31 of the Funniest Tweets from Tuesday, April 9, 2024

It’s absolutely repulsive
31 of the Funniest Tweets from Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Between Idris Elba’s upcoming Knuckles spin-off and Sonic the Hedgehog 3 due out later this year, things in the Green Hill are starting to take an Avengers-like shape. Along those lines, Knuckles creator Tony Ascher told Paste that he sees the Sonic franchise taking on “Avengers-level events” with “big exciting stories” and “a lot of different characters.” Of course, he’s referring to fan favorites like Big the Cat and Rouge the Bat who are slowly making the leap from the game’s library to the Sonic Cinematic Universe. And so, it’s just a matter of time before Chaos becomes the Thanos of the SCU. 

Wondering what the Endgame of romcoms might be? Don’t worry, Renée Zellweger has got you covered. The actress is returning for a fourth installment of the Bridget Jones series, which became a benchmark for the genre when the first film was released in 2001. While the other two entries weren’t nearly as electric as Bridget Jones’s Diary, that hasn’t stopped Universal Pictures from getting the gang back together for Mad About the Boy. The new BJDCU film will find Zellweger joined by co-stars Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson, alongside franchise newcomers Chiwetel Ejiofor and Leo Woodall. 

Meanwhile, the timeline always has Avengers-level events as the funniest posters come together to make us laugh. Today’s most hilarious tweets include those about a $20 bill’s shrinkage, the real meaning behind “gross pay” and the perfect shoe for the woman manning the grill this summer.

potato bun @erewhonsmoothie 22h ... Guy who just learned what a sequel is Ikaris, bene gesserit brother 1d There are so MANY parallels between dune 1 and dune 2 it's incredible, whole movie had me like GIF ALT 66 2,636 74.2K 1.7M
rare insults @insultsrare.2h 47 2 Comments 1 Share Like Comment Share If these two had a child their eyes would be perfectly spaced 150 724 22.1K 402K
madimoiselle @drivingmem... 15h ... connecting my necklace clasp when im already in a rush on the verge of tears - ToxicDropzzz TM Battleha... 2d What's harder than this? CC INDVAT ROGI DEL @matthiasmckinnon 21 4,340 50.7K 1.4M
down bad comments @do... . 19h ... bro Replied to your story can i take u out i have a bf sorry he can go too he just gotta pay for himself Tap and hold to react LMFAOO 148 1,994 39K 1M
V3 @Derekalexander_ . 23h : It's called gross pay cause it's disgusting to see what you could've made 72 21K 120K del 2.9M
Designer @tylermorganstu.2 22h ... TMS for the women who grilling this summer andriana a) @BOTTEGAH... 22h would you wear these? LOEWE CQ LOEWE 39 1,077 6,074 422K
brecht apologist @madisonta... 19h ... tell me why I i just . asked a table if they had any food allergies or dietary restrictions and this lady said yes but that's not your business. like sorry ma'am for trying to NOT poison you 19 47 1,575 42.8K
vague skies @galacticdad 15h Me before learning what an actor does Classically Abby @clas... 15h Oh look, Anya Taylor Joy is starring in another movie. Shocking. x.com/ wbpictures/sta... 20 443 16.6K 471K
kenny @idonotlikegays.1 1d this cow is literally kamala harris kam @gravyring 1d them: this is not a laughing matter me: Baiss de pri - outes nos crèmes glacé fabriquées en Fra Toutes nos crèmes glacées sont fabriquées en France OMO Häagen-Dazs 60 60 3000 - ALLO - Häagen-Dazs Haager - Haagen-Dazs NACADAWIA يات 55 4,612 92.8K 3.2M
Feisty Miss T @TayTfromTN-16h no he does does he bite much worse. caillou lookin ass 2,198 11.6K 386K
GL @gldivittorio.16h ... If that earthquake had waited three days we would have a whole new major religion by now 9 1,775 38.6K del 656K
Ben Rosen @ben_rosen 19h ... first baby: i don't think we're going to do screens for the first two years second baby: well her older brother is watching tv so she can watch some too third baby: ok bud this is called tubi, i'll see you this afternoon 9 77 1,600 93.5K
SCAM GODDESS @DivaLaci.1 18h The $20 bill is starting to give $5 bill energy and I don't like that. 101 6,815 68.4K 1.4M
down bad comments @dow... .21h ... Today 9:52 AM You still out cheating Today 11:42 AM Yeah wassup you need me? Delivered iMessage Cash 134 2,409 22.6K 733K
bichael @bichaelangelo. 1d smoked lamb shank over mushroom lemon risotto w/asparagus featuring my moms jablecloths 230 5,310 88.7K 2.3M
@doxie_gay.2h disappointment3265 Follow tl nooo tbe cigarete got gender dyspjoria ))))))): 86 632 the 10K 2
Dios Mio @Farda_Alphonso 19h Just circling back on...  you know l'll blow up this whole office rn? JB @mr_jbanks . 1d Going through heartbreak whilst working at a 9-5 sounds like hell 17 2K 12K 698K
sk @kirkxxs . 4h your unemployed friend on a tuesday is kinda the backbone of society if you think about it. 3 303 1.7K 42K
Ed @eddo75 . 1 12h ... Lost my Thesaurus. Gutted. Really gutted. Like absolutely gutted. 64 5K 90K 2M
low yield lucy @picotop 21h I am never dating a tech guy again. this mf just sent me a calendar invite for sex. Backshots? Monday, April 8 10:00 - 11:00pm Join with Google Meet meet.google.com/mgf-ztef-amb 2 guests 1 yes, 1 awaiting 738 6.4K 77K 7.7M
noel @noelpills 23h YOU WON! Cash $1 Request i literally only have $3 Cash $3 Request 4 105 1.3K 19K
Lolo @LolOverruled 6h Me when I need 50 million dollars Culture Crave @CultureCrave 1d Robert Downey Jr says he would 'happily' return to the MCU as Iron Man It's too integral a part of my DNA. That role chose me. And look, I always say, Never, ever bet against Kevin Feige. It is a losing bet. He's the house. Не will always win (via @esquire) 108 6 4.6K 112K
@Notdojaaa 19h I thought this was a funnel cake. This is DIABOLICAL. Antania @immlyla. 1d this how the sugar should look on yo 100 spaghetti 191 6,852 69.5K 2.1M
ЕЕ » « @EEvisu 21h Put this next to the Mona Lisa E S NOH WA F F L WAFFLE HOUSE NOW TAKING APPLICATIONS 372 28.8K 281K 4.6M
day @wavesneverseen 11h According to reliable insiders JOKER 2: Folie à Deux will focus on Joker's addiction to Nurtec ODT migraine pills Nurtec OOT oralytify ! adidas tablets 1 GOTHAM POLICE 7 257 4,147 123K
jake @luvforsaIe. 1 1d MADONNA FOR PRESIDEN 8 years ago I met gaga and joe biden and secret service took my gaga magazine and returned it signed by joe ... V MAGAZINE LIMITED - EDITION f - - am I Bria 99 SPRING GAGA'S PREVIEW 2016 FASHION GUARD LABY GAGA NEXT 26496 CHARVICE TILER 27 STYLE ANNA TREVELLAN 485 OF DEN AND LADY GAGA AS 12.7K 10,450 - en Same permited proble 299K
CHICAGO GEESE HOWARD @Yamscasino. 17h ... Start learning the piano brother Still Knigga. @Less_Humb... 23h This is what I see bc I don't have no glasses lol 153 7,924 104K 3.8M
Dr Adam Rutherford @Adam... 10h ... Dude is gonna die like the rest of us, but will have had a miserable time getting there. Mail Online Daily Mail Online 3/19/24 Millionaire biohacker Bryan Johnson (who already has a cult-like following) plans to start his own NATION for anti-agers... where pizza, donuts and alcohol will be illegal trib.al/Zt08oCG 124 619 22.5K 642K
C Roy Wood Jr- Ex Jedi @royw....2 2h ... BE 5 Black Enterprise @black....2h NYPD Debuts 'Windshield Boots' For Parking Scofflaws blackenterprise.com/n... 31 269 2,440 128K
halo of @pIain_tofu - 15h amazing sign in portland VAPE SHOP DON'T KILL YOURSELF START VAPE IANO one express SHO Sahle - - 32 1,204 18.1K 553K
Ciara Knight @Ciara_Knight 20h ... Always the most clapped shit on Facebook Marketplace and unfortunately I need it 38 1,601 30.3K 699K


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