30 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of April 15, 2024

A.I. has nothing on ‘human forgetting’
30 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of April 15, 2024

Yet another week filled with yet another round of dizzying news. Over on Prime Video, there’s been nothing but positive reactions to its latest original series Fallout (namely: an impressive 94 percent on Rotten Tomatoes), so much so that it’s already been renewed for a second season. Quentin Tarantino, on the other hand, had a bad reaction to his own work and is going back to the drawing board for his 10th and final film after scrapping the highly anticipated but delayed The Movie Critic. And Seth MacFarlane says as long as Family Guy keeps making people happy, “there’s no good reason to stop.”

But the wildest news of the week centered around a highly questionable use of A.I. Shudder and David Dastmalchian can breathe a sigh of relief because Late Night with the Devil’s employment of generative A.I. pales in comparison to Netflix’s three-fingered handiwork. The streamer has been accused of using A.I. in its latest crime doc, What Jennifer Did, to create an image that would depict a woman accused of murder-for-hire as “bubbly, happy, confident and very genuine.” This particular use of A.I. continues to raise questions around the ethics of the technology in entertainment and beyond.

That said, there were no questions about what went down on the timeline this week — just good old fashioned humor. This week’s funniest tweets included those about a paycheck that will bring the mathematician out of anyone, the drink that pairs best with agony and the unlikely life task that will upend your entire day.

louisa @stabfreeman 15h ... this is good casting bc dominic sessa looks like someone who would be really passionate about close up magic FILM UPORTES Film Updates @FilmUp... 18h Dominic Sessa has been cast in 'NOW YOU SEE ME 3' THE VIPER ROOM 12 1,468 36.2K 1M
M isterD @MisterD78UK•1 1d You can be having the nicest day and then you have to print something and you know your day is about to fall apart real fast 19 1,760 18.1K 463K
nyah! @JINKIESBTCH 18h i've felt like this since January SEXY LEMON ICB ICE ICE Sprin prite ليمون اكتر صودا اكتر Sprite 39 5,494 38.2K 996K
Patrick Lenton @PatrickLenton•10h ... I used to wonder why adults were obsessed with having a glass of wine, but now I get it. It's due to the agonies 22 4,085 33.2K du 991K
Crocodile Cam @Cro... . 19h ... KAM I will not be answering any questions rinnie @KOSMHOE2/8/24 who is yalls craziest hear me out 207 629 3,331 259K
rosey @thechosenberg 17h ... Wanting a job is a red flag for getting a job btw III make it CNBC LAND THE JOB Ex-Google recruiter says LinkedIn 'open to work' banner 'is the biggest red flag'-some career experts disagree Published Mon, Apr 15 2024 9:15 AM EDT Gili Malinsky 238 1,896 22.8K 1M
Chaelaaa @ChaelaNaomi-2 22h ... My momma ain't raise no dummy, and if she did it's my sister 62 3,530 12.9K del 515K
@mikesnosense.14h ... im like the opposite of machine learning. human forgetting 69 21.8K 87.8K del 1.9M
Mr.Carter @dexteristwisted 22h ... Everyone hates math until their paycheck looks funny... then all of a sudden you know trigonometry 21 986 9,948 du 165K
mark normand @marknorm 23h ... Podcasts are like babies, they're too easy to create and not everyone should have one 128 946 8,361 289K
@qnorapname_.22h the phrase take a hike is so fire bc its dismissive yet constructive 13 345 2,492 74.3K
Matt Scalici @MattScalici 2d Cannot imagine anything more terrifying than having my work judged by a panel of teenage girls on a quarterly basis 4F DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm.2 2d Pixar assembled a crew of 9 teenage girls who came to the studio every 4 months & watched 'INSIDE OUT 2' to then give notes on Riley's emotions. (Source: pixarpost.com/2024/04/inside...) 128 14K 236K 4.8M
#PettyPendergrass @ashoncrawley.3d nobody: me at the gym supermarket or wherever during the day: why ain't nobody at work?! R 49 2.4K 13K 294K
Sasha the Bratz Doll @TrackCityChick-3 30 $850 for my PhD regalia. When yall see me at the club wearing it with a thong and some heels don't say shit to me 33 1.6K 23K del 612K
@MeganNyvold 2d Megan Nyvold They should make these when u sign an offer at deloitte SL $76K 66 1.9K 43K 2.7M
D.S. @enemyforlife 6d This is how I watch No Country For Old Men doogs @d00gs . 6 6d This is elite boomer shit. HOF stuff from pops. also asics 43 2.8K 33K 1.9M
austin @jesuissupreme • - 5d I will never delete this app because where else would I read these 47 words strung together to form such a magnificent story BLM // DQ @derryqueenhaha - 5d my drag number was interrupted last night by a police chase where the 6 robbers came into the bar to try and hide followed by the cops chasing them down while I was dressed as the devil and just hit play to perform The Devil Went Down To Georgia Show this thread 04-12-2021 Fri 20:49:18 Red Canera 08 0:13 1.1K 15K 488K 3
Winifred Beecher Howe @katemccabesays 4d ... My friend's Dad doesn't know who Cookie Monster is and referred to him as COLD ELMO. 124 6.8K 99K 1.9M
Scott Barber @thescottbarber 4d ... l'll take my lunch in the solarium, thank you of dua MOB WENDY'S 176 2.2K 46K 1.5M
brennan @BrennanCaldwell.4d doing cell block tango here >>>> H TGIRL @mainbitchclique . 5d This is your sign to do that mirror wall! FICCLA AND DIO 11 1.1K 17K 636K
J.A. @TheeGreatJA 4d ... My job just drug tested my coworker but they took the hair from her wig 270 4.8K 115K 4.6M
Zack Budryk @BudrykZack· 3d The Oscars to David Cronenberg ... X SHEIN SHEIN Sponsored Fashion at your fingertips... See more I HAVE A CRASH AND IT'S NOT YOU! Shop now 984 13 10K 386K
bull in a china shop @6j192.3d Doggystyling off of that last point you said... 36 36K 4.2K 1.3M
NurseBrianRN @rn_murse.2 2d ... i mean, i have a name-geez. CREAM HOLE $2.40 14 103 1K 48K
percy !! 777 @ploicky . 3d this is what presidential elections are like BEST QUEER MEDIA TOURNAMENT FINAL ROUND!!!!! TOM'S RHIN SOUTH PARK HAZBIN но EL prime JANUARY 19 New Series  Which is the best queer media of all time? South Park 50.5% Hazbin Hotel 49.5% 186 12K 80K 1.3M


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