28 of the Funniest Tweets from Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Two good kids on the elevator
28 of the Funniest Tweets from Wednesday, March 27, 2024

The stacked cast of CBS Studios’ upcoming Among Us series has added a few more notable crewmates to the ship: Dan Stevens from Solar Opposites, Liv Hewson from Yellowjackets and Kimiko Glenn from Orange Is the New Black. Again, they’ll be joining a star-studded group that already includes Randall ParkElijah WoodYvette Nicole Brown and Ashley Johnson. The series is being developed by CBS Studios’ animation arm, but there are no networks or streamers currently attached to it. 

Meanwhile, Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively, and Henry Golding are boarding a plane to Capri. The trio will be returning for a sequel to Paul Feig’s stylish 2018 crime comedy A Simple Favor. Feig and original writer Jessica Sharzer are on board, too. The film is set to explore murder and betrayal off the Italian coast, and unlike Among Us, it already has a streaming home: Prime Video. 

Over on the timeline, it’s all fun and games with a new crop of hilarious tweets. Today’s funniest include those about Carrie Bradshaw’s take on Tiny Desk, some hits from Caucasian Vernacular English and a few people who have their wires crossed.

Lottie-pop @Lottie_Poppie 17h ... My ten year plan is basically to survive and hope for the best 32 2,500 10K 186K
rex @guess_what_mimi-17h ... Me. I Am Emily... The Elusive Posteuse @PoopySkittles i think i need a column .. likely your first thought was like carrie bradshaw? close but no my basement is caving in. 5:31 PM 1.3622.14 1.1K Views 10 Reposts 46 Likes Sarah Martin @SarahMa51334559.17m ... MY HOT BOOBS INBIO. CHE CK NOW! 0 1 del 10 Me. I Am Emily... The Elusive Poste... 13m ... girlll ... my basement... 1 5 del 9 1 128 3,157 59.2K
Gayest Tone @gayest_tone 20h ... I have some really bad news about what being a nun entails mediterranean girl roanne... 1d born to be a nun, forced to go to 9am lectures 95 5,116 120K 4M
Joseph Earp @Joseph_0_Earp 1d ... Me: gonna get stoned tonight, I think it'll really help me process some things about my life and understand myself better. Me, stoned: there is a goodness in the heart of the donkey in Shrek,, But also -- he is afraid 5 68 663 18.9K
jeff buckley lyric bot @kurte... . 1d ... my favourite genre of people are employed people who you would've never guessed are employed from the vibe they give 151 6,361 30.9K 2M
beer person @CantEverDie 1d i was being interviewed for a job where euthanasia would be performed on animals and they asked me what i thought about the practice of euthenasia and i thought they said anesthesia and i said i'm ok with it i've been euthanized before and i never heard back from them ethan !!! @slimeguyet... 3/14/24 share a piece of lore about yourself 55 1,869 46.1K 1M
nancy @Iowhangingfruit-1 15h Is there a secret third option besides make hinge or die alone 144 3,712 34.5K del 1.5M
GEPR stoned cold fox @roastmalone_.22h ... I cannot be expected to work under these conditions (don't wanna) 4 5,521 27.9K del 710K
$lap @slvppy 16h i thought it was 5 bald mfs in the whip 129 2,047 24.2K 578K
@manlikemk_.9h Get a load of this guy is top 3 Jimmy Mack @_qualeman... 19h Fuck off is kinda fire ..white ppl lowkey ate wit dat one 55 3,177 21.4K 788K
boor @hotbillorani.19h the worst person you know is studying law 675 8,310 29.7K 1.5M
carter hambley @carterhambl... 16h ... girl on hinge told me i look ticklish. anybody need anything from the rope store 24 286 8,775 338K
Daniel D'Addario @DPD_.20h ... : some desk concerts are tiny... and others? Are just Big 11 246 2,404 del 69K
karanbir singh @karanb... 23h ... And to my great grandchildren, I leave my box of assorted cables 17 909 9,917 197K
@DoshaDeng 23h Sitting next to this lil girl on a plane and she ALL in my phone. I know she reading this as I type YES lil girl mind yo business 50 3,094 91.4K del 950K
Dont Show Your Cat @DontS... .1d ... Instead of texting I'm here I am going to send this 22 1,978 31.7K 560K
reni @reniadeb.23h ... cut to a baby hedgehog miles away sat on top of someone's hat, cheekily smiles to camera, and puts on very tiny sunglasses 000 NORTH WEST BBC North West @BBCN... . 1d A rescued baby hedgehog turned out to be a hat bobble bbc.in/3PF9Jvs 4 330 5,853 225K
hodel in the streets, chava in... 16h ... I had never seen one of these with the back open. It looks like a printer. 194 1,177 33.5K 687K
Punch Cat @PunchingCat.14h ... Join the 19.8m people in the class - community class 34.6m مر there Sud - - the Week! - - - - - - - - I - NAKER FROM - I Meet the new hub for teamwork Business Premium with Office 345 DELL The decoy keyboard is working 27 2,654 59K 876K
louisa @stabfreeman 23h ... y'all.... it happened again.... i wrote another story where the main character was my self insert and ONCE AGAIN everyone in my writing class said they loved that my main character was a bad person GIF 58 1,688 51.4K 825K
paige @BonerWizard 22h young Michael Keaton got strong young Sheldon vibes. This means we found our Old Sheldon. 129 1,809 49K 1.2M
Sami Schalk @DrSamiSchalk•1 16h ... BLACK - PICTURE I got on the elevator & a kid had just pushed the button for their floor. The adult with them said good job! Then I pushed the button for my floor and the kid looked at me and said good job! 16 1,039 35.8K del 526K
eigenrobot @eigenrobot.2 22h ... (police press conference voice) Flaco was no choirboy NEW YORK New York Post POST @nypost. 1d Flaco the owl had pigeon herpes, 4 kinds of rat poison in his system when he tragically died trib.al/ inFQxcX 29 602 13.3K 594K
Mike Townsend @townsendyes... 1d ... Get so sad when I finish my first coffee of the day. I will have a second one soon, but nothing beats your first. I had the whole day ahead of me when I was drinking that, the world was at my feet. Now im just some guy getting on with it. 79 5,586 55K del 2.6M
Isabel Steckel @IsabelSteckel 16h ... sometimes i look at my grocery lists and im like girl bffr 6:46 LTE Notes March 26, 2024 at 6:46PM olives ice cream sandwiches 37 1,295 36.9K 827K
Broward Stern @KnowbodysT... 19h ... You and what army is hard Jimmy Mack @_qualeman... . 19h Fuck off i is kinda fire ..white ppl lowkey ate wit dat one 149 6,748 72.5K 2.7M
john с standard reilly @nickhex... 1d ... Hey while you're at the store could you pick me up a chicken of peanut butter? KERRYgold Spreadable PEANUT BUTTER TE SBS 11 PACK Hennygold of - 35.45 0316 PRICE TOTAL Spreadable 12.25 yogolo cadable yolo table the SSI PEANUT BUTTER - 124 NO 16.45 NO 8.90 SS SSII m 5 192 2,717 93.6K
jackson @jackkk_pot. 1d ... The European mind cannot comprehend this CENTER DR Chili's Olive Garden Italian LongHorn Steakhouse Restaurant Red Lobster UNIVERSITY TOWN Cheddar's GE Scratch Kitchen CENTER Cracker GGI DR Barrel Old Country Store UNIVER 514 4K 54K 5M


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