26 of the Funniest Times Someone Had the Wrong Number

‘You’re a psychic vampire. Stay away from me’
26 of the Funniest Times Someone Had the Wrong Number

If a number you didn’t recognize texted you “Ham,” would you respond? What about if they texted you “Atlantis” a few days later? 

A Redditor recalled these one-word texts he received from a wrong number, noting that he never responded, and the texts ultimately stopped. Just speaking for myself here, but I would’ve immediately texted back with “Salami” after getting the “Ham” message. There’s honestly no reason not to. That’s an opportunity to make a meat-loving friend. What if he was a butcher trying to find a pal who loved ham just as much as he did? Now we’ll never know. 

Other Redditors have recalled the funny messages they’ve received that were meant for someone else, and we’re thrilled that Uncle Steve found the pudding.

oferchrissake. 108d Someone asked me if they could borrow $20 to buy weed. I told them they absolutely could do that. No clue who that was. ... Reply 180
butterfly_burps. 108d no Gina she swallowed them all. I told her she cant overdose on fish pellets but shell probably get some bad gas what an attention horr ... Reply 3.6k
First_Cranberry_2961 .1 108d About 8 in a row explaining some complex scientific theory in the middle of the night. I texted back when I woke up, sorry, wrong number, but thanks for the lesson. ... Reply 161
squents13 . 108d A woman texted me apologizing for how bad the hookup was the night before ... Reply 5.6k
Darogard • 108d You're a psychic vampire. Stay away from me. I couldn't comply because it came from an unidentified number. ... Reply 922
OldeSkoolFlash . 1 108d A selfie of a lady who just got her hair done. I said her hair looked very nice and she had the wrong number. ... Reply 4.8k
crazybee. 108d For years and years I used to get a new years message once a year in German from an unknown German number. I haven't gotten it in a few years now but if you're out there my German friend - Frohes neues Jahr! ... Reply 756
starkpaella. 108d I somehow got added to a group chat with a bunch of people trying to figure out where to eat breakfast. They settled on some bougie place and I thought about showing up to join them. ... Reply 42
Chapeltok . 108d It's done. Act as usual from now on. The cops may be calling you. ... Reply 1.2k
RedWerFur 108d Had a guy send me his abs, told him it was a wrong number. Не wouldn't let up that I was the girl he met at the club the night before. I told him again. Не wouldn't have it. So I proceed to fuck with him for the next 7 hours while at work. For hours I talked dirty to this dude. Не kept begging for a picture. Told my coworkers, showed them the texts. Finally decided to send him a Pic. Went to the bathroom, stripped, took a selfie, and sent. Не was not ready for the
Wirer_meelosh . 108d Morning Sweetheart, the kids are feeling much better, but the chickens still have diarrhea. ... Reply 58
Ms_Evey. 108d my butt cheek is tapping out morse code on the toilet seat from a random number ... Reply 6.6k
Double_Analyst3234. 108d I got a text that said wouldn't it be cool if testicles had fingers? Like you could wave and high five with your ball fingers? Of COURSE I immediately responded with Yes. Yes that would be cool. Sadly I've never heard back from ball fingers. ... Reply 26
KiwiLeeScipio . 108d The money's in the glove box WHERE IS THAT CAR!? ... Reply 96
SuvenPan . . 108d Text said Happy Birthday from an unknown number. I replied It's not my birthday They replied It's my phone, I'll text whatever I want ... Reply 192
TripleSingleHOF · 108d I got this one yesterday: Hello Steve, can we go to an orphanage next week? I'm obviously not Steve, but I almost responded because I wanted to know what kind of person would ask a question like that! ... Reply 402
-Words-Words-Words- . 1 108d Uncle Dave found the pudding. I just responded Cool. ... Reply 8.4k
TheOrionNebula 108d When I got my new cell number the previous owner Edward never updated his social network. After so many conversations with his associates I pretty much became Edward, as I started to learn about his life. I resisted ever being cruel or an asshole and just simply integrated into his social circle. I think the worse thing I did was ruin his chances on purchasing a couch off of Craig's list. As the seller kept messaging me and I started to obsess over the framed horse photo in the background. She refused to throw in the horse... so
Mean_Parsnip . 108d Mr. Levi I have information on the house. I am not a Mr and not in the market for a house. The person asked if I was sure... Yes very sure. ... Reply 45
DarrenEdwards 108d Shrek porn. Back when I didn't have a phone that could view images. I had to use a pc to get into my account and download what was sent. I got 3 illustrated images of shrek characters having sex. Eventually I got a call from the number and as soon as I answered he knew I wasn't who he was expecting. I asked if he was the one sending the Shrek porn and he just said, sorry before hanging up. Never got any more. ... Reply 135
Top-Dinner9131 . 108d I got a group text once saying in all caps STAY AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER ... Reply 272
dsarche12 . 108d Dont forget our deal. If you do l'll kick your ass! I left it on read. My ass remains unkicked. Where you at, bro? ... Reply 120
tsrui480 . 108d I was sent dozens of nudes from a much older woman while setting up my new work phone. Apparently the previous employee who was assigned that phone number was using his work phone for a lot more than work. ... Reply 20
Vexer_Zero . 108d I once got a text message that simply said: Ham Then, about 4 days later from the same number I got another text Atlantis Nothing since. A little disappointed that I failed that particular cypher honestly. ... Reply 1.2k
Strange_Stage1311 - 1 108d Got a text from some random gal talking about how she had a good time with me on a yacht and I told her she had the wrong number but she seemed to think I was joking. Eventually she sent me a selfie to try and jog my memory and I finally told her to check the number she was texting and she instantly became apologetic and thanked me for being patient. ... Reply 1.1k
ThisAccountlsStolen 108d Had a woman repeatedly texting me Stacy, I need to cancel my yoga class for tomorrow. Despite numerous replies telling her I'm not Stacy and she had the wrong number, she INSISTED she did not, and that I needed to stop playing around and act professionally. So the next time she texted back, I told her Per the cancellation policy you agreed to, we do not allow cancellations within 48 hours of the class, and if you'd still like to cancel, you will still be charged for the cost of the session, plus a $25 administrative fee. Please


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