33 of the Funniest Tweets from Thursday, March 21, 2024

If you lose in ‘Mario Kart’ you’re a loser in real life, too
33 of the Funniest Tweets from Thursday, March 21, 2024

Greg Daniels is one step closer to re-opening The Office. The series has tapped Nathan for You co-creator Michael Koman as a chief creative voice in fleshing out what this new cube farm will look like. Just don’t call it a reboot. Instead, Daniels has made clear that it will be an expansion of The Office Universe — which is probably the most insane way anyone has ever described anything involving Scranton, Pennsylvania — with a new crew of white-collar worker bees serving as mockumentary fodder.  

Peacock certainly already has room for this new iteration of The Office, as the streamer won’t be moving forward with a second season of Pete Davidson’s semi-autobiographical series Bupkis — and for once, it’s not the fault of the streamer. Despite the series being renewed last June — just a month after its premiere — Davidson has since reversed course, explaining that “this part of (his) life is finished.” The SNL alum told The Hollywood Reporter that he wanted “a chance to tell (his) story (his) way,” and with the highly acclaimed first season, he was able to do just that. 

Over on the timeline, the posters are making like peacocks and showing off the best they got with some hysterical tweets. Today’s funniest ones include those about a mom who is all grown up, a bureaucratic suggestion for the mafia and a decades-old prophecy from a British tabloid that’s just months away from reality.

The Drunk Jake @TheDrunkJake. 1d hi sharks im asking for a small investment of all of your money i have a gun 16 2.3K 24K 737K
Pastrami Mommy @Ewelannawhite. 1d (in a job interview) hiring team: do you have any future goals? me: i'd like to befriend a flock of crows by exchanging gifts one day 15 108 622 18K
EM @someguy283· 1d ... EX UN FN ... MA g My real issue with HOCUS POCUS and BEETLEJUICE getting sequels is that it convinces people on Facebook who shared fan posters for them 12 years ago that they were right. 21 263 1.9K 58K
Shoota @ShootaCat. 17h ... John being silly lil guy (insane in the fucking head) 25 2K 26K 323K
deaen @ddeaen . 1d ... dude Confirm Save As qwfawefcwaefwqaeefeqefs.mdp already exists. ! Do you want to replace it? Yes No 113 6.1K 101K 1.7M
Mr. Chau @Srirachachau 3h Al will never be funnier than this Jared Krichevsky @Monstermash042.4h Gm 62K 21 4.7K 1.2M
finley 3: @finleygd14 1d - im crying i tried to type 'lethal' as in lethal company finley Today at 10:22 PM Hello Sis! Legal Soon? man 408 4.2K 112K 2.3M
The Hooburrito, a burrito by Hoobastank @sug... . 1d ... You can go to concerts for any reason, even just to fart in the crowd RoseTS @Rose_midnights . 4d You should not be going to an artists concert if you only know their hit songs. 6:06 BREAKING MY SILENCE Olivia Rodrigo 55K views 8 minutes ago 33 2.1K 35K 1.2M
GirlTyler @sheistyler. 1d You know what I've stopped putting at the end of my emails? Let me know if you need anything else! Please do not let me know if you need anything else. 23 4.1K 721 102K
caddie @localkandiraver. 18h ... 9 MONTHS LEFT EVERYBODY! S The Sun @TheSun 9 9/30/15 We'll be having sex with robots in the next 10 years thesun.uk/6016BzwMk 402 32K 291K 7.1M
top lgbt+ videos @twinkp3ak5.22h mac: mom i love you mrs mac: g(1014 16 506DE 6 IBBE0/2804D 20 N35 1 35 729 24K
Gabrielle Drolet @gabrielledrolet. 19h the whole movie better be in simlish with subtitles or there's no point in doing it 4F DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm - 19h A live-action 'THE SIMS' movie is in the works. Margot Robbie is set to produce with Kate Herron set to direct. (Source: theinsneider.com/p/margot-robbi...) 7 147 2.5K 81K
Daniel @growing_daniel - 1d #16 every time Afternoon Delight @nonbinarythug 2d Replying to @lporiginalg i've been stretching #8 pretty thin but it's always resulted in a safe clean surrender in my personal instances 101 No Ways to Say NO to Sex I'm waiting 30 It's agains 01 31 My paren I've decided to wait 32 02 Let's ge 33 03 I'll let you know later just w 34 How about a movie instead? 04 said 35 05 I'm not ready We're 36 06 It's getting late Don't 37 07 want my first time to be special I do 38 You're crazy 08
jennifer @lnhales . . 1d i love hard drugs but i draw the line at vaping like get that fruity air away from me 46 2.3K 19K 900K
lils @lvesfromthevine. 23h stay gold ponyboy 187 4.5K 53K 1.5M
ed @erar97.7h ... every friend group: CYN The Maid ANN The Mother GARY The Homosexual CARO The Secretary ALEX The Delivery Boy JOE F The Salesman The Hooker MARI The Old Man MICHA The Older Son THOMA The Spanish Woman MARIA The Alcoholic LOUISE The Pimp GEORG 2 6,087 56.8K 1.2M
d @duascoochie • 1d Jetlag is afraid of her Dua Lipa Hungary @dlip... 1d @DUALIPA at a @Porsche launch event in Singapore today! (Via @str8edgeracer) 35 3,690 74.4K 2.2M
Nick Duffy @NickMDuffy·1 1d just saw jesus christ superstar and the woman behind shouted oh no! when judas betrayed him, and I can't stop thinking about what she thought was going to happen 193 2,480 49.3K du 1.5M
Eli McCann @EliMcCann 16h ... We're at a friend's house and my husband just got up and retrieved a watermelon popsicle from their freezer. I asked him how he knew they even had these and he scoffed and said I store these everywhere. I swear to god. 106 792 24.3K 772K
KANEY @_ayannaE 1d ... I hate messsy bitches with bad memory, this my sister 6th time telling me somebody business but I just listen cause she don't even know she told me this already. 116 1,460 10.9K du 666K
kida @kidasnow. 1d ... me on the edge of my bed every morning before i lock in 15 8,708 77.4K 1.3M
с @brandypapii-1 1d One of my colleagues has one of those really arrogant personalities but in a very endearing way. I asked him why he's smiling and he just went what's there not to be happy about? I'm 28, extremely good looking, got abs, a sick job, and a fit gf 190 4,927 79.3K 3.3M
george @_gapc 1d this spongebob and squidward ass interaction i'm crying milli finishing final cm... 2d dont do this im happy to see ur art naturally as it shows up on my timeline buti cant offer 1 on 1 viewership 2:26 PM Oh okiii no worries I have social anxiety too Im nice I swear U dont even have to worry about that I'll be on my computer soon. No rush replying don't worry about it! 2:27 PM i dont have social anxiety just dont like talking to people i dont know, my apologies but please respect that boundary 2:28 PM
Andrew Nadeau @TheAndre... . 20h ... date: so... you just adopted 3 chipmunks as your children? dave seville: no, no that'd be crazy. I'm also their band manager 64 8,928 137K 3.7M
Lovergirl Challiebear O в @ch... 1d ... Why my little sister get her first job interview and tell the interviewer she don't like talking to people 211 2,573 74.8K del 1.8M
john с standard reilly @nickhex... 1d ... Dr. Pepper is healthy because it's made by a doctor 29 1,587 6,084 247K
name una @vxzfeels 1d can we reschedule? YES GOD YES PLEASE YES WOOHOO 60 30.9K 187K 3.1M
Jut @ProbablyJut-1 1d daily reminder that your worth as a human being is directly tied to your skill at video games made for children 110 5,195 40.5K del 1.1M
dubz 3.0 @dubz3dot0.20h I can't just fucking turn 60 you idiot. Jayson Smiley @jayson_... 2d Lenny Kravitz turns 60 in a couple months. What's your excuse? 111 5,415 91.7K 3.1M
Josh Gondelman @joshgondelman - 1 16h Now that the government is in charge of sports betting, does that free up the mob to do like...high speed railway construction or universal healthcare? 40 662 6.1K 272K
drugstorecowgirl @drugstorcowg1rl - 1d ... i don't like to be around people when i finish a book. that's a bit personal 4 523 4.8K 96K
Ese @Ese7391 . . 1d ... Toddlers are so unserious like why do you have a beer belly? 160 2K 16K 630K
Promise @prow_II.1 12h ... | just I saw my mom do a screenshot all by herself.. They grow up so fast 155 3.6K 28K 689K


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