting ready to make a follow-up to his rom-com Hit Man. It’s called Blue Moon, and the Oscar nominee will travel to Dublin to shoot it, where he’ll reunite with long-time collaborator Ethan Hawke as well as join forces for the first time with Kinds of Kindness star Margaret Qualley and Ripley’s Andrew Scott — casting that one Twitter user aptly described as “Avengers for depressed indie people.” 

While Linklater’s casting choices got burned this week, he definitely wasn’t alone in bearing the brunt of the internet’s wrath. Other digital burn victims included someone reaching new levels of broke, a Love Island contestant who could be from Springfield and an Irish actor who knew he had to do it on ‘em.

big content guy @bigcontent... 3d ... Var De Aujura white boi summer has been postponed until further notice The 44 The 44 @The_Forty_F... 3d Landon Donovan let it go buddy... FOX EURO2024 LIVE FOX SPORTS Fan FOX uon FOX SPORTS EURO 2024-GROUP HEAD-TO-HEAD 22 378 11.9K 1.3M
Baseball's Greatest Moments 3d ... This was an all-time comeback by the captain Derek Jeter @derekjeter This you, Nick? R Nick Adams @NickAdamsin... 3/16/22 Derek Jeter is the most overrated baseball player in MLB history. 37 2,532 47.8K 1.2M
Nick Newman @Nick_Newman 22h ... Fellini casting Donald Sutherland in Casanova because he had the eyes of a masturbator is never far from my mind. 2 299 2,154 87K
Patrick Monahan @pattymo. 2d ... We're removing the reply feature, which will somehow increase engagement Spelling Mistakes Cost Liv... 3d Elon Musk X @elonmusk-Apr 16 Whoa, just realized that raising a kid is basically 18 years of prompt engineering 15K 284K del 75M 25K TrashRash @QuesoandHuevos Because someone else is doing it for you and you're just taking credit? 3:31 PM Apr 18, 2024 32 10.4K 113K 2.3M
ash @tripnf4ll 18h ... Redownloading hinge is like opening the fridge again after u just looked in it like two hours ago 11 779 9,328 208K
Naz @nazzobetweeting.id 04 open the schools !!!!! zuzu TS << tortured poet» 3d doctor: you have 249 minutes to live me: Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour > Running time 2h 49m 126 19.9K 344K . 6.9M
abrish @cxrnerrstone. 1d proud of being a woman in a male dominated field (weaponised incompetence) 12 2,578 13.2K 242K
henry (#1 worst behavior stan) 20h ... new straight male friend read me the house down uh regardless that's more bc i don't like my body and gay culture is very body conscious lol Not all tho right Wdym They not all that way Maybe join book club instead of night club 119 1,501 35.8K 1M
p o p S @Pops_o . 22h ... At George Orwell's grave yesterday an American lady asked us how, if he died in 1940 (not the worst bit of this story), did he write a book in 1984... 474 619 11.3K 882K
concussed transsexual @north... . 1h ... the answer to this was the funniest one possible btw Today's Visit You were seen by Diagnosis Concussion ALT concussed transsexual @... . 2d lately i've been having multiple dreams about going full furry mode and buying a fursuit and everything and i'm not sure what that says abo... 18 222 3,188 59.2K
Katie Tiedrich @katietiedrich . 1d ... massage therapist asked how I felt about chiropractics and I told her the guy who invented it says he learned it from a ghost and that shut the conversation down pretty quick 163 2,953 57.4K 2.4M
Mrs. Detective Pikajew, Esq. 11h ALT Political science В.А. @Int... .11h The bribes I took did not influence me to become evil. I was evil from the beginning and the bribes were merely a bonus 21 6,295 61.6K 1.3M
Minerva (Tired) @partydemon...* 22h ... TEAR THE BITCH APART ! MORE PERFECT UNION More Perfect Union @... ...23h BREAKING: The U.S. government is suing Adobe. It's accusing the company of harmi... 108 11.7K 82.6K 2.6M
matt @computer_gay 13h Cult Leader Not Even Charismatic Published June 3, 2024 f SHAREHOL TIN СУber DUNDU 2024 6 247 4,623 66.6K
Giuseppe @theJoeMichaell 13h ... MISS KATY PERRY IS COMING BACK WITH A BANGER Search: katy perry ava max 548 comments X bre If this plays at the club I'm going outside to smoke 4h Reply 288 3 382 9,143 174K
oltolin @SAVoltolin 1d Stephanie ... Joe Biden RP Richard Angwin @Richa... 2d What would you throw to him ? 141 3,655 47.7K 748K
Big Butch Bostonian Muscle... 20h ... Losing it at my desk bc I was once again reminded of the Fall River PD logo FALL RIVER WE'LL TRY POLICE 34 421 5,430 196K
reverend anisha @anishakoka 1d ... when my ex had an issue with the relationship instead of talking to me he would post about it on his finsta that had only one follower (me) 46 136 4,073 228K
tea @realteaemoji - 1d they should be allowed to take turns knocking the stuffing out of him with a bat like a piñata R @Leadin... 3d Leading Report BREAKING: Sandy Hook families want to seize Alex Jones' social media accounts. 598 11.2K 127K del 2.4M
Rothmus @Rothmus.23h ... Simon Holland ... @simoncholland Cranked a rival dad's push mower on the first pull right in front of his wife and kids. 541 1,894 46.7K 2.5M
Sam Whyte @SamWhyte 21h ... No need for that, he can just resign. Guardian news @guardi... .21h Rishi Sunak says he is not opposed to assisted dying dlvr.it/T8MRWv 64 2,377 39.5K del 1.5M
todd bonzalez @doinkpatrol.1 1d had a beautiful moment of community today when everyone gathered to point and laugh at a cybertruck parallel parking in bushwick 17 1,357 42.7K 843K
Brenden Gallagher @brenden... 18h ... Only active area of innovation in the American economy. 4F @Discus... 1d DiscussingFilm The 'DESPICABLE ME 4' popcorn holder has been revealed. Large Popcorn Holder Adjustable Lower Buckle Support Straps ILLUMINATIONS DESPICABLE ME4 Thermal Scarf Additional Snack Storage Baby Popcõrn Carrier 39 4,131 83.5K del 2.7M
Nate @thenatewolf.1d One time someone broke up with me 26 hours after getting their first pair of glasses. 76 1,246 40.8K del 1M
BKCC @bradkelly - 15h cancela lansbury Follow @gossipbabies Working at any office is like Ok we're transitioning to Salarya, but payroll is still in Bullfrog-did you see my Noosecock post? Submit your timecard on Fireplayce then jizz me on Smackdog. Do NOT upload to Crackerz without Yammer approval Linqto @linqtoinc - 4/5/24 Invest in Anthropic, Creator of ClaudeAl. Now Available on Linqto! Get in early on a leading LLM company. 31 2,866 33.4K 1.7M
~/mike @minkbazink- 1d We need a slur for beginners in a hobby who already bought the most expensive gear 4,681 9,432 142K 10.4M
RK Jackson I Atlanta @t... 18h ... does it cost extra to share it with family DiscussingFilm @Discu... . 18h 4F Netflix will begin selling their own popcorn for $4.49 per bag. POPCORN POPCORN INDIANA INDIANA NETFLIX NETFLIX Now Popping Now Popping SWOONWORTHY CINNAMON KETTLE CULT CLASSIC CHEDDAR KETTLE FAMILY FAMILY SIZE! SIZE! 399 32.6K 332K 8.2M
Charmin Rah @iSAIDiamRah - 3d We can tell by your haircut. Philip Anderson @VoteBidenOut.4d My name is Philip Anderson I'm a young black man And I'm voting for the wrongfully convicted felon. Because unlike the democrats I actually believe in democracy. TX 933-466-1358 1.9K 4.9K 57K 4.3M
ms.mawmaVEVO @speeeena 2d ... Reba 12 337 5.5K 199K
Benjamin De Almeida @benoftheweek.3d ... I want to air fry her 441 76K 6.2K 1.7M
Austine @theereal_one. 3d ... This look like something you feed a pitbull on his birthday @belairexx_ 2/19/24 princess My first chipotle bowl, how I do cousins ? -white rice -steak -black beans of edible guac and 50 day they fried, hand se and hand... eat 1.3K 22K 318K 14M
mia @arrivalleneuve • 2d the avengers for depressed indie people FILM UPDATES @FilmUpdates 2d Film Updates Andrew Scott, Margaret Qualley and Ethan Hawke to star in Richard Linklater's next film 'BLUE MOON' 36 3.5K 39K del 1.7M
Not Josh @joshnamesnotjo1.19h That's fucking Pewdiepie *. eris @erisbrenae.23h white megamind isnt real he cant hurt you white megamind: Missing employee, people running in terror. SAMSUNG 116 5.9K 112K 1.7M
nat @natsinctrl.3d ... oh masculine guy ... TRY THIS FUN GAME WORD PLAY HIKE TO KILL TIME! Today I'd love to rim you, sit on my face and let me eat you out. 9:55 AM You are truly beautiful, but you look so sad in your profile pic 2:36 PM Double Tap to Like 260 40 9.2K 507K
Evan Hill @evanhill.2 2d wife switches to officer-involved passive voice when she's made a mistake one of the vases just shattered everywhere how it fell 75 2K 67K 1.7M
B*tch From Da Souf @_HeySteven.3d Не must bottom on Wednesdays Page Six @PageSix 4d Page Six Usher reveals daily diet, exercise regimen to maintain fit physique: Cayenne pepper drinks, meditation, no food on Wednesdays trib.al/TPGf962 254 1.9K 31K 1.6M
james @jms_tny 3d it's 90 degrees with high humidity... if you talk about AI i'll kill myself in front of u 17 4.5K 41K del 1M
@roxxycleopatra 3d ... Can't get over the fact that this mr burns looking guy has everyone pure gushing over him #lovelsland 70 1K 17K 796K
Ashley Nicole Moss @AshNicoleMoss 3d this is what i imagine hell looks like CELTICS Celtics Junkies LINKIES @Celtics_Junkies. 3d Unreal. Heaven. Different Hore PLAY BOSTON B DEFENO DESIGN END CAUSEMA STARBUCKS ERE BOSTON COMES star TO PLAY market 5 ST BOSTON 0 36 BOS CELENOS BASHO CELTICS ROYTO 262 5.2K 47K 2.3M
crakheglim @crakheglim 4d do you guys think when riley takes meds They beat anxiety unconscious with batons and taser her INSIDE - d 2 OUT JUNE 14 aww she's the same color as my perscription bottle that handles her ass + 4,287 ... 11 287 12K 199K 3M
Socialists For Pritzker @PritzkerForPrez. 4d Visegrád 24 @visegrad24. 14h VISEGRAD24 Jack Black has started campaigning for Biden 24 1:38 From Biden-Harris HQ 392 166 1.1K del 294K Samira Follow @Logical_Girll Jack Black is a coward. Не waited until after Kung Fu panda 4 was out of theaters before he endorsed Joe Biden. 8 220 5.7K 183K
RBPStix @BeerStix 5d 2024 election Klu (CEO of King Dedede) @Dededaio2.5d the greatest dialogue choice in any videogame ever (You're BOTH too old! HAR!) (It's hag vs hag! Awesome!) 66 6.4K 69K 1.3M
flynn slicker @flynnslick 4d average letterboxd user ari @pronounlesbian. 5d no notifications on any of the apps damn no one got him KTAL 1.43PM SUN 28 Center Photos Camena 10all No w Beminders Clock Podcarts AN Store Маря Google Major LIVE Hearts Wallet Centings ATP HYALA WAVE YOUTUBA Reddin 800K 22K 1.4K 32
Marc @marcsnetiker.4 4d ... I know this man's about to narrate a children's book like it's tolstoy FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates 4d Jeremy Strong is now halfway to an EGOT. 5 421 14K 638K
tgm @TGM_007.6d ... - - Notifier FNB now FNB Dear Customer, we regret knowing you in our bank. blossom @Your_sweetgurl . 6/14/24 How broke are you ?? 109 3.6K 18K 1.6M
Carey O'Donnell @ecareyo 2d I like to imagine Justin Timberlake's one phone call was to Jimmy Fallon 64 1,215 26.6K del 1M


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