39 of the Funniest Casually Weird Things Strangers Have Done Without Hesitation

39 of the Funniest Casually Weird Things Strangers Have Done Without Hesitation

It’s important to step away from your phone, get outside and look at what’s happening around you. Otherwise, you may miss beautiful moments, like seeing a woman eat hot breakfast sausage out of the breast pocket of her coat. While it’s not your business what food she has concealed in her outerwear, it’s good to see that people are bucking the status quo and taking their meats where they so choose. That’s living, baby! 

To that end, Redditors have commented on the funny and/or weird things they’ve seen strangers do without hesitation, and the guy who was jamming in a traffic jam is proof that life can be very beautiful indeed. 

 12y I watched a woman eat hot breakfast sausage out of the breast pocket of her coat. ... 40

Hamsteroceros. 10y Woman casually strolling out to her mailbox buck naked. In an affluent Chicago suburb. At 11 AM. ... 290

WhatTheFruit 9y Didn't happen to me but my girlfriend's neighbor's house went up in flames but when the firetruck came, it never stopped. It drove straight through the house and completely destroyed everything. Brakes just didnt work at the wrong time. ... 3.5k

chlorophylls . 10y In college, I saw a guy ride a unicycle down a steep set of stairs like they were nothing. Impressive! ... 104

 . 5y I once watched an old lady pick her husbands ear at the airport for about 15 minutes. ... 33

whyyyyy_neveragain . 12y Peel the plastic protective coating off an i.d. card and eat it. ... 40

FalseHope4All . 10y At a red light, I saw a guy dressed in drag shaving his face while driving. ... 430

Westykins . . 12y Long story short, saw a guy slap his penis against one of the printers. ... 114

wastedpogoing . 12y While driving one day, I saw a guy in the car next to me having a very heated argument with a sock puppet. ... 268

Groundbreaking_Web91 . 1y My friend dipping a fry into fanta and when I saw him, he laughed, and thought it was fine ... 29

 . 7y I was at Cedar Point in Ohio with a group of friends one summer, and I was wearing a shirt that had a bear on it, holding a sign that said free hugs. When we were walking around the park, I saw a guy my age, wearing a shirt that said free hugs as well. We both saw each other's shirts at the same time, stopped what we were doing, and hugged eachother. It was cool as fuck. Didn't say a word, and went about our business afterwards. I still think about that wholesome moment sometimes. ...

cimd09 . 10y I've posted this before, but it fits, so: In India, I was sitting in a taxi waiting for my mum to finish her shopping when I see this guy come out of the store with a bottle of mango juice in his hand. Не looks right, he looks left and then, sure there's nobody around observing him, he promptly pours it into the fuel tank of a nearby motorcycle, and walks off, giggling. ... 576

 10y Driving down Chicago at night at a stop light. Looked to my right and saw an old man doing karate next to a bus stop with a giant glowing ad. The ad was so bright I only saw his silhouette, so he looked like one of those old Apple commercials. Не was doing karate to the same beat of my music. It was amusing. ... 856

comgilovePopScience . 10y In a high school sports med class I was learning about the anatomy of the hip, I looked out a window into the weight room and saw some kid doing karate while wearing a kilt, with Shakira playing in the background. ... 155

zarp86 . 12y Saw a secretary talking on the phone. After the end of the call (I'm assuming), she stared at the phone quizzically for a moment, then gave it an aprehensive lick, as if she expected her tongue to stick like in that christmas movie. ... 200

Orange_Kid . 10y In a public bathroom, dude spit on the towel dispenser handle before pulling it down. Presumably to make sure he was touching his own germs. Не did it with me watching him, like it was standard practice. Не didn't clean it off afterwards, just ripped off a piece of towel and walked away. ... 140

ADVANCING SCIENCE Mameluc0 . 1 10y This guy walking down the street suddenly stops, picks up a newspaper from the ground, starts walking again, while eating the newspaper.. Hungry guy.. ... 81

npeezy . 1 10y I worked at a night club and watched a woman change her 'pon right there on the dance floor. Just pulled the old one out and flicked it on the floor. Reached in her purse grabbed a new one, put it in. I didn't want to deal with the situation so I pretended it didn't happen. ... 188

DarkFluids777 . 1y In the morning at a cheap department store at the socks/ underwear section, I ran into two female middle-aged employees one of who was pulling up her skirt and showing the other her black intricately-patterened stocking; when I walked in on them, I was embarrassed and they laughed. ... 81

 . . 1y On a hot weekday, a guy and his dog entered a downtown church open for visitors. Thinking no one was watching, he let his dog drink at great length from the Holy Water font. ... 81

SpaghettiSort . 10y I saw a well-dressed grown man standing at a urinal in an airport men's room with his pants around his ankles, just whizzin' away. I have never seen anyone pee like this since early elementary school. ... 1.4k

RandianHero . 12y I saw a man remove his facial prosthesis: suddenly, without warning, he unsnapped his nose, pulled it off, and stood there with a gaping hole in his face. ... 11

 . 1 10y Driving to work in bumper-to-bumper traffic one morning on the 520 bridge in Seattle, I saw a guy playing the trumpet while driving. Не had the window down and the trumpet pointed out of it. Sounded pretty good, too. ... 38

KALDAHL99 . 10y Guy in a suit, carrying a briefcase, waiting for the commuter train. With a Darth Vader helmet on. ... 7

emilyrun79 . 1y my neighbor came outside and took a pee at the side of his house and then went back inside. he only came out to pee. he lives with his wife and they have more than 1 bathroom. he clearly gave a quick glance around before he started peeing and i was looking out my front window eating breakfast which is why he didn't see me, but i saw him. this was a few weeks ago. ... 11

xXxwiskersxXx 4y So many of these will give me nightmares so I'll throw one in the mix that I never want to forget. A year back I was working at a hostel and we have security cameras throughout the building. Watching the footage from the camera in the kitchen. It is about 2 am and a very drunk guest walks in, grabs some snacks. and accidentally drops an empty bottle on the ground. Не then proceeds to kick it up into the air then kick it again in air, where it flys across the entire length of the room perfectly

Oddgenetix . 10y When I lived in Venice Beach Са, there was a lady that looked to be in her 40's, that would walk up the alley behind my building from time to time. While doing so, she would capture a pigeon or two, (she was weirdly good at catching them), turn them over and stare at their genital area, make a pained and disapproving face, and let them go. Then, she would simply resume her walk, smiling, whistling and looking for more pigeons. ... 166

HoosierRager . 10y My boyfriend and I were in Goodwill. I was browsing the book section and I catch him staring over at a man in the video section for quite some time. I tell him to stop staring and he tells me he just saw the man grab a VHS (the Disney ones with the thick plastic case), open it, smell it, lick it, close it, and put it back. Не did this multiple times with different VHSs and never even looked around to see if anyone was watching. Needless to say my boyfriend could not stop watching and

ThisGuyOnEarth - 9y I wouldn't necessarily label it strange, but I had never seen it happen before. I was driving home from class and get to an intersection where everyone was slowing down for seemingly no reason. As I got closer I noticed two cars had stopped, both driver side doors were open and the men driving those cars were fist fighting in the middle of the street. Zero context, but I guessed road rage, chuckled, and continued home. The chili that night was awesome. ... 935

Sugarbear51 . 10y I was at my little brother's football practice. I was probably 12. Man walks up to the fence and just watches for about 15 minutes. I notice him because he wasn't a parent or anyone who had been at the practices/games as far as I knew. Не then turns around and starts kicking the wooden electric pole by the gate. Like, karate kicks as hard as he can, about 15 times, then turns back around and watches the rest of practice. Never saw him again after that. ... 178

 10y My time to shine. I was in WALMART about 2 weeks ago. I was walking in the woman's bathroom, the one in the wayyyyyy back. I walk in and see some woman at the sink WITH NO PANTS OR UNDERWEAR ON, and she was rinsing something out in the sink. I saw everything. Booty and bush. She turned to me and casually strolled into a stall. I was like Sorry. I don't know why I said sorry, I guess I was sorry for seeing her naked? lol. Anyways it was very weird. She must have shit her pants

magso . 10y One time, I was sitting in a university lecture when I noticed the girl in front of me had skype open. There was a guy on there and both of them had their webcams open. They spent the entire class staring at each other. She didn't message him, she didn't minimize the screen, he didn't seem to be moving much either - they were just staring at each other for 50 minutes. When class ended, she closed her computer, packed it up and walked out of there. It was weird. ... 8

 . 12y Caught this dude the other night flexing in the mirror in the bathroom, real american psycho shit. Had the creepiest smile on his face and the weirdest pose when I walked in.... WTF moment ensued, I was really nervous to turn my back on him to piss, thought he was going to produce an axe and end me. ... 10

 . 5y I once carried my girlfriend princess style into the ocean at Wildwood , and this random dude asked me if I could carry him out. So I left my girlfriend to carry a hairy middle aged man back to his family's umbrella and his wife was so embarrassed I couldn't help but laugh. ... 1.2k

BeerMania 9y Car slams on its brakes on a busy 4 lane road. A woman jumps out and reaches into her back seat. Grabs what looks like a giant fake sunflower plant and swings it around her head. It seems like for a minute but perhaps it was only 30 seconds. She throws the sunflower back in and jumps back in the car and speeds off. Me and four other people just stood there in disbelief at the entire sight. Just wtf. ... 2.7k

 12y While driving and getting stuck in traffic on day on rt. 295 north, I was quite privileged to witness a man eating straight butter with a spoon out of the container while in traffic. ... 27

Ok-Fondant-2701 1y I once saw a girl talking a photo of her own butt with the flash on, she than proceeded to inspect the photo for 10 seconds or so. I was the only one noticing probably, but man, that was weird. Before you ask, no, I wasn't watching her butt, I just saw the flash and turned around to see where it came from. ... 32

Rino91 . 9y I was driving down the highway, just minding my own business. All of the sudden I see a car standing on the emergency lane. The driver, a woman in her 40s or 50s, is standing behind the barrier, passionately playing an accordion and singing. There was no traffic jam or anything, guess she just suddenly felt like she wanted to make some music. On the highway. Alone.

Saturn_Boy . 10y Well there was this one time that I was walking past a park at night with some of my friends. We started hearing these weird metallic noises, and we shine a light over into the park to see what's going on. There are these two dudes swordfighting; and I don't mean fencing, these guys had fucking broadswords. Whether or not it was casual is kinda debatable considering that they looked like they were actually trying to kill each other. ... 808


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