31 of the Most Bizarre Sandwiches Customers Have Custom Ordered

‘Tuna salad sandwich on a chocolate chip bagel’
31 of the Most Bizarre Sandwiches Customers Have Custom Ordered

Though I’m not the food police, I do think there should be certain sanctions on what people are allowed to order from restaurants. Food-service employees shouldn’t be subjected to the culinary depravity of your twisted mind. For example, if you’re strolling into an establishment and ordering a “sandwich” consisting of “just condiments,” there should be some kind of watchlist that your name is placed atop. A Subway employee goes through enough on a daily basis; they shouldn’t have to experience the horrors of spreading every condiment between two slices of honey wheat bread, too. 

To that end, tortured sandwich artists have weighed in on the most repulsive, questionable and disturbing sandwiches they’ve had to make, and I have questions for the woman who had the bread scooped out of a bagel and requested it be filled with mayonnaise. 

We really need to get that watchlist started ASAP.

MoonpiesForMisfits • . 3y This one guy used to come into my sub shop at least twice a week. Always ordered a steak and cheese with extra, extra ketchup. Except you couldn't put enough ketchup on it. We could use over half a bottle and he would still come back and ask for the bottle because packets took too much time. ... 2.9k
Arwox . 6y For breakfast. Egg whites, american AND shredded cheddar a double portion of seafood salad, toasted, oil (no vinegar). ... 463
buttcheeseahoy . 3y I worked at Subway many years ago. There was a couple that would come in semi-regularly and she wanted just a double helping of American cheese on white bread. No veggies, no condiments. Just cheese. I never charged her for the extra cheese since I figured the veggies she wasn't getting offset it. Eventually she started asking for more and more cheese until it was easily 10x what came on it. She must have been bummed when I quit. That cheese sandwich probably would have cost about $10 if someone who gave a shit rang it up.
LeftHandMorty9 . : 3y Was getting breakfast at this place called The great Canadian Bagel Company. The girl ahead of us gets a breakfast sandwich with extra mayo and then says: like a serious amount of mayo, more than you think is comfortable. The guy does a solid 4 servings and she shakes her head in disgust/shame and is like No.. I'm actually messed up, I need more mayo. Took everything in me not to laugh as it happened. ... 22.6k
kusanagisan 3y Not a worker, but a Grubhub driver. Someone ordered a meatball sub from Subway that had nothing on it but meatballs, the sauce, and about four times as much mayonnaise as would go on a regular sandwich. That was it. Не made two orders for the same thing within two hours, and I delivered them both.
Drinkablefeast 3y I worked at a Subway for a couple months after high school. While working there I had a very polite customer, who was pregnant at the time, come in every other week or so and order the same footlong ham sandwich. What made this sandwich so strange was that she would ask for a tonne of black olives. Like MULTIPLE, whole handfuls of black olives. So much, that it was hard to close up and wrap the sandwich without some olives spilling out. Some of my coworkers would only give her so much before they refused to add
Russile . 6y Some lady asked me to scoop out all of the bread, leaving just the crusty shell, and fill it with mayonnaise. It was like a disgusting cream puff. ... 562
Ginger-spice . 3y My town had a lot of foreign exchange students from South Korea and they would always order the meatball subs with scoops of seafood sensation which was just mayo and imitation crab. Then have it toasted, it smelled horrible. Also had a guy that could barely talk he was so high wanted every sauce on his chicken bacon ranch, it was more soup by the end. Then he gets to the register and he remembers he doesn't have any money and walks away. My manager actually asked anyone if they wanted it. ... 7.4k
TooShiftyForYou . 3y Used to work in a deli that also made some simple breakfast items in the mornings. One day a lady ordered a western omelette, hold the eggs. I had to specify 3 times that she did not want any eggs in the omelette. We made her a salad of diced ham, onions, green bell peppers, with salsa and she seemed pleased with this. ... 8.6k
yeslikesoul 3y Worked at a BBQ place that mostly sold sandwiches. I worked the call ahead phones for a while and we had a customer call up and ask us if we could put the entire sandwich combo, sides and all, through a blender. Poor guy had jaw surgery and hadn't eaten anything but fruit smoothies for almost a month. We didn't even OWN a blender but this was one of those never say no to the customer places and I could literally get written up for refusing a request. I got my manager on the line who tried his
clickmagnet 6y It is time for this story to be told. When I was a stupid high school boy, my buddy Rob and I used to go to the same Subway at least a couple of times a week. There were two workers there, Mary and Roland, and whenever they transferred, we'd follow them to some other Subway, because they were nice to us and sometimes gave us deals. One day I went in there and said, Roland, I bet you can't make me a sub that I can't eat. Roland goes in the back and comes back with two
Rockatansky0 . . 3y Worked at Subway, this 50 year old trucker asked me to toast a Tuna sandwich, put extra extra pickles and sprinkle 2 Splenda packages on top, that was all the sandwich had ... 5.9k
AssociationJumpy 3y We had frozen egg disks that we were supposed to heat in the oven. I say egg, but really it was more of a frozen circle of egg whites with a yellow piece in the middle (that may or may not be missing depending on luck of the draw). This one guy would come in every shift I had and order just the egg circle, but didn't want us to heat it up. We handed him hard, frozen, disgusting looking, disks that sounded like rocks when banged against the counter, covered in ice flakes. Не barely spoke English,
Axionally . 6 6y Meatballs, teriyaki chicken, and salsa with all the salad and all the sauces. No he wasn't high and he ordered it like 3 more times ... 561
frankly_a_nigga . 6y Pickles, seafood salad, corn, bacon bits, olives, sauerkraut, BBQ sauce - what on Earth are you thinking mate? ... 62
Dragnil . 3y I used to work at McDonald's. We had a regular customer who wanted a plain quarter pounder, no bun, extra extra extra extra extra pickles. Basically, just a 1/4lb beef patty with like a half cup of pickle slices on top of it. ... 3.9k
Early_Grace . 6y Double salami and pretty much all the oregano in the house. No cheese, no sauce, no shame.. ... 2.3k
Youpunyhumans . 3y At mcdonalds a guy came in and said he had lost a bet and as a result had to order a double cheeseburger with 17 extra patties and bacon and cheese between each patty. I dont remember how much it cost, but we had to tape several wrappers together just to cover it up and keep it sort of together. I think we gave him a knife and fork to eat it with. ... 10.5k
Oatm3a1s . 3y What can I get for you? I'll get a 6-inch Honey Wheat, just condiments. Just condiments? just condiments. All of them, if you don't mind. That day ruled. ... 33.6k
turdowitz . 6y only mayonnaise, toasted ... 1.8k
alphatesticle . 6y When I worked at subway there was a family that came in, the parents and their two sons. They would always order meatball footlongs and want ALLLLLL the veggies twice. You could never pack on enough lettuce either. You couldn't cut the damn thing, good luck trying to smash it down enough to even wrap. That times 4 every time they came in, plus a ton of mayo. We used to do Rock Paper Scissors in the back to see who had to deal with them. ... 1.1k
skepticalG . : 3y My dad puts grape jelly on his tuna sandwiches. ... 1.7k
LuxuryGrimalkin . 3y Worked at Subway for a couple years back in the day. Strangest order ever: 2 footlong seafood delight (basically imitation crab meat drowned in mayo) subs, double meat, wheat bread, toasted, no toppings except for heaping amounts of salt on both. Never saw this customer again. ... 1.5k queensage77 . 3y They probably died of a stroke. ... 1.2k
HuntyrS14 . . 3y Worked at a Subway and a guy ordered a meatball sub, no sauce, but with copious amounts of vinegar. Also worked at Sonic and had multiple times where a lady ordered tomato sandwiches. Just tomatoes and a bun. ... 5.3k
lusiris . 3y I worked at a subway a long time ago and a guy would order two full bags of lettuce on his sandwich every day. Imagine 2 pounds of lettuce on some bread. Не would order often enough that I knew to go in the back and grab two full bags just for him. ... 15.5k
Jean_Keys . 3y I worked at a Burger King my junior year of high school (Not a sandwich shop, but play along). I was on specialty board (chicken and fish mainly). This order came through for an original chicken with HHHH mayo. H in the training stood for heavy or extra. I asked my manager if it was a typo and they said no this guy comes in once a week for that sandwich. I swear, by the time my manager said the sandwich was proper, the mayo was thicker than the chicken patty itself. I felt like I needed
Beebrains . 3y Don't work there, but they ordered a veggie delight on flatbread, but the only veggies they wanted was olives and they asked for it to be absolutely DOUSED in oil & vinegar. Like it looked like a soggy waffle with olives sticking out. ... 2.6k
fooaddict95 . 6y Obligatory I don't work at Subway but I do work at a place that serves subs. Had an order a while back for a chicken finger sub with hot sauce, tuna, pickles, and double mayo. Felt like I was preparing for a WrecklessEating video.
nopuppet__nopuppet . 6y This mom and her kid would come into my store every Wednesday and after the mom ordered something normal, the kid - who would always order himself - would ask for a plain sandwich. The first time I had to ask, but after that, every Wednesday when I saw them walking up I'd start working on that lil' guy's toasted bread-and-ketchup sandwich. Super gross sandwich order, but those two customers were always a bright spot in my week. ... 4.8k
LeSurrealisme . 6y When I worked at Panera, a customer once ordered a tuna salad sandwich on a chocolate chip bagel. ... 295
anotherouchtoday . 3 3y I had to cut extra holes in swiss cheese gor an eight year old. Been the strangest resquest since we opened in 2007.


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