32 of the Coolest Things People Got for Free

‘Year supply of Buffalo Wild Wings sauces’
32 of the Coolest Things People Got for Free

It’s hard to look down on any free item that’s been bestowed upon you. However, every now and then, a true treasure will fall in your lap — just look at the guy who somehow snagged a PA system like the ones they have in grocery stores. He’s got it set up in his home, where he can use it to enhance any of his announcements, noting that “the music fades out automatically” when he “uses the mic to call his wife.” Surely she’s pleased. 

Other Redditors have marveled at the various items they’ve scored for free, and the breathalyzer one guy got from the police department was a fun addition to parties

alrightwtf . 5 5y Year supply of Buffalo wild wings sauces ... 4
 9y On a flight to Beirut I asked to borrow this guy's pen to fill out my entry form. Не left before I finished and just told me to keep the pen... It ended up being a $1,200 pen from Rolex. ... 3.5k
soda_cookie . 5y Football signed by the entire 1984 SF 49ers Superbowl team ... 4
DrSuviel . 9y I was given a 72-gallon freshwater aquarium with stand, pumps, filters, heaters, and lights. That was pretty cool. ... 2.1k
AwayWithFaries . . 9y A PlayStation one backs in the 90s. I still have it and it still works! ... 487
spookyandjasper . ! 9y I won a trip to Disney World. Not having children to take, I took my grandma. She was so excited to meet Mickey. I also made her go on Space Mountain with me. Best memories ever. ... 1.5k
gfuzz23 . 9y I happened to be next to a guy about to trash a $600 mountain bike just because the chain was fucked up. Took less than an hour to replace ... 2.5k
Michael_Scotts_Tots . 9y A free, 7-day trip to South Korea. Had never left the country before hand, so that was something. ... 886
BowlerNona. 9y My entire fifth grade class got to go to Space Camp for free courtesy of an anonymous donation. Whoever you are, I thank you for instilling a love for the cosmos in me. ... 706
madogvelkor . 9y A friend's office was throwing out a $400 laser printer because the manager said it was busted. I took it since I thought it would be nice to see if I could fix it. Turns out he just didn't read the part of the instructions where you have to pull out the little strip when installing toner... ... 968
torquemycork . 1y A $120 longboard because a college friend already was a nurse and lived from home rent free, so she was rolling in the dough. She bought it for herself and never used it, and I mentioned how pretty it was so she let me have it. We're not friends at all anymore, though. ... 2
Coffeypot0904 . 9y A bunch of furniture from the set of 24. I worked on a short film when their final season was wrapping up (before it came back recently) along with the production designer of the show. Не brought a bunch of their set props to use on the short. At the end of the week, he told me that because 24 was wrapped, all the stuff would just go back to a warehouse to be sold off, given away, or taken by the crew of the show and told me to just have at anything I needed, since I
nedclub . 8y Yesterday I got a potato in the mail that said, Hey Ned. FUCK YOU. It was free and unexpected. Totally made my day. ... 4.3k
HE BOOM STOREE captainmagictrousers . 9y When my wife and I got engaged, a coworker gave us our hotel suite in Vegas as a wedding present. We got room service for breakfast every morning, so for a week, I got to eat waffles in a hot tub. Pretty awesome. ... 3.4k
bstix . 9y An announcement system like the ones they have in supermarkets. The music fades out automatically when I use the mic to call my wife . ... 1.1k
Salons01 . 9y A few years ago my best friend and I went to Lollapalooza for the first time. Not ten minutes after walking through the gate on the first day, we stopped by the State Farm tent. They had a huge wheel you could spin in order to win prizes. The prizes included sunglasses, water bottles, lanyards blah blah blah... And a tiny sliver of it was VIP Passes. See where this is going? My best friend spun and won two flipping VIP passes- free food, free drinks, a private golf cart that drives you around the park, MASSAGES.
A Peelboy . . 2y Either a pallet of cinder blocks or a 1950s double wide chase lounge that has electric rotation and vibrates. ... 1
ScrutchD . 8y A free round of golf for 4 at a nice course from ESPN radio. I gave it to my father for father's day. I was not invited. ... 2.8k
Phillyfan10 . 9y In college I got a free breathalyzer from the police department for going to a drinking seminar, in the hopes that it would be used to deter people from driving or going out if they are too far gone. Ultimate backfire for them, we used it to see how high we could get the number before we passed out. God I miss college. ... 2.1k
sallystitch. 8y As a high school journalist I did a lot of feature pieces of local businesses. I went to this sauce company once to interview them, and I got a ton of free sauces. BBQs, Pasta sauce AND pasta, balsamic vinegar, etc. ... 447
Roketderp 8y When I was 17, a friend from school gave me a totaled VW Jetta. They had hit a parked car on black ice and the cost of professional bodywork was more than the value of the car itself. After it sat in their parents garage for a year, her father became tired of it taking up space and threatened to scrap it. Desperate to see the car live on, she offered it to me on the condition that I would fix it up and keep it. And that's how I got my first car I learned so much
capitalhforhero 9y Not me but my brother. When we were in high school, Microsoft and Mountain Dew ran an Every 10 Minutes promotion that someone would win an Xbox 360 every 10 minutes using codes under the caps and selecting which 10 minute timeslot you wanted to be entered for. You would also get points that you could redeem for Mt. Dew stuff so my brother would collect caps from his friends at lunch so he could get a Mt. Dew beanie. All I remember is him running up the stairs to the living room, tripping on the top step,
bigcalal 9y A house. My family won a house. EDIT: Here's the story: A while back, the American Cancer Society built a large, fully-furnished home within the Mall of America that you could tour and then afterward give an optional donation at the end. It was built in the style of a beautiful log cabin made from large oak trees, and the whole thing was decorated for Christmas with unique, ornate decorations. It really was oak, too, and would have withstood a bomb blast. Inside the home was expensive furniture (leather sofas, chairs, tables, etc..), china, silverware, etc... We walked
paynestaker 8y 1000 boxes of cereal. proof When I worked at Kroger in 2004 I always watched for the sweet coupon deals. That was back when they were really sweet, all of them could be either doubled or tripled (not just the first one) etc. So, one week I see that when you buy 4 boxes of certain types of cereal it will print a $4 off your next purchase coupon. These cereals just happened to be on sale for $1 a box. In Texas (where I worked) there is no sales tax on groceries. So, the first day of
fluffynukeit 9y My younger brother once won a gamecube from a Dr. Pepper bottle cap. This was fairly close to Christmas, so I was astonished when he said to me later, Hey, do you want it for Xmas? I was so genuinely touched. It was one of the nicest things he had ever offered to me. In return, I gave him my minidisk player, which he thought was pretty cool anyway (minidisk was still pretty new at the time and we didn't know it would be a disaster format). Nearly a decade later, my brother and I got to talking
Homenski 5y A brand new Gibson Les Paul Studio, all white with black hardware. Best part is my bandmate (vocalist) called me to the practice space, saying we had to talk. I show up and he's all heated, saying that I had broken one of the guitars the bassist had been letting me use and that that dude was fucking pissed. Now, we already had become less than enthused about this bassist because he had a shitty attitude that was not commensurate with his level of talent, so I, knowing I had NOT broken his guitar, was ready for the
mayorodoyle . 1y My wife ordered a jacket or something for one of my kids from L.L. Bean or Amazon, I can't remember. They accidentally sent a Columbia jacket worth $250, but not the stuff my wife ordered. My wife called to complain. They said We're sorry, we'll get that right out to you. When my wife asked how she could return the Columbia, they said No, that's ok. You can keep that. Just happens to fit me perfectly. ... 2
 . 9y I sat next to an elderly woman on a plane to Las Vegas. She noticed I was reading an Astonomy magazine and told me she had a telescope that belonged to her deceased son in her attic. We exchanged names and numbers. About two weeks later she calls me and tells me to come over and get the telescope. I was expecting something cheap! However, I soon found out it was an 8 Celestron which are priced at around $2500! ... 181
TheRealPinkman . 8y One day I mentioned to my neighbor that I hadn't spoken to in my life that I was a hunter. Не said you want a gun? I don't use it anymore. Then he hands me a beautiful 1975 Remington 870 express magnum field combo in 20 gauge- 95% condition. It is my favorite gun now. ... 3.4k
fearthesquid 9y I know I'm super late but I had a neighbor who was a very elderly gentleman. Не lived with his wife but had no male sons or grandsons. Не was one of the nicest guys I knew. Не would always say hello to me as when I walked past his house and he would ask me how I was doing, and I genuinely felt like he cared about my answer. I used to help him plant tomatoes in his garden and rake his leaves and stuff, just trying to be generally helpful. I didn't know him super well
Wizard_of_Claus. 1y Not really for free I guess, but I had nose bleed seats for a MeatLoaf concert and right before the show a staff member asked us if we wanted to sit in the front row as there were empty seats. ... 4
Doogolas33 . 8y I was tutoring a kid about a year ago, really rich family. Their house was massive, TV's for days. They were putting up this new 70TV and I watched them set down their old TV, and I was thinking 'man I gotta ask if I can buy that off of them.' The dad looks at the mom and goes, 'where are we gonna put this thing?'. And then he sees me looking at the TV and goes, 'do you want a TV?' I looked at the kid I was tutoring and go, 'what do I say? Am I allowed


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