36 of the Funniest Tweets from Monday, June 17, 2024

I wonder who’s winning
36 of the Funniest Tweets from Monday, June 17, 2024

The revolving door that is Marvel’s Mahershala Ali-led Blade remake keeps spinning as yet another creative has just exited the project. Last week, Lovecraft Country’s Yann Demange became the second director to depart over creative differences. Ali’s rep Shelby Weiser called the film’s five-year delay “pretty much the craziest thing” she’s ever seen in her career. Weiser isn’t alone either. Upon hearing the news, the OG daywalker wasted no time pouring some salt in the wound via Twitter. “Blade… folks still lookin for the secret sauce, ridin snowmobiles in traffic, kinda rough,” Wesley Snipes tweeted. “Daywalkers make it look easy, don’t they?”

While Marvel struggles to figure out how to adapt perhaps the easiest property in existence, its parent company Disney did at least get one W over the weekend. Inside Out 2 toppled Bad Boys at the box office with a $155 million domestic opening. It’s the first movie of the year to open to such numbers, making it the biggest debut since Barbie. Plans are also currently in motion for more of the Inside Out emotions to express themselves with an upcoming Disney+ series and potentially a third big-screen installment.

Speaking of emotions, we’re experiencing a lot of joy because of a new batch of hilarious tweets that have jump-started the week. Today’s funniest include those about smoking hot wedding favors, an eye-opening breakup and the tell-tale sign that a couple is fighting.

Avery Edison @aedison 1d ... one thing that could really level-up the experience of being a pedestrian would be if cars had some kind of feature that could indicate to an outside observer whether or not they were going to turn in a particular direction 42 654 12.5K 212K
Lyle Rath @LyleRath.- 1d Might fuck around with this recreationally GR JAPANESE WORLD-FIRST TOOTH-REGROWING DRUG TO BE TESTED ON HUMANS 592 4,138 72.9K del 2.7M
Orwell & Goode | $TREN @... . 19h ... How it feels to ask what happened when your friends are laughing 57 6,874 85.5K 1.8M
No Context Brits @NoConte... 1h ... dingdongyouarewrong Seguir one time i was in a pub in london and saw lemonade on the menu and i was like mmmm lemonade!!! but i've been to australia and been tricked before so i was like hey is this actual lemonade lemonade or is it just sprite and she was like it's actual lemonade so i ordered some and she brought it back and it was sprite. i hate england 21 32 929 83.2K
Brenden Gallagher @brenden... 18h ... Only active area of innovation in the American economy. 4F @Discus... 1d DiscussingFilm The 'DESPICABLE ME 4' popcorn holder has been revealed. Large Popcorn Holder Adjustable Lower Buckle Support Straps ILLUMINATIONS DESPICABLE ME4 Thermal Scarf Additional Snack Storage Baby Popcõrn Carrier 39 4,131 83.5K del 2.7M
Alexis Nowicki @flyschola1 22h ... I know my brother and his gf are fighting when I receive a text like this Today 12:27 PM What would you call this? 744 10.7K 293K 6M
Chanandler Bong @Grim_The_S... 1d ... This how i found out how much abortions cost without insurance @megsx... 6/4/24 megs II) position of the day: deck chair Position 328. Deck chair Be careful SexPositions.Club 320 6,461 128K 12.9M
anatomy of a wall @parietines 1d ... 7:58 a.m. Happy Father's Day! 8:58 a.m. Thank you Thank you you are a great son and father too This is your daughter but you did do a good job with Kevin 8:58 a.m. SMS 7 1,030 59.2K 877K
Corey Atad @CoreyAtad 1d saw a redditor say they didn't like Hereditary, but then they decided to watch it again without being on their phone this time and they loved it, so they recommend watching Hereditary without being on your phone 121 2,686 54.9K del 1.4M
roshan @rhymewithocean. dd ... infinite respect for the extremely disgruntled 11 year old girl trying to climb sleeping bear dunes behind us who has been nonstop dropping gems such as i'm going to kill myself, i'm going to go extinct, and this leaf is better than me 46 2,213 41.2K del 861K
@ratlimit @ratlimit.21h ... foiled again. https://www.google.com/search?q=how+strong+is+nerds+rope&sca_esv=374bfc4 Google how strong is nerds rope x All Images Videos Forums More Shopping Tools Help is available Speak with someone today 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline Languages: English, Spanish Hours: Available 24 hours Call 988 Text 988 Chat Official Website ? Learn more Feedback 8 1,797 33.8K 743K
lari @martiniposting. 1d ... Do u wanna watch Bram Strokers Dracula when I get back Oh my god wait It's stoker isn't it... 7 293 3,753 93.6K
Nate @thenatewolf.1d One time someone broke up with me 26 hours after getting their first pair of glasses. 76 1,246 40.8K del 1M
@_billyreid 1d Billy Read this to the tune of Swimming Pools by Kendrick Lamar ivy @wolktress. 1d literally sounds like so much fun NYC Health Department NYC Quit Vaping WAKE UP VAPE GO TO SCHOOL VAPE FLIRT WITH SAM VAPE VAPE VAPE VAPE 139 5,397 83.6K 3.3M
Matt D. Smith @mds 1d my youngest son has ceo energy 117 Found in MDS Inbox Nixon Smith To: Matt D Smith > Billing Sent from my iPod Please look up how to update the family billing information please and then update it 51 301 14.4K 628K
~/mike @minkbazink- 1d We need a slur for beginners in a hobby who already bought the most expensive gear 4,681 9,432 142K 10.4M
Dr Thomas Piggott (He/Him)... 21h ... We aggressively recycle cards in our household. Sometimes it's kind of funny. Congratulations for being our father 39 235 5,771 91K
peachplum @fuzzfig 1d ... I'll kill you! Visual and auditory hallucinations 3 120 1,022 del 28.9K
BKCC @bradkelly - 15h cancela lansbury Follow @gossipbabies Working at any office is like Ok we're transitioning to Salarya, but payroll is still in Bullfrog-did you see my Noosecock post? Submit your timecard on Fireplayce then jizz me on Smackdog. Do NOT upload to Crackerz without Yammer approval Linqto @linqtoinc - 4/5/24 Invest in Anthropic, Creator of ClaudeAl. Now Available on Linqto! Get in early on a leading LLM company. 31 2,866 33.4K 1.7M
sin @sinaois 1d ... ness @vixiole 10m my tummy hurts 1 1 del 21 o++.. to ('w ** @noodlehoes 57m god take this stomach ache and give it to oomf 1 4 del 74 o++.. to ('w ** @noodlehoes 5m holy shit it worked... my stomach feels better.. i'm sorry to whoever this passed to del 10 86 15.1K 143K 1.8M
michael @FilledwithUrine.1 10h babe wanna come over and watch me apply for jobs on indeed until i start to cry 58 6,508 47.7K 1.2M
beef clapton: soldier of fortune 1d ... wedding im working has yellow label spirits out as table favors AMERIC ILAN SPI SEOUL 269 1,485 30.4K 1.8M
Hanch Tarchup Jr. @misharipov 20h ... Hate to bring this up in the middle of a heist but when I said I was a safe cracker I meant I'm a chill white guy 106 10K 104K 4.1M
wanderlust @_ItsMissBre.18h ... Can I get a tracking number? Naked Numerology 21h The universe is about to bless you financially. 77 12.9K 56.6K 2.3M
Terminally Online Leftist 23h ... we're gonna put him in the dip Scrümbled Eggs @scru... 1d BREAKING NEWS: A judge has ordered that Alex Jones be dissolved. 79 4,473 42.6K 1.1M
todd bonzalez @doinkpatrol.1 1d had a beautiful moment of community today when everyone gathered to point and laugh at a cybertruck parallel parking in bushwick 17 1,357 42.7K 843K
Grip Bayless @talleyberry... 1d ... My grandma just told me her first apartment was $130 a month and now I wanna beat somebody up 74 1,988 16.4K 340K
Line Riedel @WangleLine 19h Just remembered a phase in my life where I would spray paint random objects solid yellow to have more yellow things Gr 412 1,950 33.9K 1.5M
Richard Lawson @OG_CJ1d They gone beat the brakes off yo ass Crum @Reggie_Tre5 3d Can I bring a pocket knife through TSA? 298 6,454 52.5K del 3M
Neil Renic @NC_Renic 19h ... Defeating imposter syndrome by actually being incompetent 40 4,082 16.3K 522K
Nikolaj @nikicaga 1d ... In 2011 this would have dominated the internet for months Armand Domalewski @... . 1d 119 3,739 141K 4.3M
Bucky, president of the giroux... 1d ... sports team i i'm going to support faces a fucking kill minor setback myself 181 9,326 87.6K 5.2M
tea @realteaemoji - 1d they should be allowed to take turns knocking the stuffing out of him with a bat like a piñata R @Leadin... 3d Leading Report BREAKING: Sandy Hook families want to seize Alex Jones' social media accounts. 598 11.2K 127K del 2.4M
Rothmus @Rothmus.23h ... Simon Holland ... @simoncholland Cranked a rival dad's push mower on the first pull right in front of his wife and kids. 541 1,894 46.7K 2.5M
Sam Whyte @SamWhyte 21h ... No need for that, he can just resign. Guardian news @guardi... .21h Rishi Sunak says he is not opposed to assisted dying dlvr.it/T8MRWv 64 2,377 39.5K del 1.5M
lorna shawty @lornashawty. 7h ... having a boyfriend is so cool i asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday and he said eat 7000 calories and buy ps2 games 21 176 4,373 175K


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