32 of the Funniest Tweets from Thursday, May 16, 2024

No need to test the limits
32 of the Funniest Tweets from Thursday, May 16, 2024

Will Ferrell is taking a swing at yet another sport. Netflix picked up a 10-episode order of GOLF, a series starring the multi-hyphenate entertainer and Emmy-nominated comedian Ramy Youssef. Ferrell will play a fictional golf legend à la Ricky Bobby, with Youssef’s role still being kept under wraps. The pair will also serve as co-creators and executive producers alongside Broad City producer Josh Rabinowitz. 

In other golf news, Netflix officially announced the return of Happy Gilmore, with Adam Sandler and Christopher McDonald set to reprise their roles from the 1996 classic. No further details are available about the sequel, but it will serve as the latest title to originate from Sandler and Netflix’s $250 million partnership

Everyone on the timeline is sinking some seriously hysterical tweets that warrant more than just a golf clap. Today’s funniest include those about a Minion hacker, fatherly communication skills and a creative way to make friends.

jay Y2K ERA @blythtism 21h this homophobic deer looks like mike faist GZ @GalaxyZeinz. 1d manifesting your downfall , gay boy . 36 1,962 37.4K 1.1M
bstfrnd @bstfrnd__ 18h I know that spliff tasted like a pastor's hat death becomes me @flylikedr... 1d it get served how it get served and imma take it fr x.com/itsbigsuper/ st... AUTO HOLD BLACK iCE® R 1,095 5,096 303K
@doxie_gay . 22h rudy mustang @rudy_mustang Me: the eagles won last night Co worker: oh did you watch the game Me: *covered in blood and scratches* what game 8 2,280 36.2K 1.7M
smoke mommy @wxfflest... 18h ... okay nvm im not ready for my kid to start school lol Kuusii smoke To relax my mom likes to smoke. 45 781 15.4K 574K
Mrs. Crazy Lady @_GodHe... 19h ... Yal why are we on a huge department wide meeting and the speaker just said Now I'm going to explain to you guys why this is so good for us as a team and someone whose mic was accidently unmuted just blurted out I honestly do not care! LMFAO000000000OO 26 583 10.8K 202K
к @843KT.1d ... just failed a Phishing test at work cause the email was offering a uber eats coupon 780 14.3K 102K 4.5M
Brooks Otterlake @i_zzzzzz 10h A hundred years ago Nikola Jokic would have been the top blacksmith in Sombor and a hundred years from now he would be a guy kept alive to shovel uranium fuel pellets into Omnium the planet sized supercomputer. It's only in this specific era that we get to see him play basketball 22 720 9,075 del 370K
a Jeanna Kelley @jeannathomas.1d ... Y'all my bio says columnist TitansTantrums @TitansTa... 1d Replying to @jeannathomas and @TuckerBoo843 You're a communist according to your bio. Bigotry is a practice for y'all. 179 1,515 38.7K 1.4M
We gon make it @Harpersisla... 22h ... This is the type of people ya be arguing with on here, what type of dumb shit is this Slim Co @slim_ma97.1d I can't be the only one who used to break this part of the cord so it can fit in the sockets GE 115 4,837 37.4K 1.3M
Christian Kris Dobbins @C_.... 22h ... This bastard probably loves Mondays too. Sickening. The Hollywood Handle 1d Chris Pratt doesn't like lasagna. (Via: comicbook.com/movies/news/ un...) 58 7,939 109K 2.5M
Blu @bluemupp . 1d i don't think my plug understood me Yo Today 6:41 PM Hmu if you want weed. Got an oz Forsure bro, ilyk Ily2 Text Message Pay Q W E Y R T U I o P A S D F G H J к L Z X C V В N M x 629 3,330 70.1K del 2.2M
Sylvian (#1 Skinamarink Fan) 1d ... something off about this girl wearing a hoodie in a 1940s movie. like I know they've been around a while but it's another thing to see one next to cary grant 64 1,194 27.2K 890K
callie actually @myfriendcallie 16h ... my aunt in the cult got my ass i fear ARNA 6:41 PM ... A to me - Thanks Callie! I really like your writing. Are you still on Adderall? Aunt ARNA Relationships are a lot like algebra. Have you ever looked at your X and wondered Y? 30 992 27.3K 623K
y @ysmammri.2 21h my dumbass would've picked 7 itachi @imvkgoku22h I spoil my baby different Pick a number between 1-3000 2150 Pay $2,150 Delivered iMessage Pay 527 13.5K 148K 4.3M
depths of wikipedia! @depths... 11h ... need to show this to the people who still WIKIPEDIA The Free think greek myths are boring When Aphrodite gave birth, she was horrified to see that the child had a massive, permanently erect penis, a potbelly, and a huge tongue.  Aphrodite abandoned the infant to die in the wilderness, but a herdsman found him and raised him, later discovering that Priapus could use his massive penis to aid in the growth of plants.  123 1,956 20.9K 865K
Josh Moulton @JoshMoulton 21h ... Imagine being a realtor trying to sell this place. The view is, well, interesting. If you like climbing there's a fun thing out front. 114 53 1,140 113K
halica @DISSOLVED_GIRL:15h ... dads always send you shit like this and you literally panic for hours and then it's just some shit like uh yeah i need you to like take out the trash later rakiba @guroshitsugi - 2 21h IM so FUCKED Messages Dad 2:57 PM > We need to talk when you are awake. 190 6,880 105K 2.2M
Skyler Higley @skyler_higley 14h ... People who don't really care about their birthday 54 1,619 19.6K 558K
isa @tatertot - 1d ... awesome Hello, neutroneed@gmail.com PP SoundCloud Direct has sent you $0.00 USD Transaction Details 29 1,097 20.8K 329K
no context memes @weird... 13h ... rippin cigs watching chicken little.. no one believes the chicken. pissed me off 22 1,961 30.2K 998K
hooplah @hooplahails 18h can you just answer the fking question shrooms and adderall All Shopping Videos Images Forums New Help is available Speak with someone today 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline For emotional and substance use support 24/7 Learn more 988 48 1,187 16.9K 596K
beer person @CantEverDie 21h ... Readers added context It is not gay to get your dick sucked by a man. It is only gay for the man sucking. Do you find this helpful? Rate it 321 4,305 43.2K 1.4M
@mhmlyric 1d LyricMill ... my mama said nature valley granola bars need to come with a ashtray 487 5,839 65.8K 1.3M
chip @fractalcounty.15h We got hacked chip @fractalcounty.5d None of my roommates know that im running our entire home network on minion bob THANK 122 4,673 89.2K 2M
Gus Fring @ZoldyckElite. 22h I know some deodorant is 48 hrs but eme please don't challenge it 185 7,175 53.6K del 1.3M
michael @FilledwithUrine-15h joining an open relationship so i can make friends 8 759 6,789 del 175K
dirtj ane @realdirtjane. 21h ... Pregnant lady in my painting class paints babies for literally every project 99 436 25K 697K
Vincent @VtheEsquire 21h ... WT Whatever you're thinking, it's not a good plan. Gizelle @Nessa25416.21h Do dealerships put GPS trackers in cars 73 3,381 26.2K 1M
sneepsnorp @sneepsnorp3d 18h ... borzoi puppies look so much like normal dogs, i like to imagine someone getting a borzoi puppy without knowing what adult borzois look like and as their borzoi matures they'd just be like what on earth is happening to my dog ALT 96 5,722 67.5K 1.1M
kev @MarxAfterDark-2 21h ... you have NO idea what i've been through. my parents are NOT divorced charlie @chunkbardey 1d you have NO idea what i've been through. my parents are divorced 192 18K 111K 4.2M
mr. bitches (retired) @discob... 20h ... my client threw up during her wax and i handled it so unprofessionally i literally I screamed and ran 460 4,565 142K 3.6M
Simon Macko @Shoocharu 21h ... Please green screen him in, don't even animate him DiscussingFilm @Discu... 22h 4F Danny DeVito says he would play Wario in a 'SUPER MARIO BROS MOVIE' sequel. (Source: youtu.be/NAn3Q61q8lo? si...) 131 15K 185K 4.2M


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