30 of the Funniest Tweets from Tuesday, June 11, 2024

He’s built different, I guess…
30 of the Funniest Tweets from Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Turns out we may not have seen the last of AFC Richmond after all. Though Ted Lasso went on its farewell tour with Season Three, Warner Bros. Television Group CEO Channing Dungey revealed that we may have said goodbye prematurely. While speaking to a panel at the Banff World Media Festival, the chairwoman said that the streamer would like more Ted Lasso and that star and creator Jason Sudeikis is “open to the idea,” with his only caveat being that he has the “right” idea. 

In other TV news, The Boys will soon be hanging up their capes. There’s been much made about whether or not Amazon’s runaway hit would continue beyond its tentative five-season plan, but show creator Eric Kripke officially ended the conversation by taking to Twitter to celebrate Season Four premiere week by announcing the show’s conclusion with Season Five. “Always my plan, I just had to be cagey till I got the final OK from Vought,” Kripke tweeted. “Thrilled to bring the story to a gory, epic, moist climax.”

Speaking of Twitter, while the timeline is never shy to share its opinion on popular streamers, it also never shies away from firing off hilarious tweets either. Today’s funniest include those about the supermodel to take down Paul Atreides, the latest gender and technologically advanced horniness.

Kellalena @topaz_kell 22h Talking before 9 am is noise pollution. 1 261 996 28.5K
Jimmy @lieslmao 1d ... U ever just look at a text and be like fuck you 132 9,498 37.5K 864K
kim @KimmyMonte 1d ... who the fuck would want a work husband? like i need another asshole in my life constantly asking me where things are 23 153 2,092 del 55.6K
mills :) @ameliasxo.2 21h No one has got your back like your 2 FEMANES - regular tweet likers Anushka @Kulfei.2d A banger, actually They don't know 50 likes on twitter is a lot X 393 14.9K 106K 3.6M
noah kulwin @nkulw 3h ...  yeah im kinda weird I guess, i . don't need breakfast 56 2,564 35.6K del 999K
Tomi @tomiwebstr 18h he's doing a meet & greet for his own kids IT Daily Loud @DailyLoud.18h Nick Cannon wants to give all 12 of his kids the opportunity to connect with him on Father's Day. 359 15.6K 169K 5.9M
Laura Marie @lmegordon 1d ... When my 4yo woke up, she said I'm so excited for my party today, and I have no idea what she's talking about. 38 215 8,633 del 145K
Big Rocky @ItssJu... 1d ... the idea of having a loving partner dating 70 13.6K 82.8K 3.4M
Romeo S (Reloaded) @Pa... 20h ... Apple has some legendary cheaters on their engineering team POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave 1d iOS 18 will allow users to lock and hide apps. 9:41 Business Creativity Face Not Recognized by again Try Face с Again Cancel Connectivity Hidden 6 313 4,335 177K
Corey Brickley Illustration. Ju... 12h ... This is what it would be like if dogs could make memes Tall friend: don't eat chicken on the sidewalk we have chicken at home The chicken at home 15 1,537 24.7K 682K
Queen Liza @Krystal... 1d ... they are trying to tell me something edge. GO edge. 1 i I opbs 182 4,197 60.7K 1.3M
Qadi @BigQadi 1 17h The Illegal U-Turn shaboing boing is crazyyyyy Paid @paiddking.17h I brought the artillery KLIM 186 4,576 40.6K 4.6M
me @boltsfood . 18h this vibe is so perplexing STUPID GOOD RICE PUDDING UP IN THIS BITCH! NO SKINNY BITCHES!!! no - 11 a NO YEI . 1 1 FOR WE EA ALLY ALL W CAN PUDDING THE RE DESNT SUCK! WF SE Green Brin RICETORICHES .COM SIN LEGALLY 21 250 5,774 178K
Sean @seanbeegee.2 21h What's this new thing where artists barely sing at gigs because they're too busy going is that person over there ok. No they have heatstroke. But let's focus my love 28 850 15.6K 638K
berd @berdyaboi 1d dummy didnt order it boneless Jawsh @Its_Jawsh. 1d Wtf 33 2,029 49.1K 995K
Chili's Grill & Bar @Chilis 19h S getting our biggest booth ready People People @people 1d Nick Cannon Wants to Give All 11 of His Kids the 'Opportunity to Connect with Him on Father's Day (Exclusive) people.com/nick-cannon-wa... 337 7,926 95.3K 5.8M
ray @lobotomyze 20h ... A job will have u 23 yrs old with a 73 yr old Bestfriend , like dam why aren't you retired? Fuck this country bro 8 1,125 11K 230K
Jasmine @JasmineLWatkins 31m ... Boy I was looking like Floyd Mayweather tryna read this Shams Charania @Sham... 1h Celtics' Kristaps Porzingis suffered a torn medial retinaculum allowing dislocation of the posterior tibialis tendon. 19 387 2,109 92K
The Ginger Swindler @lilyd... 19h ... this is what i look like stealing shredded cheese out of my fridge when im high Kaitlan Collins @kaitla... 19h After pleading not guilty to nine criminal counts, Rudy Giuliani's mugshot in Arizona was released today. 1 26 934 151K
tractor @nudeobama 4h My boss asked me if I get carsick and I replied Im not 8 years old and he was like I get carsick... 16 71 2,210 del 33.6K
mills :) @ameliasxo.2 21h No one has got your back like your 2 FEMANES - regular tweet likers Anushka @Kulfei.2d A banger, actually They don't know 50 likes on twitter is a lot X 393 14.9K 106K 3.6M
berriebombz @BerrieBombz- 1d ... IM CRYING I JUST LOOKED UP RED HERRING AND FOUND THIS FUCKASS IMAGE?????? WHAT IS THISSSSSS I'm here to distract you 102 4,400 35.6K 431K
Slant16Gamer @Slant16Gamer 1d ... I bought this stupid 'murica ice cream only to open it up and start laughing because it just occurred to me that it's the fucking French flag. Breyers STAR SPANGLED GLUTEN FREE SCOOPS STRAWBERRY, VANILEA BL LUEBERRY FLAVOR WITH FROZEN DAIRY DESSERT 1.5 QUART (1.41L) OTHER NATURAL FLAVORS Breyer STAR SP ANGLED SCOOPS - 253 5.9K 81K del 1.2M
lil @feydemie 22h girl thats bella harkonnen Diana @Dianapentracine • 1 1d Bella hadid 44 2.2K 38K 1.3M
biz @bizzedmypants- 22h Scheduling 5 you up texts for a Saturday at 2:30am POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave- 1d iOS 18 will allow users to schedule text messages to be sent. 9:41 Andre It's so nice out I'd love to go for a quick walk before dinner I'm down Meet at your place in 30 decivered Saudi Lates Edit Happy birthday! Told you wouldn't forget . Tomprow of 10:00 AM 3 Y Send Later Gend Lanse The I'm A Q W E R T Y U o P A S D F G H J K L Z x C V в N
Brooklyn @bklynb4by.3h ... brook taylor in 2019: b @folkloremv.18h + 52.3K ... 522 615 1,595 I need to talk to gay person. trishapaytas Happy Pride 2 169 5.4K 105K
Misha @nb_meesh - 1d ... well this is a new one Prefer DOB: Gender: adult 124 MR# 62 1.2K 33K 282K
clara @clarappe 20h ... she was so real for this brat and it's brat and it's the same but I think about it all the time the same but 365 there's three there's three more songs Charli XCX more songs Charli XCX so it's not so it's not Should I stop my Should we do a birth control? little key? Spotify Spotify 3 361 4.3K 69K
midwest woke mob boss @rustbeltenjoyer 15h ... watching the ticker go up as I help eliminate waste from disposable plastic bottles Helped eliminate waste from 00049712 disposable plastic bottles AY® H2 ensor 32 493 16K 232K
claire rowden @clx1re 8h me going out to an event that I planned and arranged myself when I was in a good mood V @Variety1 16h Variety Sadness has arrived at the #InsideOut2 premiere in Los Angeles. FOUNTAIN COLATE SH OF GHIRTO States 0:05 13 3.4K 36K 1.6M


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