22 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of April 29, 2024

He does look rather horselike
22 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of April 29, 2024

While many Americans are struggling with debt, inflation and the general chaos of the world, President Joe Biden found it in his heart to tweet a staggeringly empty platitude to usher in Mental Health Awareness Month. The post, which simply read “Mental health is health,” has since been flamed to hell and back with recreations of it using popular movie quotes and reality TV soundbites, including those from Heath Ledger’s Joker and Snooki’s infamous Jersey Shore letter. 

At least the commander-in-chief is in good company this week when it comes to hysterical roasts. Other digital burn victims included a prime target for the internet’s most vocal sartorialist, the latest IT couple who probably can’t work their way around a mainframe and a Beatle.

issa rae's favorite reporter. 22h ... Yes, Lynn Whitfield! BEYHIVE Teddy @cowboycarrt... 1 1d so proud of myself my First attempt ... be nice please 139 2,328 16.8K 680K
coolgirlonline @coolgirlOnline 15h ... I wanna feed him oats from my hand 52 1,319 25.4K 829K
Mamoru Cain @AfroNer... 1d ... I guess the Pardi was cancelled. GIF king baby @fash0o.1d Pardi threw an event at my job n had his friends fighting outside bc his card declined the 10k rental cost 48 4,644 29K 922K
Greg the Sorcerer @gregtheso... 18h ... Walking out of the ancient temple after triggering every single trap on my way out cinesthetic. @TheCinest... 1d Anya Taylor-Joy at the FURIOSA premiere in Sydney, Australia. EURIOSA IAD MAX SAGA FURIOSA MAD MAX SAGA SA SAGA FURIOSA A MAD MAX SAGA 28 6,268 92.8K 1.7M
corie @corietjohnson td ... VEST COYOTE - cinesthetic. @TheCinest.... 1d EURIOSA Anya Taylor-Joy at the AD MAX SAGA FURIOSA FURIOSA MAD HAT SAGA premiere in Sydney, SA SASA Australia. FURIOSA MAD 1 156 4,254 128K
Carey O'Donnell @ecareyo 22h ... This is a fun song. This video looks like it was filmed at one of those manmade reservoirs on the side of a freeway though. blink . yes, and? @blonk... . 2d am i going crazy or does espresso sound really 2024ish? like this is the first song to sound fresh and current in a WHILE 29 0:31
chae @dulcechaelin 20h once had someone refer to me as a DIY filipino for being mexican/korean (like and subscribe) @swee... . 1d who else is lowkey filipino 24 450 7,722 390K
Asia Jackson @aasian 14h ... When Jack Harlow said I could fly you from Korea to Kentucky that was crazy bc who would want to do that 9 54 648 17.1K
Robert O'Neill @RobertONeill... 15h ... RCM @peta save this dog. they're making him Cheshe 27 watch the mets SNY SNY Mets SNY @SNY_Mets.19h The Mets are undefeated with Buddy M 6 66 278 18.6K
Marmot @MarmotRespecter - 1 2d went to autism hours at wal mart and everybody knew you, king Learn more Enjoy sensory-friendly shopping hours daily 8am-10am These hours are intended to be calmer for those with sensory sensitivities, autism, PTSD & more. 314 7.2K 98K 4M
Corn @upblissed. 4d this the most scaring the hoes fit of all time YBP smeeths @ybpsmeeths . 5d My bro really wants to talk to you and de على 16 Ingresion ANGLE CENTE LT 686 10M 9.8K 155K
@aphextwigs. dd gigi 3: @fikemaistt. 1d tennis stole his youth 53 2.8K 37K 1.1M
Monday Mourning @MissLadyMonday. 1d If you were 25, that would be adorable, but you're president so that's just stupid. President Biden @POTUS 2d It's simple. Mental health is health -his 3 3.4K 46K 1.1M
johnny @kudosdunce 1d how your mother looks at you when you're 27 gay unemployed and living in her basement 1 2 158 4.6K
kate @sensualitay 4d ngl i doubt either of them could fix my computer Tayvis Nation @tayvisnation -4 4d the IT couple 19K 239 264K 7M
F#A# :, fka @coopercooperco 1d Mike Lindell lookin like the guy who's been hiding his zombie bite from the group Gary Peterson @GaryPetersonUSA•1 1d Meeting Mike Lindell at the Waukesha Trump Rally must've been what it was like to shake hands with the Apostle Paul before Christ took the stage at the sermon on the mound. ESSAY AGAD 80 NILLATION GIST 27NNSS DEPARDO 3.1K 65K 3.7M 221
Nikki @_nhlsharks.2d When did fanatics start making donuts Andrew Robertson @andalerob . 4d Nailed it DROW A TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS TORONTO BLUE JAYS® Vanilla dream donuts™ CLASSIC DON 290 Cals 250 Cals 25 547 13K 658K
Konny @KonnyTalks 2d This alone settles the Spotify vs Apple Music debate Q rizz X Cancel Rizz Mix Rizz Mix Playlist Spotify Gyat Mix Playlist Spotify Gyat Mix Freaky Mix Playlist Spotify Freaky Mix 176 2.8K 47K 1.4M
Orwell & Goode I $TREN @OrwellNGoode . 4d ... ... DISCOVER WEEKLY I don't like this song I don't like John Lennon 75 2.4K 62K 1.9M
chad @badboychadhoy 2d how you gonna be 5'8 dropping weights in the gym. the ground is right there just put them down 103 2.4K 43K 1.8M
Now, girl... @COURTNEYCO 5d The suit guy is going to do a 50 tweet thread on this. TV TV Deets DEETS @tvdeets 5d Nneka and her husband Ikenna at the White House Correspondents' Dinner after party. #RHOP TIME AMAZON MERCU MGM STUD 108 448 6K 463K


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