28 of the Funniest Tweets from Friday, March 22, 2024

28 of the Funniest Tweets from Friday, March 22, 2024

Christopher McDonald swung for the fences on a Cleveland radio station, announcing that there may be another Happy Gilmore on the way. The man behind the notorious Shooter McGavin told 92.3 The Fan that Adam Sandler shared a first draft for a potential Happy Gilmore sequel with him just two weeks ago. He then called on fans to “demand it,” and bring the eponymous golfer back to the green. Should it come to fruition, the project would likely be made for Netflix, where Sandler and Happy Madison have a massive $250 million deal responsible for such films as You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah and Spaceman.

In other nostalgia-farming news, audiences finally got their first glimpse into the world of Beetlejuice Beetlejuice that wasn’t an A.I.-generated poster shared by your aunt on Facebook. The 76-second teaser is sparse when it comes to dialogue, but it made one thing clear: “The Juice is loose.” The trailer briefly highlights Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder and Catherine O’Hara as they reprise their respective roles from the 1988 classic, as well as brings Jenna Ortega into the fray. The snippet also showcases some of the “literally handmade” practical effects Keaton has gushed about, which was a dealbreaker for him and Tim Burton returning to the world of the wise-cracking ghoul. A longer trailer is sure to haunt screens all summer, as the sequel is due out this September. 

Over on the timeline, our posters are closing out the week with a wide array of wholly original tweets that had us in stitches. Today’s funniest ones include those about a generous uncle, a straight guy diva and a rizz-less child. 

Noah @NCassiel 14h Me. I Am Emily... The Elusiv.... 1d u can be a straight guy diva. it's rare yes but they're real. 112 12K 146K 3.4M

jojo @helllojojo 15h ... me when a random monthly subscription that i forgot about charges me but i was gonna use that money to buy myself a sweet little treat 75 10.5K 74.1K 1.3M

out of context dogs @con... .1d ... 222 5,010 58K 2.2M

out of context dogs @con... 1h ... Somebody found this Corgi puppy laid out in a shop surrounded by claret. They thought he'd been attacked and was hurt and bleeding... It turns out he'd eaten and entire jar of Jam and passed out on the floor in a sugar crash... RA 1HI YEEN 20 242 2,519 93.1K

thot catalog @trekpup . 1d ... really enjoyed spending time wit you Read 0 + iMessage 41 612 16.8K del 619K

@michaelbluht - 1 16h ... taurus supreme @jaxajueny 1d Imagine having a 46 year age gap with your sibling x.com/Dexerto/ status... 91 13.9K 194K 5.1M

madi @illicitkyoto 20h ... i watched an entire film without checking my phone once 30 1,252 21.2K 217K

hana @belhanawelshefa-1 18h which alabola edgar @asherwoffe.19h That guy you met at 19 was your soulmate btw 858 4.8K 11K 1.2M @northstardoll. 1h that guy u met at 19 was a demon from hell 36 709 2.7K 80K 395 7,065 63.7K 1.1M

tyler @kittygod99.17h did it jiggle when u fell from heaven ? Read 3:57 PM youre butte + iMessage tyler @kittygod99.2d im gonna de my bf yall Read 9.57 AM no show dem boobeys 19 1,132 10.7K 229K

amelia @kcalbug 18h what the hell is his problem 194 1,696 17.4K 305K

Tyler Coates @tylercoates 18h ... not sure this one needed the push alert The Smell of Teen Spirit now Children's body odor has a flowery fragrance, while adolescents produce steroids and acids that smell musty and goatlike, a study found. 9 167 7,142 232K

yammi @sighyam 13h You can google it ok girl I was just trying to engage you in casual conversation online but sure I guess 70 6,724 69K del 1M

Corn @upblissed 15h you tell people you not tryna drink and they act like you jus turned down $100k 186 6,312 50.2K du 2.7M

Teddie @Teddie2pointO-23h ... Took my kid to a play place and he sees a former classmate who he has had a crush on for ages. I told him to play it cool. Just overheard him say I remember your breath. It always smells like goldfish crackers bro has negative rizz 115 4,140 101K 2.9M

tate @50FirstTates 1d $120 for a tire rotation? trust me they rotate. buddy how do you think i got here 39 5,514 69.3K del 1.9M

Peet @NeededThatRain. 15h What are some beginner activities for someone getting into unemployment? 95 74 1,335 52K

rare insults @insultsrare.1 13h pavlo @LaughterHaver I have the best uncle ever! 28 J Cash $500 Go see doctor about autism 136 30.5K 1,275 775K

Fredward, Fredward, Fredward 20h ... I'm sorry to hear that you broke up with your tall handsome intelligent boyfriend. Perhaps a short ugly moron is exactly what you need during this time 10 476 4,992 del 123K

jude @judecomputer-12h saw a post asking would you rather wear a fedora every second for the rest of your life, or every beverage you drink for the rest of your life has 2 drops of pee in it and i i thought the answer was obviously pee until i said this out loud to another person and saw their face 32 20 658 30.2K

L HOURLY memes @ho... 17h ... quieres People who can sleep in jeans Serial killers 136 1,530 28.9K 946K

good reddit @GoodReddit - 19h ... r/AnimalCrossing u/Kukulza 12d i.redd.it I have fulfilled my dream of having an all- deer community! New Horizons 17.5k 611 Share Award + TOP COMMENTS turnipgod53 12d S 2 Awards congrats on the ethnostate! 72 5,353 103K 1.8M

@Benjiiisux 22h toriiico t ... I'm all packing for Miami Suran RUSH UN 52 695 7,235 325K

Classical Studies Memes for H... . 7 7h ... gamarai WHAT is this tp holder... gamarai pissyphus 8 809 9,333 145K

thomas violence @thomas_vio... 13h ... what the fuck are you talking about Suggested spelling x ! You are seeing this suggestion because your language is set to British English ing groyne Change language to American English A 3 C the groin during an argument. 67 511 12K 276K

Te @teehee4free.22h ... Ik they both don't play about their oatmeal and applesauce.... Dexerto @Dexerto.1 1d Robert De Niro at 80 with his 10 month old baby Не had his first child over 46 years ago

?? @honeyicedtee_. 7h My Grandma turned 71 yesterday and this how she decided to take her picture uh oh 104 912 8,100 144K

DM @_denisediane 21h ... Why My Dad Mounted This Little Ass Tv, My Friend Gone Say If Не Don't Take That Tablet Down a 207 501 5,903 247K

Lon Harris @Lons . 10h : My neighbors just got home from seeing Ghostbusters and they were dressed up AS THE GHOSTBUSTERS and I asked them how it was and they both, in unison, without pausing even for a moment, said Terrible. 98 466 9,225 532K


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