38 Random Bits of Movie Trivia for the Advanced Film Dweeb

Think you're a film dweeb? Prove it!
38 Random Bits of Movie Trivia for the Advanced Film Dweeb

Hey, everyone makes mistakes. And we think filmmakers should be deeply embarrassed for theirs.

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CRACKED.COM BLACK HAWK DOWN It was the first war movie after 9/11. Oddly, it was also the last war movie released before the start of the War on Terror.
CRACKED.COM THE PIANIST It was a co-production with the UK, Poland, Germany, and France. Given the multiple settings of the story, and how World War II andThe Holocaust impacted those nations, it was important for the four countries to weigh in and invest.
SMALL SOLDIERS There are few Gremlins Easter eggs in the movie. Since the movie was directed by Gremlins director Joe Dante, there were a few hidden gems like a Gremlin's skull on Alan's desk, a Gizmo toy behind the dumpster of the toy store, and David Cross' computer password being Gizmo. CRACKED.COM
Movie Goofs Pretty Woman In the breakfast scene, watch out for Julia Roberts' pastry. It quickly switches from croissant to pancake, and then to an even different pancake. It's truly a movie about a call girl with a heart of gold and matter-transforming quantum powers. CRACKED.COM


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