27 of the Funniest Tweets from Friday, April 19, 2024

Your feet need to come with a trigger warning
27 of the Funniest Tweets from Friday, April 19, 2024

After being ousted from the Scream series after its sixth film, Melissa Barrera has her eyes set on the sixth installment of another popular franchise that would provide her with the opportunity to do the funniest thing imaginable. After hearing that a new Scary Movie sequel is in development, the Abigail actress told Inverse that she was a huge fan of the series and thinks it would be “so fun” to be a part of it. Of course, the irony to such a possible casting comes from the fact the original film largely parodied the very franchise that cut ties with her last year. 

Meanwhile, The Fall Guy is making a pit stop at Universal Studios Hollywood for a limited engagement ahead of its theatrical debut. The action-comedy starring Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt has inspired a theme-park attraction, the immersive “Fall Guy Stuntacular Pre-Show,” with an entirely original storyline that will provide insight into how the stunts were choreographed for the new film. The movie is scheduled to hit theaters on May 3rd, and the Stuntacular Pre-Show is planned to run through the third week of May.

Unfortunately, there are no stunts on the timeline today, but there are lots of laughs thanks to the trusty posters getting their usual riffs off. Today’s funniest tweets include those about a Bluey storyline that just won’t fly, right-wing socks and the gutter system that could make for a great payday.

Forklift Wilson @seasaltballs82. 1d ... 9:30 in the morning. Air port Buffalo Wild Wings. We are not the same. Become ungovernable. Tito's VODKA MAKE 282 1.6K 29K 3.5M
Jack M @starblade125 . 1 23h The Washington Football Team walked so the Utah Hockey Team could run New NHL team will be called 'Utah Something' Finding right name, logos, colors will take time, new owner says NHL ® 82 509 7.8K 348K
fallenchungus @fallenchungus . 1d thanks MOLLY6255119623 INSANE PUSSY IN BIO you always know what to say 59 2.6K 42K 540K
matt @computer_gay.20h НЕ FUCKING BUGS BUNNIED ME coming over tn? 06:16 06:18 06:19 Delivered 06:19 great! see you soon! 06:21 72 1.8K 63K 2.8M
big-goonks @Stefanaj1234 - 1d After lunch, the rest of the work day just unnecessary 52 11K 52K 1.5M
Split72 @Split_72.1 1d ... bro what my phone tryna connect to Available devices The Device 70 1.1K 17K del 232K
Fast Times @KarateSkool 22h Please know if we out and I have this look on my face, I'm thinking of an excuse to go home. just ain't got the lie together yet 66 6.7K 30K 1M
Billy @_billyreid - 12h So it begins - Aaliyah Tortured poets department is so good emily Love the Tortured poets department Chloe The Tortured Poets Department, what... Ellie The Tortured Poets Department, what... Francesca The Tortured Poets Department, what... 302 3.1K 70K 5.2M
sierra @teafemme . 18h ... dan @saphkins i need to **** ****** 3:57 PM 4/18/24 From Earth. 171 Views 2 Likes sierra @teafemme.4h lick vagina? 1 3 41 dan @saphkins.4h KILL MYSELF 1 6 51 120 9.6K 60K 928K
quibs rautha @quibvs 20h me shaking my head while reading dune in public so everyone knows i don't agree with paul atreides and his jihad 20 1.1K 19K 507K
evan loves worf @esjesjesj 14h Jesus fucking Christ he's such an idiot Elon Musk X @elonmusk.1h Any accounts doing engagement farming will be suspended and traced to source 9.7K 46K 9.7K del 4.6M Historic Vids @historyinmemes-3 3h Back when cartoons had no logic 0:53 167 449 3.7K del 297K Elon Musk X @elonmusk. 1h 129 40 557 43K 279 9K 1.8M 143K
paula @paularambles 12h ... thinking about this woman who recorded this as a workout on strava February 21, 2024 at 8:26 PM giving birth Time Cal Avg HR 5h 37m 81 bpm 914 Cal This activity is Marina's longest workout on Strava! 2 gave kudos 193 5.9K 91K 2.7M
Tommy Stella - MUSTN'T TELL OUT NOW @to... . 2 20h ... 75% of modern entertainment journalism is asking an actor if they'd go back to a role and them saying yeah Spider-Man News @SpiderMan_Newz-2 2d Dane DeHaan would like to return as the Green Goblin in the MCU: I mean, never say never, but honestly, haven't spoken to anyone that has to do with the producer side of Spider-Man in like, 10 years. (Via: @screenrant) 45 1.2K 23K 684K
©ol @Bigshirtlesscol . 1d ... 9 pints in and at the urinal. REUTERS 25 369 8.5K 344K
cats being weird little guys @weirdlilguys.9h texting this to my useless cat Dr Fi Bowler @FionaBowler . 5d Just popping a load of washing on for us ZARKO Non Rio George formila skin ning 20 2.6K 36K 1.3M
Jewlie @jelly_ehles 1d ... Rent should be lowered the longer you live somewhere not up. I should be rewarded for my years of paying you on time every month 114 1.5K 15K 330K
adrian @crawf34 . 22h ... Quit @ZondyGuy.2d Make your house stand out with copper gutters! 1.4K 24K 57 1.5M
Dikembe Hunt @DikeHunt - 17h ... The left hates this R R 324 16 9.7K 478K
@jordayiaism 13h travis: babes dont threaten me(ghan) with a goo... 14h ive heard more words in the last hour than i have in my entire life 22 2.7K 42K 1.2M
Big Tucson Dad @BigTucsonDad.5h Wanna see the saddest text message in the world to get at 9:20 am Your verification code for Arbys is 325735. The sender is not in your contact list. Report Junk 78 1K 34K 1.6M
Chris Thorburn @CBThorburn 23h Got fired from the Bluey writers room cause I kept pitching the dad having an affair 9 624 12K 306K
Columned (Kwisatz Haderach) @Columned_ 18h ... So THATS why Tarantino scrapped The Movie Critic! WOOD THE The Hollywood Handle @HollywoodHa....1 18h 'AVENGERS: THE KANG DYNASTY' is reportedly set to be directed by someone who never directed a Marvel film before. The film is expected to start shooting early next year. (Via: youtube.com/live/rVhveqMSN...) AVENGERS MARVEL STUDIOS THE KANG DYNASTY 28 439K 362 11K
Lego Triller Moth @legotrillermoth 1d picture on the front of the pamphlets at a private art college for hobbits DF DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm 2d First look at Kristen Stewart, Michael Cera, Michael Angarano and Maya Erskine in a road-trip comedy 'SACRAMENTO' 5 40 910 30K
rob harvilla @harvilla 1d ... i just replied to a DM from a month ago and the dude sent back the Simpsons gif of Ringo Starr answering Marge's fan mail 30 years later LMFAO AIR 117 1.5K 44K du 1.1M
Adam @G0ADM 2d Imagine the insurance underwriter that sold flood insurance to a city in the middle of the desert thinking it was the easiest money in the world seeing this in his inbox this morning prephero 164 6.2K 86K 2.5M
nick @lovechazelle . 1d she looks like she must go punch that baby WikiVictorian @wikivictorian - 1d Portrait of an unidentified woman. Photographed in 1890. was 894 7 18K 764K
bigsock @biggersocks- 1d ... he said no pickles 344 106K 11 3.4K


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