21 History Facts Too Spicy for School

Benjamin Franklin got around
21 History Facts Too Spicy for School

In a truly literal sense, life isn’t PG-rated. The very act of creating life is regarded as something to shield the innocent from, kept behind the counter and under the cover of parental control settings. But as the song says, birds do it, bees do it, even Warren G.’s do it. (He wasn’t Harding for nothing.) As a result, there was pretty much no point in history during which nobody was fuckin’. Yes, even then. Yes, somehow even then.

But the school board gets weird when you teach middle schoolers about historical schlongs, so a lot of the slipperier parts get left out. Thank goodness for postsecondary study, though, because when user sonichedghog asked r/AskReddit, “Historians of Reddit, what are some R-rated facts that are often left out of history classes?” the more learned Redditors had some spicy meat-a-balls to drop.

Badwolf582 11y ago That Ben Franklin was a total man-whore.
ludnik 11y ago Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a horny SOB who kept multiple mistresses
 11y ago LBJ liked to take his penis out and wave it at people in order to intimidate them.
 11y ago Edited 11y ago 70+ year old ghandi liked to sleep nude with young girls as part of some bizarre sexual abstinence training.
inaniloquent_ 11y ago Elizabeth I had a lot of sex despite being know as The Virgin Queen.
 11y ago Not a historian but I do know that Samuel Pepys's diary was full of smut. Also, he seemed to be obsessed with poop.
IdenticalThings 11y ago Isabella of Castile (Spain) had two baths in her lifetime: 1) at birth 2) before her wedding. tldr: Isabella of Castile washed her vag in order to get medieval wedding cunnilingus.
SteveJEO 11y ago Catherine De Medici (the queen of pubes, France 1547-89) made it illegal for women to shave their muff cos she was a jealous old puritan Jesus freak and didn't want guy's going down on her ladies.
lakotian 11y ago Julius Caesar banged Marcus Brutus' mom. I think that is hilarious.
acor003 11y ago In the 1880s, Anthony Comstock went around collecting people's dildos and other sex toys. Не is like the Anti-Santa... in every way.
 11y ago Schrodinger came up with his famous equation while on vacation with his mistress. Не was married.
HamWallet . 11y ago The Milky Way supposedly got it's name because it was formed when the Greek goddess Hera sprayed her breast milk into the sky.
abyang4 . 11y ago Edited 11y ago In Greek mythology some versions say Zeus kills his father Cronos and chops the body up into pieces, proceeding to throw the penis into the ocean, causing the water to foam up and give birth to Aphrodite. EDIT: a couple of people have pointed out that I made an error. It was actually Cronos who chops off HIS father, Uranus's happy sack. Zeus still had daddy issues too though.
Psilocybear 11y ago From a very young age Al Capone had pus coming out of his penis. When he was finally arrested on grounds of tax evasion he was found to have syphillis, which was at the time very treatable. Capone refused treatment however because he was afraid of needles. After his 11 year stint in Alcatraz, the disease had eaten away at his brain so much that he could no longer resume his life of crime. Before his death he was often spotted casting a fishing rod into his swimming pool.
 11y ago During the civil war, prostitution was as big as fighting. General Hooker had huge groups of women go would follow around his troops and satisfy their urges (where the term Hooker comes from) and in 1861 the Union Army Medical Department reported that 1 out of 12 soldiers had venereal disease. One report showed that out of 468,000 men checked, 188,000 had an STD.
truculentperson 11y ago The city of Lethbridge in Canada has a sordid past. Before WW2, from its inception the town and later the city was known as the red light district of Canada. Prominent landmarks like the Yates Center was named after former lady of the night! Prominent families do not like to be reminded that some of their ancestors was involved in the oldest profession. It's also why Hutterites and Mormons were only allowed in town on a certain day. Didn't want to queer up the fun! The local historian from the city museum was the type of person
thesilverpig 11y ago The 'Lion on the Cheese Grater is a sexual position mentioned in an ancient Greek comedy where Athenian and Spartan women vow to refuse sex to their husbands until they end the war. Many historians have tried to figure out what the position entails. All have failed.
FearBoner8D 11y ago Foot tickling for sexual arousal was used in the Muscovite palaces and courts for centuries. Many of the Czarinas (Catherine the Great, Anna Ivanovna, Elizabeth and others) were fervent participants. The practice was so popular that eunuchs and women were employed as full time foot ticklers. They developed this unique skill so well that their occupations brought prestige and good pay. Anna Leopoldovna had at least six ticklers at her feet. While the ticklers performed their task, they also told bawdy stories and sang obscene ballads. This was done to work the ladies up to an erotic
eggsgrainey 11y ago The people who would eventually create Oneida silverware started making these pieces as a free loving, wife swapping, eugenics believing, socialist, religious commune in the 1840's. marriages were matched via commune elders, based on compatible traits, in order to create a more perfect offspring. Children were also reared communally, and if it was found that parent and child were too close, there would be separation. Post menopausal women would mentor teenage boys in their sexuality, rarely resulting in pregnancy. All members of the community were expected to work, and they made their money making hats, leather bags,
Swtcherrypie 11y ago Edited 10y ago The Diary of Anne Frank was edited by her father because of some of the thing she talked about: such as her period, discovering herself, learning about her clitoris/labia and learning some about boys from a younger guy that was staying with them too, and also he father's infatuation with fart jokes and such (which he didn't want published.)
R88SHUN 11y ago Edited 11y ago The Romans had an effective natural contraceptive. It was a plant called Silphium, and the shape of the seed is where we get the traditional heart shape we all recognize as a symbol of love. Anyway, they fucked so much that it went extinct.


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