24 of the Funniest Tweets from Friday, April 12, 2024

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24 of the Funniest Tweets from Friday, April 12, 2024

In the last decade, horror films have drawn record-breaking crowds and served as viral memes, so it was only a matter of time before the Scary Movie was rebooted — something that is now officially in the offing. While the original franchise lampooned iconic series like Scream and The Ring, modern audiences can all but assume they’ll get parodies of recent horror icons like M3GAN and Freddy Fazbear. No word yet, though, on whether Anna Faris and Regina Hall will reprise their roles as iconic duo Cindy Campbell and Brenda Meeks.

As one franchise from the early-aughts is reborn, Kirsten Dunst is of the opinion that the one she was involved with should remain in the past. After revealing that she was never asked to make an appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home’s franchise-meshing multiverse, the Civil War actress, who played MJ in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, responded rather frankly about a potential return to the character. Although Dunst has said she would gladly accept a payday from a comic-book movie, she told IndieWire that a return to the Spiderverse would “really depend on the script” and that we should “leave things when they were good.”  

Things are definitely good on the timeline today — really good, in fact. Today’s funniest tweets include those about the popcorn-bucket maker regretting his decision, a full-on Freudian faceplant and the telltale sign that you’re of drinking age.

em @cbcradio2.23h For a relationship to be successful you have to like going on your phones the exact same amount 13 974 19.5K del 699K
Tailtiu @tailtiu0.5 5h every time you start a job and you meet The Gay and you have to figure out whether they are SISTER or ENEMY 5 323 3,222 61.5K
zach silberberg @zachsilberberg- 1d ... at a cafe and knocked on the bathroom door and instead of saying occupied the person inside said who is it? ??? 90 1,439 36.3K 864K
Closing Ceremony @jamesdotc....1 1d ... TEAT Soldiers in 1861 Civil War tn? Matt Dan and I were gonna go 6 704 18.5K 595K
Isabel Steckel @IsabelSteckel . 1 1d ... should i airdrop this to the pilot on my flight 11:41 Notes April 11, 2024 at 11:41AM can we land soon i'm bored 64 4,730 120K 2.2M
April Tweets @AprilTweethound.4h This steno notebook in honor of the fallen homie Gregg. Gonna miss you man SKILCRAFT EXECUTIVE STENO NOTEBO 6 X 9 60 Sheets Gregg Ruled 6 42 409 14K
Joey @gothamhiphop 3h Going from Future & Metro album to Tinashe single Rap Alert @rapalert6 . 15h Tinashe drops her new single Nasty. @Tinashe 0:35 8 31 211 15K
laura @gleeklqura 7h what the hell is The Cure, girl if you don't put on glee cast some 10 4 875 4.7K 102K
Khadijah А. Robinson @dijadontneedya 5h ... I got IDd last night, but as I was rummaging around in my purse for my ID, the dude saw my checkbook and said nevermind FIRST OF ALL 155 2.1K 32K 781K
Jonathan @jonathanmb32.20h The Dune popcorn bucket designer: @THR.20h THR The Hollywood Reporter At #CinemaCon, Marvel President Kevin Feige describes a new #Deadpool popcorn bucket that MARVEL STUDIOS could rival the #Dune bucket 0:24 2 2.1K 80K 141
Alex @alexxmalloy. 4h ... You're 22. What do you know about life? The Independent @Independent - 6 6h I'm Gen Z watching Sex and the City for the first time. It's not just outdated, it's cringey independent.co.uk/life-style/sex... 42 32K 1.2M 4.3K
james W @OmgMoreJames.3h We are the future, Charles, not them Matthew Gaydos @MatthewGaydos . 3h But what if @seanseaevans & @ConanOBrien swapped hair? America 14 973 15K 404K
alice (rebirth spoilers) @AerithsSeat 3h Everyday Freud looks up from hell and feels us getting closer to him jeremy @jeremylovesyall . 5h if i was marty mcfly i would've just been like fuck it i don't care anymore GIF 10 513 7.5K 141K
doomer @uncledoomer. 21h i love your sandwich babe the big ones scare me Bailey Shenk @Shenk36. 1d .@SUBWAY do I need to call my attorney?? 5 18932 1 K 33 2K 34K 1.7M
Jenn @JuniperFolly 1d ... If a catholic priest spent $2,000 on an outfit it would be dripped in gold. Protestants have no taste Jon Elder | Amazon Gro... 2d If your pastor wears a $2,000 sweater to preach on Sundays, find a different church. NeimanMatcus SHOPPED Swanch SEA Designers Shows License Handbags - Beauty - GIVENCHY Men's Oversized Holey Sweater $1,950 Color FLAMINGO SUS I DELIVERY FOR ROC# an ADD 10 BAG 4 6,872 82.5K del 2.4M
kc @powcampsurvivor- 18h laughingcolours.com ZACGHING Teacher : Colours Can you tell the name of 2 great Kings who have brought happiness and peace into people's lives? Student : Smo-King and Drin-King Teacher Resigned ! 21 752 8,853 210K
la bella vita @drugproblem.2 22h He's next Rae Sanni @raesanni. 6h ... OMG is Johnny Depp white people's OJ?! 212 859 11.2K Dr. Tommy Oliver @GoGreenRang... 3 3h ... No. Johnny Depp is innocent. BANCERS 12 1 173 Alison Panza ... @alisonpanza So yes then lol 5:01 PM 5/25/22 Twitter for iPhone 2 Retweets 422 Likes 18 1,762 31.8K 342K
RAISE APPLEBEE'S HELL NMOO a NUNS PRAISE DALE. Kristi Yamaguccimane @TheW... 6h ... PEOPLE DON'T WANT NICE... PEOPLE WANT CONSISTENCY 1 DAViS Comments lard_guy99 5w Garfield is very similar to the Joker in some ways. I can sometimes see a twisted truth in his wisecracks... and it scares me. 13 468 3,267 84K
h @ipodmacbook. dd roxy demento Follow @falseroxy one time i was talking to an italian (from italy) guy online and he kept saying i should visit and i was like, 'don't italians hate fat people?' and he was like, 'no, you would be exotic to our perverts' 9:23 PM 7/5/23 From Earth 1.4M Views AZK Do ecto 106 P pea @postingtime 1d does anyone have any useful sentences that will change my life immediately upon being read? 46 4,163 53.1K 2.1M
It Meat As Well Be Spring 1d ... Never ever deleting this app 472 LJ 1.7K 2.1K IN 365K uncle gworl @_uncle_gworl what's tea mama 8:49 AM 4/11/24 From Earth 12K Views 1 Repost 70 Likes Love is FALSE @adkinsminaj· .26m .. Oj Simpson died 1 504 uncle gworl @_uncle_gwort.25m explain in popcrave terms? 1 3 429 MOT @Harumi31415-17m OJ Simpson stuns in new casket selfie 1 1 24 260 35 8,367 100K 2.1M
Andrea More @amore_orless 17h ... We really don't pay teachers enough Today we had an Anne Frank impersonator visit our school You could ask her questions And she'd tell you about what's going on in her life It was unusual So far this year we've had two recovering drug addicts speak at assemblies. And now Anne frank 3 20 1,032 35.9K
Jenny Nicholson @JennyENic... 20h ... I just found out disney world has a Groot- themed root beer float and they call it the I Am Float Root Beer which makes me so so so angry 125 1,161 40.5K 1.7M
Victoria @cozyvictoria 1d ... Ohh that's not Joe: now And you like psychology! Lately I've been on a big H philosophy kick, I can't stop watching Jordan Peterson videos lol 223 841 30.2K 1.1M
Fink Von Bro Dude @ericjfink 20h ... I finally did it.. she told me something was in the fridge and when she got up to look it actually wasn't in the fridge LLS BULLS 1957 BY 3991 KORLD CHAMPIONS UVG 19 35 831 41.9K


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