50 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of June 10, 2024

Why… did they do this?
50 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of June 10, 2024

It’s been a big week for meetings. Given that Pope Francis is in hot water for uttering a highly offensive F-word, he decided to try a much more universally beloved one instead: funny. The Holy Man held a summit with 100 of the funniest comics from around the world, including Stephen Colbert, Whoopi Goldberg, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Ramy Youssef. Speaking of humor, Donald Trump had a meeting of his own with more than 80 prominent CEOs, where he promised tax cuts and plenty of deregulation if they open their purse strings and get him back into the White House. But according to sources who spoke to CNBC, the former president was more of a laughingstock than a laugh riot. 

And finally, there was a meeting of The Office past and future. During an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Steve Carell shared an anecdote about his Patient co-star Domhnall Gleeson, who is set to appear in the new Office spin-off The Paper. Carell told Fallon that Gleeson called him and asked, “Should I do this? Did you enjoy it?” before agreeing to sign on to the Peacock reboot. Just don’t expect Carell to make an appearance himself, he’s still rejecting that possibility outright

Meanwhile, per usual, the timeline served as the perfect meeting place for amateur comedians. This week’s funniest tweets included those about a cinematic challenge, the beauty of summer in the U.K. and the chilling sound of the doorbell.

cheyene norah @onlyyagirl_.11h ... stigmatawife-deactivated2022010 when god closes a door i desperately try to pry it open until im bleeding and even then i dont stop 12 831 4,920 del 110K
@haliwritesw... 1d hali hyland ... actors on actors should have paired nicola coughlan with cillian murphy. the most chronically online irish princess opposite the off putting irish prince that contemplates self immolation every time he has to do a press tour. 62 6,659 86.3K 1.4M
Brooklyn @bklynb4by•9h toddlers: ryxn @itzryxxn 9 9h ABCD on repeat all morning thequeennenobiabktidalwavee LIVE 83 X GIF 34 1,879 27K 559K
MS. PARKER @MafiosoRo.6 6h ... Older black lady asked me how I've been losing weight and if I'm taking Olympics. GIF 129 1,537 13.3K 327K
Taytalktome. @talktometay 1d ... this is my girlfriend the second i put on a movie i'm excited to show her Austine @theereal_one. 1d bro attention span cooked CG TIT 0:08 32 1,031 12.3K 1.1M
Devon @devonzuegel - 13h ... Need to get this flag for my office WE DO THIS NOT BECAUSE IT IS EASY, BUT BECAUSE WE THOUGHT IT WOULD BE EASY 89 3,504 49K 4.4M
Heaven @theheavenrenee-1 1d ... Apple, if i unsend a message just let it be that. the whole announcement is crazy 86 7,437 64.2K del 1.2M
i like food @messedupfoods - 3 3h ... Made Fish Tacos for the first time today, I think they came out amazing 31 147 2,234 118K
Louise! @themouseyouknow-1d ... Real WEAK AURA STRONG AURA Does not Owns many own any stuffed stuffed animals animals 752 11.2K 66.7K 1.5M
jackie @thejacqinthebox·· 1d uhhh You're coming home with me ENDOW محمد 46 409 16.1K 553K
Jules Terpak @julesterpak. 6h ... 1 me changing my opinion + every new since ev philosopheri - unsu sur ha study success or E acted otherw 344.5K Beeckman onderstreent de hynocrisic door aan te wuzen dat result als sevola van her mith X 1,518 comments no like everyone had a point 2d Reply 30.1K View 54 replies 9 306 6,762 94.2K
internet hall of fame @Int... 1d ... Bro I'm telling you the gym has changed my life. It literally got me through the worst situations How so? Last night 5 guys broke into my house And what did you do? Nothing I was at the gym 136 3,021 70.5K 2.2M
CORDSHAKE NATION 19h ... Officer I swear they were talking to me 39 3,006 29K 548K
monica @waystarroyhoe. 5d man who is going to be okay Pop Base @PopBase.5d JLo and Ben Affleck are now selling their house as they head towards divorce, TMZ reports. 42 3,208 58.9K 2.3M
buck tooth cunt @Royal_McPoy... 1d ... i bought a new car battery and it was like $220 and the girl at auto zone said wanna see how much it would cost if you needed 99 of them? and i said okay so she typed 99 in the quantity and the price went to $23000 and she said thats how much it would cost and i i said okay 918 16.9K 304K 5.4M
ethan @ethanp0iss0n 22h $oapyhadid ... @soapyhadid Hearing the doorbell is so chilling like who's there 9:31 PM-4/30/23 from Earth .160K Views 362 Retweets 26 Quotes 3,414 Likes 32 Bookmarks 135 5,820 79.4K del 1.7M
dare . * @abyssmaiden 2d i was i born in the right generation i love i final fantasy and dr. pepper and chicken quesadillas 78 5,881 29.2K 648K
Not Any Use @NotAnyUse. 4d Okay gen X and elder millennials, here it is. Wait is over. boston25news.com Officials warn of quicksand conditions at popular New England... 394 1,703 9,575 643K
eli @nienna121 1d ... Yesterday was a day that will go down in infamy in our family as The Honey Incident: the 3 year old brought a FULL container of honey to her room, opened it, and the 1.5 year old spilled the whole thing and spread it all over the room. I will be reminding them of this until I DIE 749 2,514 82.4K 4.2M
marina @queeniemarini.1d ... i hate when men agree with me makes me feel like a loser rick @_SumthinElse 1d Queen x.com/queeniemarini/... 3 9,201 71.7K 2M
becky @beckybetterknow. 1d ... me at concerts having the omg they're real moment FOX NEWS Fox News @FoxNews. 3d 'NO ONE'S HOME': President Biden appears to freeze as Vice President Harris and others dance next to him at a Juneteenth event. trib.al/u31vR2j CC 0:43 177 12.9K 115K 4.4M
Jesse @RequiemArm.5d Often reminded of this incredibly prescient Conner O'Malley excerpt work. Are you a gamer? Fortunately, no. I do not have gaming disease again. My hand-eye coordination is bad. It's also why I'm not good at sports. Halo to me is ... I remember being over at somebody's house in a basement that's half flooded and two people playing Halo and everybody's smoking weed-like 15 guys in a room watching two guys play Halo. I think it speaks a little bit to attention span, where watching two people play Halo all night was like, Yeah, this is fine. It's
Diva McEntire @centurie333-21h brat 286 JUNE 7 M mom> Charli is sold out. There are resale tickets but I don't know if they are legit. depositphotos depositphoto osito I don't know what that means 10 874 30.4K 513K
Sam @YoureMyBig....2 2d ... Shes like an amish person who becomes addicted to social media Lorde Updates @LordeUpd... .2 2d Lorde has once again changed her Instagram profile picture. 9 823 34.3K 1M
Ben Crew @BenjaminCrew1.3 3d A sad thing about the death of DVD culture is audio commentaries. You used to be able to hear the cast of your favorite show reunite to record a commentary and one of them would be like I'm eating Goldfish right now and give no insight while an important scene played. It ruled. 812 10.7K 81.2K 8.5M
Kate Jarman @KateBurkeNHS. 1d I love summer in the UK. The cold fresh mornings, the grey wet days, the fact it's light for longer but also intensely overcast like living inside your own tears. 208 4,646 42.6K del 1.2M
elif @wildtheart.1 1d ... this is actually hilarious DEL REY: Usually, I tell people that they broke up with me, because essentially, they did. Because they made me do that. 34 2,685 37.5K del 1M
laurinha @ecto_fun 1d i had less than zero interest before but when you say unwatchable i take that as a challenge SG ScreenGeek @RealScre... .2d 'The Crow' First Reaction Calls Movie Horrible And Unwatchable bit.ly/ 3RrkzG5 146 5,006 70.2K del 2.6M
xtina @xtinatucker 23h I think we're far enough away from this movie's release for me to shamefully admit that I 1000% thought this movie was going to end with either art or patrick offing themselves. completely misread the vibe of what was happening. yhas @dayabennetts.2d my diva GIF You're 31. You have a better shot with a handgun in your mouth. 63 1,364 44.9K 2.2M
the guy with the green hair @AL....1d ... Cancel cancel cancel !! !! !! Montgomery St Vallejo St Broadway Washington St Clay St Kearny St Pickup Montgom Pine St Market St ssion U. Trevor is on the way 3M53AF2 Ford E-350 - White 842 9,939 113K 7.1M
sarah @sadsamich - 1d Imao sarah @sadsamich-1h ... likes are gone. this must be how it feels to lose your foreskin 11 14 86 1.6K tjpain Follow @tjpain2 Disgusting thing to joke about you should be ashamed of yourself 3:53 PM 2024-06-12 From Earth 8 Views 2 Likes 74 769 12.6K 255K
phage @clubmoss_.2d This could be us FIG. I8 Incomplete copulation due to the male failing to con- tinue after mounting. S (After a film) 1 5 438 3,985 88.1K
Zack Budryk @BudrykZack.20h ... Shea Whigham's agent a character When the script who's a got resentful dirtbag 9 94 1,596 74.8K
@thechosenberg.2 2d rosey ... Dudes rock moment r/OldSchoolCool u/Tuttirunken 1d My uncle when his parents moved out, 1970s 60 2,518 70.2K 1.8M
Mel @TheBaddestMitch.2d ... Husband?! GIF ALT lovebscott @lovebscott.2d 'And Just Like That' Star Sara Ramirez Divorcing Husband Ryan DeBolt After Separating 3 Years Ago lovebscott.com/just-like-star... 56 1,640 16.8K 729K
Tyler Scruggs @tylerscruggs. 5d The chances are 1 in 3000 jjjj @jjsutor. 6d What are the chances that i get number 360 @charli_xcx @BloodRecs atlantic records 1633 broa ese 2024 charli XCX inc. una all rights reserved. unautho made in czech republic. 07567. 360/3,000 atlantic records 1633 broadway, n atlantic recording corporation. all rights 36 3,808 192K 3.8M
Coconut Tree Faller Outer Ofer 2d ... losing it at the villain of the movie we're watching typing this after being stabbed in the neck with glass oad at DuckD x + hhostpl nearbn G hhostpl nearbn - Search with  X pas, NV ALT 115 3,552 65.3K 1.2M
(.)(.) @kannnnnette. dd im so perplexed every time yall post about this game The Sims 4 (18+) rawrxd @seaglassmarsh - 1d bro my sim went on a killing spree, WHY THE NEWS REPORTER SHOW UP LIKE DIS?? 8 107 1.6K 57K
lauren 9e @taygracieslut . 16h ... thank god bc his ice cream flavor is so good Pop Base @PopBase . 1d Jimmy Fallon renews his hosting deal with The Tonight Show through 2028. THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON 603 12K 46 325K
Douglas Double D's Duganton @DDuganingt... 23h ... If you gotta a girl I'd recommend keeping her indoors tn 28 5.7K 168 430K
jack @Jolly_Olive 16h the gay Mets are 6-3 btw New York Mets Mets @Mets 6/2/24 Happy #PrideMonth! Baseball is for everyone. Mets TM 64 425 9.6K 851K
M @hotdogsz 1d love Genmoji. My friend (who is a baker) just signed the lease for his new house. Sent him this personalised emoji to celebrate! 38 817 18K 566K
Brooks Otterlake @i_zzzzzz- 1h Love that I'm still learning new things about Quibi investors.  To lift Quibi employees' spirits, The Wall Street Journal reported that Katzenberg told them to listen to Get Back Up Again from the movie Trolls during a video call announcing the company's closure.  3 55 675 25.5K
insane poses @insaneposes.22h ... MONEY CASH IDES 182 7,437 61.6K 2M
1 - - - - - ! - I katie @focusfronting 18h ... in order to catch the bus you must learn to think like the bus 55 1,024 9,077 del 175K
noelle @tumblebrutus_.66 i think the government should send out like a summer fun stimulus check 20 1,097 8,149 del 118K
i like food @messedupfoods-1h ... Today 3:25 PM Who's this? It's EGGgar Allan Poe Ok got that. Who is texting me Sorry wrong number 10 116 1,715 35.9K
Corey Brickley Illustration. Ju... 22h ... my favorite fact about huskies is that they didn't evolve the expressive eye muscles other dogs have that let them make ::worried:: ::begging:: and ::happy:: eyes so they just have unchanging circle eyes and then i like to imagine a guy who also doesn't can't do eye expressions 129 2,624 30.4K 554K
Orwell & Goode $TREN @... . 11h ... Just rawdogged a 7hr flight (new personal best) no headphones, no movie, no water, nothing Incredible. + The power of my mind knows no bounds. 722.2K 3,203 32.7K 355 2,725 65.3K del 2.6M
Michael Benjamin @mfbenji 13h ... Should we order some plates to share omg sure I love that! Or I could just order what I want and be so much happier but totally open to either 3 365 4,091 del 157K


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