39 of the Funniest Tweets from Thursday, April 11, 2024

That’s the only reasonable way to handle it
39 of the Funniest Tweets from Thursday, April 11, 2024

One Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is trading in soda and pizza for bloodlust and vengeance. After the critical success of Mutant Mayhem, Paramount Pictures is developing another TMNT property that will bring the crime-fighting turtles and their rat sensei into the gritty, R-rated underbelly. To be more specific about it, Chucky and Boy Kills World scribe Tyler Burton Smith is set to adapt 2020’s hugely popular graphic novel Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin for the big screen. In terms of that aforementioned bloodlust and vengeance, the film will follow a single surviving Turtle exacting his revenge after his three brothers and master Splinter are knocked off by descendants of Shredder.

Meanwhile, another beloved series is taking a similar trek, but in reverse. Jim O’Heir, who played Jerry on NBC’s Park and Recreationis sharing the highs and lows of the sitcom with a new book called Welcome to Pawnee: Stories of Friendship, Waffles and Parks and Recreation. It will feature never-before-told stories, an exploration of the show’s lasting impact as it approaches its 15th anniversary and O’Heir’s personal experience on the series. The nostalgia-packed remembrance will also feature contributions from O’Heir’s Parks co-stars, including Chris Pratt, Rob Lowe and Retta.

Over on the timeline, they’re sticking to the one thing they know best: being funny as hell. Today’s most hilarious tweets include those about someone who should find a new tax advisor, Tony Soprano’s favorite section in the library and one person’s childhood fear of Showgirls.

JoJo @JosiahCSGO 11h ... Who the fuck decided to name a womens tournament The Milk Cup Raidiant @RaidiantGG·22h Today, Raidiant is bringing what we do best to Fortnite. The Milk Cup Introducing, , the largest Women's Fortnite event EVER with a $250,000 prize pool, proudly produced by women, for women. Who's in?! Cá 0028PEACHCOBBLER 162 1,924 41.9K del 1.7M
max nation supreme leader 23h ... mhm mhm she still has not forgotten her big hat POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave. 1d Zendaya defends her infamous 2014 Teen Vogue party look: I still see memes about this look with my hat. I stick by it. We thought it was chic at the time, and I think it's still chic. I'd wear it again. E EMPORION teemoGUE EMPO ANI TEEMOGUE envoGUE E T PORIOVARMANI te VARMANI EMPORIONAL OGUE EMPORIONAR EMPOR eemoGUE EMPORIO UE teemoGUE N teenvoGUE tee PORIOVARMAN te NARMANI 14 379 6,309 250K
piedpincher @piedpincher 1d ... These spam numbers will never stress me out 50 +1 (205) 476-3499 > Siri Found a Contact Evelyn Add X +1 (205) 476-3499 Text Message Today 6:43 PM Hi, Lina, it's Evelyn. We met at the party last week and exchanged numbers. Do you remember me? Oh yah at the fat dumb idiot party, you won the Stupidest dumb bitch of the night award! + Text Message 27 533 15.5K 480K
niles @NILES100 18h ... the funniest way to watch Anaconda is to pretend Ice Cube is playing Craig from Friday again and he finally got a job but it's working as a cameraman for a documentary ANACONDA 268 5,610 32.1K del 2.6M
Eric @EricWilzon 20h ... Starts at 9PM and a 4th band gets added PC to the bill. 4F DiscussingFilm @Discus... 1d M. Night Shyamalan says his next film 'TRAP' is a horror movie set in a concert where something terrible occurs. Starring Saleka Shyamalan and Josh Hartnett. 24 350 4,565 234K
alex @alex_abads.23h when these machines were being introduced, i told one of my stupidest friends that they were voice activated and in doing so, created a memory that will i will cherish until the day i die Spencer Horton @Spencer... 4d When I become president, my solemn promise to all Americans is to ban Coke Freestyle machines once and for all. Coca-Cola tropical PAGE Pete PANGE Net PAGE
spochadóir @spochadoir • 7h just watched a movie where the guy has Alzheimer's and it was randomly jumping and repeating scenes and I was like, well duh, cause he has Alzheimer's. it's just an artistic thing by the director. It was not. The chrome cast is just broken and I sat through almost two hours of it I AM VERY ANGRY DG 21 511 15.8K 303K
Forever G I Forever Jellz 22h ... ... Pepperoni and sausage pizza with 6 garlic knots and cheesy bread sticks 106 1,226 16.6K 664K
Blake TM @NeilNevins.1 12h 1973 Paul McCartney: this is a song about a wee frog 1974 John Lennon: yeah well this is my song called Fuck Off Frog 3 81 673 14.7K
rob @OkButStill.1 11h (5 minutes into survival situation) we should turn on each other 7 298 2,452 del 63.5K
saliva @salivasisters• . 23h she Touch my thingy i go Eek!!! 42 7,571 40.9K del 1M
ava @wownicebuttdude. 1d ... Interesting how life is bleak and meaningless without a crush but having one feels like being chased through the woods by a clown with a gun 45 7,351 45.3K del 1.6M
homunculus @lithe_guy 1d Gf just asked why my towel was addicted to being on the floor 20 498 20.8K del 603K
isaiah @tlop444 14h this look like the rivalry in a disney channel original movie Tervis Scoot @tervissc... .16h This the biggest rap beef of the decade? 18 BW H 80 8,653 107K 3.6M
Stefan Mohamed @stefmowo... 23h ... everything is horrendous and bleak and upsetting, but at least I don't have to worry about the frogs. now to take a big sip of coffee and check Sky News sky news Sky News @SkyNews 1d Frogs are screaming - we just can't hear them Read more trib.al/UWEsQMr 395 6,223 239K
COPEA FIGHT andie @AndieIsOnline 23h showgirls used to scare me bc I thought she was a big worm MOM MOVIETIME un Now LEAVE VOCE INHIBITIONS Al THE 300ML PALL SHOW GIRLS THE SHOW 29 ADOUT TO BEN GTESRE Michael Varrati @MichaelV... 1d If you grew up during the 80s or 90s and didn't have at least one video box cover that scared the bejeezus out of you every time you passed it... You can reply to this conversation 58 86.1K 2.6M 5,017
DeviantPigg @DefectivePigg 1d ... DID YOU KNOW? Rub a bit of olive oil and Epsom salt on the painful spots on your body and it will immediately feel greasier and saltier. 13 985 21.5K del 344K
@carbdiem 7h sarisha If you feel like your life is bad just remember you're not on Linkedln making posts that start with I'm Deloitted to announce... 3,156 9 203 130K
Joolia Ghoulia @Jooliasez 22h Hey, I found the Italian section GAB - GOL Organized by author's last name FICTION 13 2,916 40.3K 1.1M
celine dionysus @celinedionys... 1d ... this is so scary. remember, this is a PAINTING. so the dog and the lobster had to pose like this for HOURS CURROGATIES The Museum of Curiosities 1d We're all feeling the pinch. 77 6,654 118K 2.9M
ТӨЯ CHIA @kingtorc. 19h ... Just burned 1600 calories trying to avoid someone I knew at Walmart. 37 2,229 29.3K del 818K
Dopey The Dumbfuck @pete_i... . 17h ... insurance agent: I'm afraid we can't insure you, you have a mournful aura that invites tragedy me: this is hard to hear 1 229 2,259 48.9K
PICCOLOS HUSBAND @Meat... 15h ... hello Audacity OneDrive ... x mmfph... im so full... x See benefits Upgrade Firetow Microsoft 3:34 PM ^ 4/10/2024 14 2,522 19.8K 252K
chaotic memes @memecha... . 17h ... Anthony Cuffan Follow 3d $30 for a burger, im stealing the sign FIVE GUYS 38 2,272 46.5K 1.2M
snoopy posters @snoomfies 16h ... Me when the gossip is crazy 6 344 2,378 53.8K
owen @owenvpatnaude 21h paul giamatti i have the role of a lifetime FILM PORTES Film Updates @FilmUp... 21h Margot Robbie to produce a 'MONOPOLY' movie for Lionsgate. Kash Dealing Property trading Game MONOPOLY 12 628 16.5K 569K
darzipan @fuckyeats 15h ... Cannot BELIEVE this didn't warrant a response smh (not to grindr post on main but like cmon like) Danny Bi PLAY NOW! Today The pipes, the pipes are calling Delivered 23:29 8 39 1,476 42.8K
bailey moon @Baileymoon15.16h ... his twitter would be undefeated THE W 45 613 10.6K 778K
Jesse Hawken @jessehawken 16h ... I do like the long game being played here, give the incels 4 years to reconstruct their entire personality around this version of the Joker and then say and he's bisexual jeremy @jeremylovesyall. 1d 'JOKER 2' director Todd Phillips confirms the Joker is bisexual #CinemaCon He's bisexual and stuff 67 2,074 29.7K 1.1M
KT @maurieeeeee__1 17h ... It's illegal to laugh out loud in Hawaii you have to keep it to a low ha 405 2,567 23.1K 930K
ANA Chester McBadBitch TM @yee... 13h ... That's food service chefkids @girlflopping.2 22h she was 50 bullying a 26 year old x.com/lionesspike/st... 4 154 863 del 21.8K
i can be your long lost pal @P... .10h ... what do you think twitter is popculture @notgwend... 14h she was 26 beefing with 11 year olds TAC 36 6,829 67.7K 1.5M
-,`mewtru'.- @trunarla 22h Bro my tax guy just sent me this... how cooked am I? Today 9:40 PM Hey, whats a 1099? You have a lot of them Is it different from a W2? + What 158 1,069 32.3K del 2.1M
Gatti @samirgmmm 20h looking for a job $3,500 an hour, monday-wednesday, 10:00 AM- 12:00 PM 88 9,028 49.8K 2M
rare insults @insultsrare 10h ... @L he Yesterday I asked my 12-year-old son what other kids at school think about him having 2 dads. His response: They don't care but they don't like how I'm immune to Yo Mama jokes. Yo mama so ugly yo dad had to get a husband 155 3,778 75K 1.5M
Steve Sladkowski @sladkow.21h ... Got absolutely cooked by a toddler in my NO FUN building who remarked-a after I told his parents I was off to rehearsal -THAT'S NOT INTERESTING 6 22 1,119 35.1K
Projectnba_ @Projectnba1 15h ... Nah that's wild C 6 LAND ATO ESI C ??? ?????? ?? PTS ?/? FGS ?/? 3-PT 160 2,191 31.7K 1.4M
L @Ann_Hedonia1.1 15h So many times throughout the day I feel like that Ben Affleck smoking meme. 21 2,466 12.2K 295K
BiG BãLLoon aquen... 17h ... Difficult to explain to anyone under 30 that there was a time when you could go for days, even months, without hearing a thing about Batman's arch-nemesis The Joker. 10 171 2,079 57.6K


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