31 of the Funniest Tweets from Tuesday, April 23, 2024

The show is missing an element of danger
31 of the Funniest Tweets from Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Seth MacFarlane has gone on the record saying that Family Guy is here to stay for as long as audiences keep enjoying it and that a feature film will eventually hit the big screen as well. But there are two people who won’t be amongst the masses going giggity at multiplexes: Patrick Warburton’s parents. The actor, who has voiced Family Guy’s Joe Swanson since the show’s first season, revealed that his mom and dad detest the show. At a PaleyFest event celebrating the show’s 25th anniversary, Warburton shared that his mother even tried to get the show canceled. 

Adult animation isn’t the only genre of media with haters, but at least its haters are human beings. Director Brian Helgeland was ready to hit the ground running with a sequel to 2001’s A Knight’s Tale, but Netflix more or less shot the concept down, stating that their algorithm indicated that it wouldn’t be successful. That said, that same algorithm has given us certified stinkers like Game Over, Man! and The Ridiculous 6. So how reliable is it really? 

In between channel surfing and scrolling through Netflix’s never-ending catalog, the timeline found time to give us a new batch of great tweets. Today’s funniest ones include those about an excited Liza Minnelli fan, the call for some jeopardy in Jeopardy! and the power of finding community by tweeting whatever the hell you want.

bailey moon @Baileymoon15.23h ... obsessed with this pizza place putting their logo over justin timberlake's face 2 72 1,525 39.6K
linc @lincnotfound 16h ... this came to me in a dream LANA DEL RAY ROMANO PARENTAL ADVISORY EXPLICIT CONTENT 77 5 835 21.1K
Cait @CaitCamelia 23h ... CAIT damn how serious is costco security 2 Replies Today 1:34 PM Malik FBI M Kaif ICE K 3 117 3,870 65.5K
WitchDoctorDB @db_witch 17h ... you pick this up in a video game and it gives you $23 hardon @HardOnDaleDuro - 1d Just found this on the side of the road what do BSEE moi BOT 100 ILLON SEAU UNITED asis 18 OF AMERICA as VTIL 100 FEDERAL ML 40518277K L12 - VE A1 . MA415 - IN aug для 02 مuمع HANDLAND SAN MARATHON LA USA I VIA 83 5,452 137K 3M
kc @powcampsurvivor- 23h do you wanna be in cahoots with eachother i i don't have a specific scheme in mind but i think it would be fun to be in cahoots 60 5,764 48.6K du 1.5M
Mike Abrusci @mikeabrusci 19h I gotta start paying attention Today 4:49 PM I'm sorry. I thought a hall pass was which celebrity we'd kill if we could, not have sex with. So if I can, I'd like to change my hall pass from Chumlee from Pawn Stars to Lea Seydoux Delivered 5 108 3,664 102K
Jamie @jami0mckay9h What's the matter babe, you're not sitting on the fruiton. 162 6,003 64K 1.6M
Snow @Lookinupatstars-10h The reason I remain on this hellsite. Fesshole FESS HOLE @fesshole I once punched a goose unconscious. The goose started it. Walked nearby the next day and it looked fine. It's the only fight I've ever been in, and in a pathetic way I'm a bit proud of it, but don't want to tell anyone in case I get given an embarrassing nickname. 21:25 : 22/04/2024 332K Views 59 Retweets 37 Quotes 3,700 Likes 92 Bookmarks Derek McHugh @_DerekMcHugh_.99 Goose Lee 27 7 846 9,238 37 783 20K 381K
Granite Man @GraniteDhuine. 1d ... I hate it when I'm at work and someone asks are you at free at the moment?. Please expand further so I can know if I'm free or not. 19 833 9,222 186K
Ron Iver @ronnui_ 1d ... When someone else is taking a while in self checkout: They have no clue what they're doing. I, on the other hand, am a self checkout prodigy. A genius, people claim. When I'm taking a while in self checkout: This is a scenario that could not be avoided by even the wisest prophet 2 776 10K del 230K
kc @powcampsurvivor.1d you can just say whatever on here, random things strung together. i'm the bin laden of microdosing. and someone will resonate with it. 18 1,211 14.3K 354K
Maizie @postboob 22h ... imagine going through your first breakup and you have to join a Teams meeting in 7 minutes CUPCAKE DRAKE @jiggyja... 1d A first heartbreak at 30 will not dismantle your life like it did at 17 165 8,757 94.8K 4M
song & dance sam @samlbla 19h ... was just stopped on the street by a guy who was in the middle of a debate and he asked me excuse me miss- who is judy garlands daughter??? and girls when i tell you......it was like i i lead my whole life just to finally get to this moment 112 1,206 42.4K 2.9M
MALIK EL. !? @maliktheorac... 1d ... At lunch wit a white girl n she keep saying yum dot com after every bite 329 9,720 125K 6.5M
re: emma @evemmore 1d ... when my mum asks me who's that one actor from that one film 25 2,228 38.2K 1.1M
Dr Helen Ingram @drhingram 1d ... I'm sorely tempted to buy a Freudian slip (to go with my Freudian slippers) 66 891 13.1K 346K
the human sadiepede 2 @hell... 16h ... why did he stop responding after this I don't watch movies are you more of a cinema guy 15 31 1,041 29.5K
sara hinkley @boneysoups. 1d ... I will never give up tiktok + 82 ... I work as an estate planning 8 attorney 0 I work as an estate planning attorney 2 4 32 569 29.9K
hatsune mitski @zephanijong . 1d ... squidward: Kancho @HumpedMyJeweler.1d That one coworker thats just gotta go. God hes ready. God take him please god THT ONE COWORKER THAT JUST BE FUCKING TALKING lord please take the world's suffering and put it on my coworker 20 5,798 48.4K 1.4M
gaut is doing nothing @0х... 1d ... I'm convinced the majority of dudes wake up and go to work so they can one day afford this chair in their living room 617 4,370 47K 5.5M
crazy beans @NECROMANCING.1d ... what if toasters could feel the entire range of complex human emotion? what if roombas could smoke cigarettes Lucas Crespo E @lucas_....1d What if computers were beautiful? 163 6,028 95.5K 2.6M
Stephen @StevenwiththePH.2 22h My dad just discovered close friends on IG and he added me to it. It's just videos of him in the car listening to Earth, Wind and Fire 51 1,014 13K 342K
sympathetic opposition @sym... 1d ... feels so weird to be telling a kid omg you've gotten so tall since i saw you last.....as a kid i used to be like why do grownups always say that....its bc kids get so tall than since you saw them last 61 5,691 77.4K del 1.4M
Accidental Bronson @Accident... 2d ... Ricky Hollywood @YSufferer My gambling addiction has gotten me in trouble with increasingly obscure ethnic mafias to the point where I'm getting death threats in nearly dead languages 22 1,225 19K 570K
7 @An... . 1d drewisgod6372 ... You may be old but are you 25? @Whotfismick. dd you may be old but are you this OLD ? Atrãe Never Gemeler + A HOME 2 438 9,168 210K 5M
BRB, I'm Doing Alchemist ish 1d ... I swear by journaling but this is hilarious. A @qabta123.2d journaling was the most useless thing I ever attempted. Not only am I still suffering but now there's evidence 46 10K 77.5K 3M
Murphy @_sforsierra 22h $100 for a mattress of grits is crazy @Ric... 1d ya momma hoe !! Would you buy this breakfast tray for $100 ? Omaima Khalil Dec 2, 2020 Selling breakfast $100 for this pre orders only 160 2,797 28K 1M
i like food @messedupfoods - 1d ... Women are like strawberries. Sometimes they're at the grocery store 20 459 4,822 169K
Mr. Face of the Franchise @tiny... 1d ... a a a a a a ala a alamy a p PoliticsVideoChannel 3d BREAKING: new study says 50 years of tax cuts for the rich failed to trickle down IDENT OF THE 32.5K 9 2,357 865K
Rob Palk @robpalkwriter 1d I like how you can tell from the devil's face that this has happened before @histo....1 1d History Calendar The Virgin Mary punching the Devil in the face, painting from C. 1240. IN TEL 41 679 9,883 278K
game ideas company llc @bogt... 1d ... My issue with Jeopardy is that you never get the sense that the contestants are in any real danger 66 2,321 33.7K du 1.4M


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