31 of the Funniest Burns of Celebrity Fits at the Met Gala

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31 of the Funniest Burns of Celebrity Fits at the Met Gala

Roasting celebrities who attend the Met Gala is better than actually attending the Met Gala. Despite being paid more money than any of us will ever see in our lifetimes, famous people still haven’t harnessed the ability to stick to whatever the theme is for the fundraising benefit, thus becoming worthy targets of Twitter users who hate bad fashion slightly more than they hate wealth inequality. 

This year’s theme, “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion,” was helmed by Vogue tyrant Anna Wintour and co-chairs Zendaya and Bad Bunny, who gave prospective guests ideas and a specific brief for inspiration. But per usual, many attendees dropped the ball, resulting in their looks being described as “a panic attack” or, in one particularly brutal case, “a chitlin.” 

Without further ado, these were the worst fits and best roasts to grace the Twitter timeline last night — and Troye Sivan, congratulations on joining the Zootopia police academy!

Hannah @rejectedhannah - 16h Jo: oh I sure hope Laurie still wants to marry me when he comes home Amy and Laurie: SabrinaUpdates @charts_sabrina.17h Sabrina Carpenter and Barry Keoghan at the #MetGala 34 1.4K 25K del 1.1M
Atomic Annie @_AtomicAnnie - 1 19h Mind you her hair is like that because she's been running up and down the Bronx......... slaggy @slagnyc 19h wearing schiaparelli with THIS glam... a choice 26 345 6.2K 196K
Big Me @carpe_DMH.16h Is she a chitlin??? POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave. 17h Lizzo on the #MetGala carpet. 166 461 2.5K 258K
Nickeeeee @Nick_Nation18h ... ok Saoirse and the Machine! 15 1.4K 34K 583K
jeremy allen black @blackcindyy 19h Carrie on her way to go get dumped by Big for the 82nd time @23metgala @23metgala 19h Sarah Jessica Parker attends The 2024 Met Gala. 190 6.3K 55K 2.6M
rodeo rocketz @ronniessance - 16h ROPATO when Tuxedo Mask is from Midtown Atlanta. BLH @_RareDefined18h They call me U-S-H-E-R.P R-A-Y-M-O-N-D. #MetGala CC M 0:10 5 427 2.2K 88K
Grace @gracecamille_. 17h ... Mina hasanpoo DvilCouture @DvilCouture 19h Mindy Kaling at The 2024 #MetGala 43 1.3K 56K 2
zach @zachbreechen - 18h ... true detective season 1: 1 25 429 16K
casey @casey_actually - 19h 100k and climbing? Oh robots are going to eat us alive. javi @jxries . 2 20h Katy Perry. That's it. #MetGala Readers added context This image is fake. Katy Perry was not at the 2024 Met Gala and this image was most likely created using Artificial Intelligence (AI). ... Show this note 4 611 32K 21
olebok edgar @asherwotfe.19h She looks like if you hit her head with a spoon it'd sound like a gong media @ENTplus_.19h 211 4.3K 89K 4.9M
444WOO7 @UGHHWOO·· 19h The theme was Garden of Time NOT waste my fucking time ..GET THE FUCK OFF THE CARPET BITCH @23metgala @23metgala.1 19h Donald Glover at #MetGala 35 601 7.8K 253K
Claire Penis @ZeroSuitCamus 19h THATS NEIL DIAMOND?!!?! THE MET met gala 2024 @2015smetgala 20h Nell Diamond #MetGala 38 162 4.6K 136K
Frank Costa @feistyfrank.20h ... La La Anthony's #MetGala dress pays tribute to Bootz's wig from the Flavor of Love 2 reunion, which La La hosted. 239 3.5K 15K del 771K
H. @tbh_66 . 1 19h ... Idk how to explain it but Rita Ora is like humanised money laundering L @L_ren27.19h Why is Rita Ora always just there? How is she getting these invites? 100 4.1K 57K 3.1M
@MelechThomas 16h AME Youngboy She look like a panic attack. SEAN @Seanlofficial - 17h Some of y'all hate fun. LOVE THIS Erykah Badu at the #MetGala 254 94K 5.8K 5.1M
river @kissmeriver . 19h oh he's serving (the hors d'oeuvres for the guests) @23metgala @23metgala.19h Jack Harlow #MetGala Z 0:01 17 296 3.8K 215K
Butt Stuff @DMbuttstuff 15h he looks like a baby who just shit himself 61 1K 14K 807K
ModernGurlz @ModernGurlzz . 18h MG this is so ugly it has to be chanel @23metgala @23metgala 18h Riley Keough attends The 2024 Met Gala. 155 3.3K 68K 3M
eli @MonicaJewinsky-21h its elf bar themed Pop Base @PopBase . 21h The carpet for the 2024 Met Gala. 3 10 512 38K
elsa @mescavoy. 17h ... butlers convention gettyimages Credit: Gilbert Flores 23 1.2K 4.1K 2M
yalitza apariciosus @dunevillenuve • 19h ... the bus - Rotary SEREK YASS HIGH SCHOOL Lic to Seat FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates 19h Ayo Edebiri, Mike Faist, Josh O'Connor, Luca Guadagnino, Omar Apollo, Ambika Mod, Alison Oliver and Jamie Dornan are on their way to the #MetGala 7 998 22K 563K
Matt'Dib / Ball Atreideez @_MateoMontana_ 17h ... RUHISPER THE HITS GREATEST @23metgala @23metgala. 19h Donald Glover at #MetGala 113 3.9K 16K 968K
v. @mcvncent. 18h The Darkness taking over my cute and bubbly personality when i hear the teams notification 11K 82K 2.3M 100
sophia of hangover @aethelfleds. 17h older, think, than anyone on this planet VULTURE Vulture @vulture 18h Rita Ora says she is wearing beads that age back to the first and second century BC. She then notes that this means those beads are older, I think, than anyone on this planet, which does seem likely. 130 1.9K 75K 2.9M
Rohita Kadambi @RohitaKadambi. 18h This would be perfect if the theme were Emily Gilmore 184 4.5K 84K 2.3M
@marenyearly 19h ... Не said mmh lemme not forget my radish ' @cravemedia_ . 19h 31 2.5K 57K del 1.9M
Tom Smyth @Tom_Smyth_ 16h he looks like he's about to sell me a bottle of pirelli's miracle elixir 13 853 10K 249K
alex @userctrI. 16h this is so funny bc she saw the girls weren't serving and got back in the line @23metgala @23metgala.1 16h Zendaya at Met Gala. 88 13K 5.1M 223K
@wicckaris 19h maddie from euphoria on her way to algebra Pop Base @PopBase 19h BLACKPINK's Jennie on her way to the #MetGala. cg 0:11 507 26K 331K 8.4M
John E Warren 31 @FloppyAdult.1 18h Me, turning on the Met Gala just as I finished filing a police report regarding my stolen sofa and curtains: oh my god @23metgala @23metgala 18h Taika Waititi and Rita Ora attend The 2024 Met Gala. 35 3.1K 54K 2.2M
In a Dream @bluebloom97. 13h congratulations to troye sivan on being accepted to the zootopia police academy 47 2.1K 37K 594K


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