39 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of April 29, 2024

39 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of April 29, 2024

A new week and a new month brought us a slew of wild new headlines. Barbra Streisand got into hot water over a rather direct Instagram comment that she definitely meant to send as a DM, Paul Walter Hauser being cast in yet another project proves that this is indeed the year of the big boy, and The Rock faced allegations that he regularly showed up seven to eight hours late to work. And, of course, Mo’Nique had some choice words for former friends Oprah and Tyler Perry during her latest comedy tour stop with Katt Williams. 

But the wildest news of all came from behind one embattled comedian’s computer screen. If you plan on trolling Tiffany Haddish, just know that she has a $1.99 and enough free time to track you down. The Girls Trip actress told the Los Angeles Times that she created a fake Instagram account under the name “Sarah” as a means to combat trolls spamming her social channels with hateful comments. Moreover, she admitted that she learned how to find people’s information online — everything from credit reports, to police records, to phone numbers. Haddish told the newspaper that sometimes she even calls her trolls on the phone and gives them a piece of her mind. Yikes!

Most of all, though, the new week brought us a new batch of hysterical tweets. This week’s funniest included those about men and their theories, the fishy downside of repurposing and the engineer who literally went off-the-grid.

Bren @BattousaiBren 2d They gonna slingshot you like a angry bird Gag City Papi @hangwithBang.3d Y'all I just booked me a flight to Houston for $18.00. GIF ALT 80 7.9K 118K 2.6M
@biglttlefleabag 2d ... laura dern school of standing with your arms crossed FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates - 2 2d New look at Daisy Edgar-Jones and Glen Powell in 'TWISTERS.' In theaters July 19. 'a 28 1.9K 51K 2.1M
Sam @mythical_kat.3d ... Omg they got gay son and thot daughter for an interview with Seth Meyers 632 7 12K 253K
Katie D @KatieDeal99. 1d My daughter asked me if the tooth fairy would only give money for *her* teeth and I'm a little concerned 157 2.9K 70K 1.9M
betel @betelreloaded - 2d I love saying sounds good at work and don't shit sound good 127 28K 138K 4.5M
corb @awshuqs 3d people dont even ask to hit your vape anymore they just look at you like this 5.1K 66K 153 2.8M
Tyrone Bryant @Carolinas_942.2 2d My Mama: lookin just like yo damn daddy Me sitting there tryna eat: 192 9.4K 64K 1.7M
garagara @bugshuffle1k• 1d Seriously the funniest image headline combo ever. Не gave her the boot Worldstar Hip Hop Follow U 3d Не Was Over It: Ne-Yo Gets Annoyed And Gives Female Fan The Boot After She Snatched His Hat Off! 67 3.9K 60K 1.2M
leon @witchdaddio - 2d ... NO GAT good morning Open Grindr Based on time and location Order your Large Toffee Latte M My McDonald's 12 17 1K 37K
Meela @Vanellopehere. 1d this human shit hard i shoulda been a tree 16 2.7K 7.1K 223K
wargen @funeralpig 3d homeless guy: thanks a lot man every little bit helps guy who has never called anyone brother: no problem stay safe out there brother 49 1.3K 38K del 1M
so BAD Ryne Bailey @ryanbailey25.2 2d IT'S GOOD He's been sober this whole time? Page Six @PageSix . 1 2d Page Six Alec Baldwin reflects on nearly 40 years of sobriety, admits he does 'miss drinking' trib.al/FQDBiAP ALEC BALDWIN Degree DEODORA ROAST ALEC ree DRANT BALOW - TACO BE 254 5K 85K 4.1M
yu kiyo @yu_kiyo_enjoyer 3d Shit it's so hot I think I'm gonna have some double dutch ice cr- ... SELECTA WITH ADDED CREAMiEST 10% OUR EVER!* Bestsellers DOUBLE DUTCH I chocolate Varilla at cream مكتب when Nutrition - chips & chocolate ISSUED - - THEY 229 8.4K 33K del 1.9M
m @777GEM1N1.21h ... couples therapy at any age younger than like 26 is absurd to me Like girl u should be in the club........ literally just go to the club 5 1.7K 10K 297K
rev @whyrev. 1d Thot daughter has taken over gay son FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates 1d 'CHALLENGERS' has become Luca Guadagnino's highest-grossing film domestically, surpassing 'CALL ME BY YOUR NAME' in just 5 days. 134 22K 276K del 7.5M
dj zaftig @divergentfemme.3d ... Is someone trying to trap me? Gays Eating Garlic Bread in the Park May 13th, 2024 from Park 3-10pm Meridian BYOGB (206) 580-3697 230 6.1K 59K 1.3M
UwUTangClan @Executivejeff1.2d at long last, hamethyst ... Crystals Listed about a day ago in Brisbane, QLD 116 9.1K 91K du 2.8M
cold @coldhealing 1d you can just look at them and know they absolutely would have loved fortnite stream highlights splitscreened with family guy Historic Vids @historyinmemes. 1 1d Kids on the streets of England, 123 years ago in the year 1901. CC 0:08 39 3.6K 78K 2.4M
Burner @BurnerDontask. 3d ... my 6 year old niece when i trick her into grabbing the electric fence @sadhotgirI.4d i'm so fascinated by this hideous dance move jojo siwa keeps doing that i had to make a montage of it CC 29A DD иогле 0:09 35 2.7K 46K 1.5M
matt @yungbellini - 4 4d ... AirPlaying the wingstop menu Lazzyyyyyy @em_Lazzy + 4/24/24 If you're 25+ and unmarried, the fuck are you doing? 43 1.4K 21K 976K
King Roy @RoyIsThaTruth . 2d ... This summer, we're all outside Corona Extra Cola PHILIPS AVENT AL 349 13K 61K 4.2M
Chezi @Chezi34. 17h They... they did it... DF DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm. 19h Sex and nudity in movies has decreased by almost 40% Movies with no sexual content has increased from 20% per year to 50... 102 7.2K 89K 3.1M
beer person @CantEverDie• 2d ... when you're drunk and smell a cigarette 82 3.5K 38K 1.3M
nixCraft @nixcraft 2d bro is living his dream Tim Okonkwo @timokonkwo_.3d This man resigned from Microsoft after 22 years, just to become a farmer Experience Goose farmer Self-employed Jul 2023 - Present 10 mos On-site Microsoft 22 yrs 4 mos Principal Performance Architect Full-time Jul 2022 - Jul 2023 1 yr 1 mo Chehalis, Washington, United States Principal Software Development Engineer Apr 2001 - Jul 2022 . 21 yrs 4 mos Redmond,WA Azure Performance Team, August 2017 - Present Office 365 Foundation Engineering... see more 96 9.5K 78K del 2.2M
tor @emailsavenue. 1d ... THE WORDING like yes she did babes! for almost 9 years! + Los Angeles County 768.6K people posted about this place X 4,482 comments Sabrina Carpenter Following you served 5m Reply 2,692 16 677 25K 562K
nikki bikki @nikkiii_x0.2 2d sharing an amazon prime account with your best friend is so entertaining because WHY IS THIS IN THE CART Proceed to checkout (5 items) Share Compare with similar items Animal in Heat Veterinary Labels 1 x 1.5 Inch 500 Total Stickers $1959 MAL ANIMAL ANIMA prime Two-Day HEAT IN HEAT IN НЕ FREE delivery Thu, May 2 FREE Returns Only 20 left. Order now. Save more with Subscribe & Save> 1 + Save for later Delete Compare with similar items Share 2.2K 38K 1.3M 75
Pico Paco @PicoPaco17 4d The masculine urge to have theories r/Physics Posted by u/Iwasputhere 1h What to do if if i have theories? Question I contacted a college and they ignored me Vote 67 Share 46 806 20K 565K
erika @yeeeerika 2d i'm gonna join the cicadas this summer and scream 48 12K 45K du 1.4M
king of water cup city @null_fruit.2d r/Cigarettes Join NSFW u/ProtocolEnthusiast.2 27d 18 NSFW What's the healthiest cigarette out there? Question I'm getting into fitness and I have a European mindset. 108 3.6K 41K del 1.5M
DThang @DejaNyjae 4d ... Me when my direct deposit hit: JT @ThegirlTT. 4d I use to be down bad, but now a bitch OKAY! 32 12K 28K 1.2M
Rob @rob_heighton - 3 3d No one: The glossary in the back of Dune: C. Sandbatch @CSandbatch.4d Gm everyone tsarina-anadyomene Follow ... Cocaine was a stimulant used by a priestly caste of the middle period United States called businessmen in order to commune with The Market.  11 2.1K 27K 556K
@givemeurdisease . dd this probably funny asf Will @MassJumbo. 1d Every American transit agency for the past 30 years I'll have a LIGHT RAIL ON IT'S OWN CORRIDOR How original BUT NOT GRADE SEPARATED WITH 15 Daring today, MINUTE com FREQUENCY aren't we 13 663 17K 514K
Grip Bayless @talleyberryb... 22h ... I'd parachute through the roof with my lawyer dollaman @imjdollaz. 23h should i call HR? ifeel like my job called me the N word with the hardest ER Hennessy VERY SPECIAL COGNAC - - سمة Times 14 2,354 16.2K 601K
SASKIA @tharealsaskia• 1d ... Me with my personal item trying to get through TSA: m @PRADAXBBY.2d the kurt geiger kensington bag 23 111 8,134 41.3K 3.1M
Dont Show Your Cat @DontS... .20h ... TIME TRAVELER WRSOM marathon C-MU LNO C 22 15 72 8,180 95.7K 1.9M
Brooks Otterlake @i_zzzzzz• 12h I give my wife a three dimensional love letter every day. It's called me colette @colettebernheim.2 21h Thinking about Alfred J. Frueh's three-dimensional love letter to his wife this afternoon ر few you happ جعد me Fraven seen سو anon عداد leave ه شمع and 9 And mans my tust and what 4 you want time for in meet but just اليوم Rain rain - whit the place maided. E'll how LEAVE NATU USER DEL CRECK THEIR 6 THESE 233 4,855 157K
nyah! @JINKIESBTCH 14h ... Devonte Laird Follow ... May 5 | got like 3 ppl imma do something to & then imma work on healing Like Comment Share 3.6K Ray Monique and 31.3K others shared this 32 2,610 11.3K 335K
The Emancipation of Keke, М... 21h ... I mentioned my birth year and one of my 7th graders went oop! and another one went the nineteen hundreds.... 9 77 2,102 49K
@lemoncarcass•1 1d ... i would be unstoppable if you replaced all of the pop culture trivia in my brain with useful life skills 26 5,460 24.6K del 758K


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