24 of the Most Inappropriate Times People Couldn’t Control Their Laughter

‘‘Titanic.’ Opening night. Propeller guy’
24 of the Most Inappropriate Times People Couldn’t Control Their Laughter

If you witness a store employee asking a one-armed customer, “Do you need a hand?” is it wrong to laugh

Unfortunately, yes. While the gaffe is indeed hilarious, the best thing to do is remove yourself from the situation and post about it on social media, so you can laugh with people who understand how awkward it was. Laughing in the moment makes it look like you find disability funny, and doesn’t accurately convey the fact that you just witnessed a situation so Curb-like that even Larry David would lose it. 

Redditors have remembered the times they shouldn’t have laughed uncontrollably (but did anyway), and it seems like a lot of us are having a chuckle at funerals.

itscalledcenturion . . 11y A woman in work was telling me about her charity work with kids with Asperger's syndrome. What I heard was 'ass-burgers'. I completely lost it. ... 2
 . 11y When the pregnant lady whose groceries I was bagging had her water break mid credit-card swipe beep sploosh giggle unemployment 2k12 no regrets ... 730
hugestcat . 1 11y I used to laugh when I was nervous. I went to court with my mom and couldn't contain my laughter. She lost her case. Oops. ... 84
oc974 . 11y Titanic. Opening night. Propeller Guy. ... 4
 11y Ah the infamous Giggle Loop has gotten me many a-time. The worst was the moment of silence September 11, 2002. That one was hard to live down. ... 7
neosithlord . 11y The last time I went to Sunday mass. I was zoning out balancing my checkbook and all I heard of the scripture reading was some thing like, And Jesus rode into Jerusalem upon his ass. Couldn't help it, busted out laughing. That's when I realized I just wasn't into my religion anymore. ... 166
 11y Mine is terrible, just awful. I was telling my mom how my stepmom's son was arrested, and she asked why, for smoking pot? I told her, No, for trying to stab someone and I lost it and I don't know why I was laughing but my sister and my mom looked at me like I was fucking crazy and I don't know why I laughed. ... 6
RealDrAwesome . 11y Several years ago I was at a funeral with my brothers. A fairly distant family member that we didn't know that well had died. We had been there for AGES, and we got really bored. So we tried to tell each other the shittiest jokes possible to pass time, but not laugh too much. My older brother came up with Knock knock Who's there? Lettuce Lettuce who? Lettuce in. For some reason, maybe the completely deadpan way he said it, me and my younger brother started laughing, and I just couldn't stop. So there I was, in
ChaiDye . 11y At a funeral where there were bagpipes playing, when the players started packing the bagpipes into the back of a small car while the funeral was still proceeding the squashed bagpipes made the most peculiar honking cries. It was very difficult for me to maintain my composure. ... 58
 11y At a funeral. My grandma's funeral. I was in the middle of giving a speech/eulogy... I didn't think anything was funny, I just ... fuck, I don't know. It was a weird reaction. ... 42
adh17 . 11y In psychology class my teacher was talking about probability for some reason and kept saying the chance of getting head, each time he said it I burst out in laughter to the point where my teacher got quite pissed and had a rant about our immaturity. ... 188
n000n . 11y My grandmother's funeral. They had a little eighty year-old woman get up and sing my grandmother's favorite hymn. But when she opened her mouth she had the voice of a male tenor opera singer. My sister and I were dying. So brutal. ... 27
XXXVirginMary 11y There was a boy in band class who tried to get out of doing something (I can't remember what it was) by saying his sister just got diagnosed with cancer. I just started busting up. I knew he was lying because he didn't have a sister, but everyone believed him and I got the nastiest looks from all 60 people in the room, which made me laugh even more.
seanbear 11y A guy with one arm came into work, and a co-worker walked up to him and asked Hi, do you need a hand? Then they both kind of just looked at each other while I turned away and walked elsewhere in the store to hide. ... 101
kathmath . 11y I was in a seminar where a distinguished physiologist was talking about his research. Не started talking about measuring enzyme activities, specifically the enzyme cytochrome с oxidase, which is shortened to COX. Не was summarizing a slide and said ...and that was for those of you who are into COX. I burst out laughing. I was the only one. People stared. I still couldn't stop laughing, I went so red from trying to hold it in. So awkward. ... 805
bidloo 11y I i also had an inappropriate outburst in a training scenario. we were in a teaching seminar, talking about using classroom activities that involve getting the class to stand up and move around. one of the instructors said, Now, there may be times when your students won't or can't join these kinds of activities. What are some potential reasons for this? let me pause here to appraise you of two facts. 1. i was in this training with a friend whose mother has MS, and is not very mobile - r elies on walkers and wheelchairs. 2. just the previous evening, i
 . 11y I was in eighth grade chapel. A guest lady was speaking about something biblical and I wasn't really listening but suddenly she said, And the COCK crows... I put cock in caps because she emphasized that word and even did a little pause and sorta looked around after it. Being the eighth grader that I was, I burst out laughing and couldn't contain my laughter in the middle of chapel. No shame. ... 61
deval42 11y My friend asked me to go to Christmas mass one year. I'm not a believer but went along as a favour. The local catholic church is huge but by the time we got there it was standing room only, so we stood at the back. After a while we noticed there was a little boy in the back pew who kept staring at me. I'd been ignoring him for about half an hour when, just as the priest said, Let us pray and everything got real quiet, my friend turns to me and says, Не thinks you're his
MoonOrQuitMan 11y My 7th grade history teacher had the whole class stand close together with our eyes closed in one corner of the room to simulate being on a slave ship. We were told to imagine how it would have felt, being chained together in a dark tight space. I couldn't help but imagine if one of the slaves farted and, being chained together, nobody could get away from it. I started to quietly chuckle, and my teacher yells, it's not funny! in a super offended tone. I think I got away with it since all our eyes were closed,
ScarletGhost . 11y I'm in nursing school. In my last class, we had to watch a video about people who had their children pass away, or had stillbirths. It was quite a sad video. Someone in the video was talking about their child's funeral, and mentioned that saying anything is better than saying nothing at all to the parents who had lost their children. She mentioned that someone told her, Congratulations! on accident. I don't know why, but I lost it. Burst out laughing and couldn't stop for a good five minutes. All eyes were on me. I felt horrible,
CowtheHankDog 11y I was at a super fancy violin recital, all dressed up in heels and pearls. There was a dramatic pause in the music and I couldn't help thinking, Good God, if someone dropped ass right now, it would echo up to the rafters. I learned that day that there's only so long you can disguise helpless laughter as coughing before old ladies in furcoats shame you out of a concert hall with just their eyes. ... 222
011010001 . 11y I was at a religious assembly and the speaker encouraged all of us 300+ kids to start rubbing sandpaper on our little shards of wood in order to make everything new as Jesus did. As everyone started rubbing, my friend whispered to me that it sounds like a bunch of people furiously masturbating. I cracked up silently, but when the speaker said This is a sound many of you have heard before, I lost it. ... 404
 11y A few years ago, I went with my best friend to her grandpas funeral. Не was a veteran so there were a lot of other veterans there as well. Everyone was sitting inside the church. The priest was doing the funeral mass. I was sitting next to my best friend. She was crying. On the other side of her was one of the veterans. Не started coughing and accidentally let out a fart. The fart seemed to shock him and he exclaimed, Oohph! I couldn't help but laugh as silently as possible, which wasn't really that silent. I
 0 11y My best friend at the time took me to her childhood friend's house so she could introduce us and I guess become friends. The afternoon was going just fine, we were goofing off and making stupid jokes all day, and then his dad came home from work, I asked him where his mom was and what she did for work. Не looked at me and said in the same goofy tone she's dead. I totally thought he was kidding and laughed my face off, when my friend told me he wasn't kidding I just laughed harder because


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