37 of the Funniest Tweets from Wednesday, February 28, 2024

He can’t even appreciate the double ankle breakers
37 of the Funniest Tweets from Wednesday, February 28, 2024

From its own director boycotting the premiere to a disagreement about its distribution, the Jake Gyllenhaal-led remake of Road House hasn’t exactly had the smoothest ride toward its March 8th release. Now, just 10 days before it hits Prime Video, a new controversy has developed. R. Lance Hill, who wrote the original 1989 film starring Patrick Swayze, is suing MGM for alleged copyright infringement. The suit boasts a litany of allegations, ranging from “key literary elements” being copied to being blocked from reclaiming copyrights. But perhaps the most damning accusation is the suggestion that the studio used A.I. to replicate actors’ voices amid the 2023 actors’ strike in an effort to get the film finished before the copyright expired. In a statement to Deadline, Amazon categorically denied the accusations that are “completely without merit.” Whatever the case may be, the remake has truly taken a bouncer’s beating from start to finish. 

Meanwhile, a bevy of Hollywood writers, including Shane Black and Jim Herzfeld, have teamed up to develop Gauntlet — a new tech platform that will keep humans assessing screenplays rather than A.I. As agencies and production companies increasingly use technology to replace a duty historically held by interns and assistants, Gauntlet aims to counter that rising emergence with a program that keeps “humanity in the mix” and provides “the best screenplays a legitimate and viable path to a greenlight.” The program seeks to offer writers a fair shot instead of letting them be at the mercy of software that grades a script solely on keywords and box-office algorithms. 

No form of A.I. could produce the tweets that had us in stitches today — they all came from the heart. Today’s funniest ones include those about Buckingham Palace tomfoolery, the epidemic of friendultery and the best gorilla joke of 1897. 

Ron Iver @ronnui_.17h ... My fav part of Dune 2 is at the end when present-day Timothée Chalamet wakes up in his L.A. apartment and is like phew, it was all a dream but then he finds a bunch of sand in his pocket and he looks right into the camera and guess we're really Dune this 103 3,026 49.9K 1.5M
J @yikingtons 23h I left my remote job because I couldn't develop a sexual tension with anyone 48 1,522 21.5K du 736K
roro, PhD @fuglibetty 15h Getting into liking stories more often. i always thought i should reserve the heart for stories that truly impress me... no unearned praise. but Now i'm remembering, before i am a critic, i am a humanitarian 5 1,580 11.8K 277K
DJ. @dbrwnjr . 22h ... - - mone ST Just found out newborns cant even see i i been showing this kid Allen Iverson highlights for nothing 127 5,865 60.8K 2.5M
Mya L. @myaxlana 1d court is so embarrassing like your honor can we please talk in the hallway 452 14.1K 99.7K 3.2M
Ben @Benclifteh 17h ... Fucking hope she hasn't Tinder now Nana sent you a new message. 64 1,139 42.9K 1.7M
Taylor @itsmet_19. 16h ... My favorite Kate Middleton theory so far is that she got bangs and is waiting for them to grow out 135 3,449 53.5K du 1.3M
robert franco, wandering ronin @responsiblerob 1d ... gf came home to find the cat and our roommate's dog like this 145 3.9K 76K 2.6M
mizge @mihailo 18h ... Kate Middleton missing Queen Elizabeth dead King Charles has cancer Princess Diana dead Prince William bald Prince Harry poor Queen Camilla won 93 1.2K 6K 2.9M
TripleJokerSince24 @FanSince09 - 1d I'm stepping over her to hand in my 500 mail in ballots from PHILA from dead people and pets Zoe Warren @zoewarrenmusic - dd This was the most amazing thing that I have ever seen. This woman BROKE HER HIP in the parking lot on Saturday while trying to vote for her Candidate Donald J. Trump in the South Carolina Republican Party primary elections. How do I know? I was there. We immediately ran to her... Show more 39 1.2K 23K 1.3M
It's Keaton! @EvilKeaton 14h ... Actually the best moment in Cinematic History is when Johnny Knoxville gleefully yells Не fell for soup! After hitting Ehren with a big foam hand. Knackered @kayivar 1d The CGI in this 1 shot for a humanoid alien being is I think better than anything that's been done in cinematic history so far Just this 1 shot Whatever is the complete opposite of uncanny valley, that's what this makes me feel #RestoreTheSnyderVerse GIF 31 7.4K 568K 675
Chris. @chefmade_92.21h This the hog that killed Robert Baratheon PatriotRider @centx_diesel • 4d This is what happens when domestic hogs interbreed with wild hogs The get larger each generation. 12K 81K 302 4.8M
Emperor Bumblewank @CapableOfFlight - 8h KE MA Zach в @Bencouvy 12h A second Oompa Loompa has been spotted at the Glasgow Willy Wonka Experience 17 1.4K 25K 1.2M
gab @sunflowervol323-13h kate middleton showing up to charles' funeral in two gnianol months CC From !! sybbie ~° 144 2.7K 45K 1.9M
bobby @bobbylikesbeers . 17h WARNING: This an product addictive contains chemical. nicotine. Nicotine is ZYN NICOTINE POUCHES YETU YETI TUNDRA 45 ENOLER linz What's the male version of those Stanley cups @100bandz69420 .1 1/4/24 24 784 13K 1M
Listen to Online Boy on Spotify or else (threat) 22h ... Watched Oppenheimer with my parents. They covered their ears for 5 minutes before the bomb went off, as if it might explode suddenly at any moment, and as if it would be as loud as a real bomb SCHOOL 403 3.8K 127K 4.9M
Eugene @eugeneh84 19h ... Tapping this like the This is Anfield sign as I clock in for my shift as an Oompa Loompa 6 7.8K 319K 274
datbx @datbx_ 16h me if i was a freaky catholic Dan Hentschel @danghentschel. 22h How it feels to be Catholic in todays society 2.9K 49 44K 939K
BarkBox @barkbox 1d BARK no BOX Snogzilla @snogzilla .4d Hey @barkbox can we talk about this nail polish toy my dog just dropped in my lap 53 947 19K 1.7M
Grace Cathedral Park @gracecthdralprk- 15h Every night when he stumbles into boys chat drunk, I can smell another homie's riffs on him... it makes me sick @ratlimit @ratlimit. 1d Let's talk Friendultery. Friendultery, or platonic cheating, is when one friend isn't fully honest with another friend about a second friendship. The convo on healthy communication in polyamory has been great, but platonic relationships need to be centered, too! What is Friendultery? Infidelity in polyplatonic relationships (aka multifriendships) by @ratlimit ALT 1.2K 986K 19 19K
Ezra Cubero @EzraCubero 1d - Me whenever I see someone at the theater with the DUNE popcorn bucket. GIF You two fuck yet? 13 860 18K 786K
BASED SAVAGE @crackcobain_ 23h ... GLL That era when you dropped ya phone and the battery flew out was just crazy 291 7.7K 62K 2.1M
bobby wasabi @bobbyteriyaki - 21h ... they doxxed you bro, they found your whole fucking family dude 452ND AVE Gayville IVERSON ST BROWN ST Bitchfield Idiot Clermont 16 586 7.2K 259K
GEP stoned cold fox @roastmalone_ 20h Kate Middleton hasn't been seen for about 2 months now Google M bbl recovery time All Videos News Shopping Images Maps How Long Does it Take to Recover From a BBL? It takes about two to three months to make a full recovery from a Brazilian buttock lift, but it's important to keep in mind that the BBL recovery timeline varies from person to person. The first week of the BBL recovery process is the hardest for most patients. 307 7K 10M 101K
leanne @fantasy_snack.4 4h the funniest part of the willy wonka thing is that if it reopened this weekend it'd sell more tickets than it ever did 9 281 6.8K 155K
Joe @balf4our.8h ... BREAKING: Kate Middleton has been spotted at the Willy Wonka experience in Glasgow 141 3.4K 58K 1.8M
DoBlu.com - 4K UltraHD & Blu-ray Reviews 1d Ultra High Definition Blu-ray Disc 16 835 5.8K 206K
Corn @upblissed . 1d and yo freaky ass recorded them clas @clas_ytpmv.2d freaky ass flies doin their thing on my monitor 30000:1 Digital Fine Contrast 299 5.5K 106K 5.5M
Matt Esparza @matthewesp 18h Bro I'm just trying to order a sandwich from Wendy's what the heck is this Sell Buy 18.15 18.06 Baconator® Coca-Cola Bid Size: 5 Ask Size: 8 Baconator® Medium Natural-Cut Fries Medium Coca-Cola® Coca-Cola ORIGINAL TASTE No Flavor Matthewesp 1 Edit Remove Ex Size Bid Ask Size Ex NSDQ 0 18.1 8 18.15 ARCA 18.06 ARCA 5 18.2 0 NSDQ EDGX 3 17.96 3 EDGX 18.5 97K 580 5.5K 5.2M
Meech @ayo_meechie 18h Cash apping money to myself Yoncé Vocals @YonceVocals 20h You get access to Beyoncé's phone for a day, what are you doing? 132 4.8K 43K 1.2M
Honky Pete @LynchUnhinged - 1 18h I'll go months without seeing this and then fucking die laughing again The Best Gorilla Joke of 1897 Gorilla: Did you hear about the gorilla who escaped from the zoo? Zookeeper: No. I did not. Gorilla: That is because I am a quiet gorilla. {Muffled sounds of gorilla violence] 2 246 1.5K 38K
Rohita Kadambi @RohitaKada... 1d ... Does Wes Anderson know about this? sean @_sn_n - dd Thinking about this town in Alaska where everyone lives in this one apartment building. 150 13.5K 229K 7.9M
Andrew Lawrence @ndrew_law... 3h ... when i buy a baconator on the dip, short the sandwich at 12:15 and turn a 27% profit ALT 97 4,939 54.6K 1.5M
@GoodReddit - 18h good reddit ... r/Weird 6h Join ... This birthday card my daughter made for me 8,335 280 143K 3.7M
America Is Musty 18h ... Farrakhan Muhammad Jun 4 Twizzlers Taste Like They Was Almost About To Be A Toy Lil habanero. @AyyAmbs.21h I haven't had a twizzler in like 5 years and now i remember why. These things are nasty. 98 4,211 23K 1.2M
Patrick McKelvey @pmckelve... 18h ... Nothing but love for the older woman who saw her husband staring at two people screaming at each other in the grocery store parking lot, said mind your business, Morty, before looking at me, thirty feet away, and saying, you too. 17 281 6,158 del 129K
shauna mcguire @duckbldg 1d ... i posted this to IG story and a friend who doesn't speak a lot of english messaged me terminal? at least you have some time with him left  and 12 hours later she texted again thinking and praying for your cat, ive been crying so much so now i feel like shit shauna mcguire @duckbldg.2d he's been diagnosed.....w.thi a terminal case of LGS (little guy syndrome) 90 3,779 92.1K 2.1M


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