31 of the Funniest Tweets from Friday, June 7, 2024

The mind of another is a beautiful mystery
31 of the Funniest Tweets from Friday, June 7, 2024

Extra, extra, read all about it: Beck Bennett is taking his talents to The Daily Planet newsroom. The Saturday Night Live alum will play brash reporter Steve Lombard in James Gunn’s upcoming Superman movie. Bennett joins a stacked ensemble cast that already includes the likes of Rachel Brosnahan, Wendell Pierce, Anthony Carrigan and David Corenswet as the Man of Steel. Superman is currently filming in Atlanta and will be Gunn’s first film for DC Studios and serve as the incubator for the new DCU.

Meanwhile, another SNL veteran is warming up to the idea of bringing his talents to the Dolby Theater. John Mulaney made an appearance on the Variety Awards Circuit podcast and responded to the social media campaign begging him to host the Oscars. The frenzy all stemmed from his delightfully deft handling of the 14th Annual Governors Awards, where he delivered laugh after laugh. The Baby J comedian said he “had so much fun presenting” and would likely answer the call if the Academy tapped him for the big show. I just know this: If it’s not Mulaney, please keep the gig as far away from Jo Koy as possible.

The week may be wrapping up, but the comedians on the timeline aren’t taking any breaks. Today’s funniest tweets include those about a visual representation of skedaddling, an Apple Watch experiencing horrors and the truth about microwaves.

Coraline Jones @coralinexmaria 11h ... wild things going on over at r/ jerseymikes, a community i have for some reason visited before Because you visited this community before ... Make's SUBS r/jerseymikes 15h Join Help I'm opening right now and I have no idea what to do it's my first time I don't know what to put the bread setting to to bake the bread I texted my gm asking him but he sent me a meme of Garfield and won't answer my call 21 31 18 692 15.1K 401K
ShitpostGateway @Shit... .14h ... RESTROOMS World Famous! ترجم 1 PR AY GI 2896 TOOK A new MASSIVE SHIT IN A BUC EES BATHROOM 189 2,500 46.9K 3.5M
jb @ghostofjohnbro.1 15h yeah I read theory THE KING WHO CAME LET U SHARTS FOLLO 111M NICUS. 21 852 11.8K 434K
burga burganonics b... 22h ... *tune of Seven Nation Army* She said my dick is small 1 God Himself 5:33AM 20 244 4,026 90.1K
no context memes @weird... 12h ... Motherboard M @motherboard Scientists just erased certain memories from a snail's brain-and they think it'll work with humans, too DM DANK @lordflaconegro Scientists: do you remember anything? Snail: Scientists: my god what have we done 23 789 14.7K 385K
brandon* @brndxix 1d my apple watch at 2:34am on a wednesday night Mukul Sharma @stu... 6/5/23 Apple Watch will now - - point track your mental health. Highly - Neutral #WWDC23 #watchOS... 53 13.4K 125K 4.3M
Uncle Duke @UncleDuke1969.1d ... she better run WE ARE A ALL N of T E H S T ٥ HER G E T 21 404 3,986 97K
Anna Krivolapova @AnaKrivol... 19h ... No one has ever looked so slavic and latina at the same time while being neither Nostalgia. @Dear_Lonely1.1d 19-year old Jessica Lange photographed by Paco Grande, 1968. 15 268 5,184 164K
Mike Townsend @townsendye... 5h ... Someone just closed a work email to me with have a cracking weekend. Friday and it aint even 10am yet, what a guy. That is how you do it, I might sign off now too brother. Have a cracking weekend yourself by the way. 11 335 8,258 228K
DeBall @WfromDeBall. 11h Used to kill this dude for like $28 Dior @deeore5. 1d name someone who has suffered more than this dude? Redwood PUSSYCAT CAT PUS ST К 50 UT Brewel gn I PARIC TOP 10 Japan 05 بتحت BEER MITED FEB LTD great prices ANDREAS TTO Thank ESP shore and vita LAS WEL COME GJD GASOLINE 26 584 20.3K 798K
Halimede @HalimedeMF- 1d ahh... a Friend of Dorothy Dr. Simon D. А. Clark @Kel... .2d Friend, at my first Pride: are you disappointed? Me, dressed as a lion: no it's fine 56 4,154 46.6K 1.1M
Wild TikToks @wildtiktokss.1 16h ... HOIST JJA Shoutout to everyone who got through the day without taking a nap. Pulled an all-dayer today. Pretty tough. 65 9,529 92.9K 2.5M
stephen @biscuittts. 14h rip to this goated post Post Hulk Hogan Follow @HulkHogan Man I need a cup of serious mud brother. HH 5:35AM.8/27/13 from Earth 38K Reposts 3K Quotes 48K Likes 1.7K Bookmarks W INTERTAINMENT On This Day in WWE @... . 17h Hulk Hogan has deleted Following all his tweets after he Hulk Hogan @HulkHogan Clearwater, FL @sulahogan.com П Joined August 2010 - Following 2:1M Folowers was hacked Followedby the Wrestling Collector WWF Wrestling WWE on AME and 247 others Posts Replies Highlights Media Likes Who to follow 25 2,031 24K 1.2M
Gio @Palace_gio. 1d When I say I gotta skedaddle 156 26.8K 169K 4.9M
leah @pitbullstan69.14h First look at who in what @Discu... 23h 4F DiscussingFilm First look at Kendrick Lamar in the LEGO Pharrell Williams biopic In theaters this October. KENDRICK LAMAR 4 365 9,263 310K
@BizzleUrgh.- 1d ... I started looking at houses for rent and it is cheaper for me to get along with my family 157 8,597 67.4K 1.9M
That auntie with the Altima 17h ... I was supposed to get my hair braided tomorrow and the girl just texted me saying she gotta turn herself in for bank fraud in the morning GIF ALT 319 2,525 28.1K 980K
SOUL (newcommand{/fembOt @__...9h ... vamptits they want you to make fried rice memser who is they vamptits the wok left 23 3,028 41.2K 801K
JJ GNG 1/1 @V3no... . 1d ... caleb @sexygrandson I feel so vulnerable doing bench presses. Got my #bulge facing the world 17:26 . C 05/06/2024 2 Views 1 Like This post has been deleted. 37 2,216 27.1K 775K
nick @NickKvcc 1d responding could be the move when you're asked to do the job you're paid for 4 1,713 29.7K 894K
@cardamomkiss-22h Nothing quite like looking at the way someone else has loaded the dishwasher to remind you that the mind of another is truly unknowable 54 7,497 82.5K 2M
Alex @ax_ferg 4h ... the ketamine twinks have stormed the diva capitol chart NON charte Charli XCX Charts @charts... .9h 'BRAT' is now the highest rated album of a pop female artist by pitchfork this year surpassing the iconic 'Cowboy Carter'. ALBUMS ALBUMS BRAT Cowboy Carter Charli XCX Beyoncé 2024 2024 brat 8.6 8.4 Best New Music BEST NEW MUSIC 10 504 8,437 238K
Sturgeon's Law @Sturgeons_La.... 11h ... Incredible 5 sentences. NYP woman for a private dance. Biden played the music by the indie folk band Fleet Foxes on his phone - and he smoked something she assumed was crack. I felt really safe around him, she said. She saw him again a week later, and they stayed together for five days at the Soho Grand hotel. Не typically smoked crack every 20 minutes, she testified, and he was just so charming and so nice. At the time, I felt myself having feelings for him. 164 1,487 21.4K 1M
Luna M @tiredfeminist_ 14h ... I'm not trying to heal my pain, I'm trying to hurt them back. Words @itswords_. 1d Reminder: HURTING THEM BACK WILL NOT HEAL YOUR PAIN SECONDSAPART 10 con 135 5,533 23.4K 675K
Phoenix @metamorphocise 17h ... Exited walmart with her peeking out my pocket and the employee said what the fuck is that 245 6,268 98.3K 1.4M
Lady Lawya @Parkerlawyer 15h ... My son turns 15 next week and I told him we should open presents at 2:12 pm because that's when he was born and he said, That's a weird thing to keep in your memories but.... whatever. Have kids. They're a delight. 220 361 11.4K 183K
NateTV @NateDyer_ 13h ... I told my boss, we should ALL be off for Juneteenth am i right? haha, names Connor kyle @knicks_tape99.14h CELTICS СЛ BREW 60 1,953 11.9K 808K
Brajon Brondo @ChinaFentanyl • 14h ... In the film The Departed (2006), set in Boston, actor Jack Nicholson refused to wear a Celtics cap, due to his well known love for the LA Lakers. Не had no problem, however, saying the n-word 30 seconds into the movie 23.0 kB JPG 34 698 18.2K 713K
scorpio @aaguccii 1d a bitch can be losing her mind and still gotta go to work 163 15.5K 56.6K 1.7M
Batman @fredfelloff. 1d ... 10 year old me seeing an actor who died in a movie appear in another 77 5,128 33.6K 751K
MA LE во @Melo_Malebo.2 21h ... Microwaves be like: Here's your hot bowl of cold spaghetti. 204 5,456 30.1K 684K


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