26 of the Funniest Tweets from Tuesday, February 27, 2024

26 of the Funniest Tweets from Tuesday, February 27, 2024

After going on a ‘59 Wilt Chamberlain run with his critically acclaimed first season, Beef creator and EP Lee Sung Jin is ready for a second serving. While there are no deals in place, Deadline reported that Jin is in talks with new indie darlings Charles Melton and Cailee Spaeny to have an on-screen feud with Brokeback Mountain duo Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal for the next season of Beef. If everything falls into place for the Netflix darling, it would continue the trend of highly-lauded limited series becoming not-so-limited, as we recently saw with the guests of The White Lotus. Let’s just hope Gyllenhaal doesn’t read his lines in a “Pepe Le Pew-like accent.”

If beef isn’t your thing, perhaps a bodily fluid will suffice? Maybe even a talking phallus? Whatever it is you’re looking for, the Pope of Trash probably has it, and he’s coming back for his first film in 20 years. John Waters is reportedly returning to his hometown of Baltimore to adapt his 2022 novel Liarmouth with Hollywood’s crassest princess, Aubrey Plaza, set to star. Waters’ “feel-bad romance” is described as a “hilariously filthy tale of sex, crime and family dysfunction.” Love live the Sultan of Sleaze. 

As you wait for these exciting developments to unfold, the timeline is here to keep you entertained. Today’s funniest tweets include those about the humble origins of the ant, your average co-worker and one girl taking the piss out of the afterlife.

sh Z @certishaz. 1d when i was planning my life out at 13 i really didn't account for the crash of the economy 107 17.4K 73.3K du 2M
Cian @nodrectionhome 1d how do you guys have the time to be extremely well read, watch a film every day AND be annoying on twitter? i only i have time for the last one 65 1,524 12.2K 425K
robert franco, wandering ronin 16h ... gf came home to find the cat and our roommate's dog like this 109 2,867 55.6K 1.2M
Druthers Haver @6thgrade4ev... 21h ... just walked past a guy talking on the phone and wearing the biggest pair of pants ive seen since the 1990s and heard him say yeah im wearing them right now 38 2,605 54.7K del 1.3M
chase. @cfree94. 1d ... tw: alcohol; drug use; mental illness; the complexity of the human experience i had such a nice weekend 10 4,046 31.8K du 965K
Lucas P. Johnson @LucasPJohn 1d ... Ben Platt looks like a Ventriloquist Michael. @yosoymichael 1d Ben Platt standing on stage with his arm wrapped around Noah Galvin's waist. Noah looking up at Ben with hearts twinkling in his eyes. Wow, maybe love really does win. #SpiritAwards 32 1,149 36.9K 1.9M
pointman @appuntito160.20h ... My brain wouldn't let me go on with my day until I made this. of the UAL REPORT TOWN MONT 365 8,505 55.9K 1.5M
bethany @fiImgal 1d when your family member asks you to pose in the middle of christmas dinner Rafa Sales Ross @rafiews 1d Why would a photographer snap a picture of Emma Stone mid-chicken pie NIM OL UNITED ВПОА must DELTA PRESENTS: 51 5,869 104K 3.9M
mia @arrivalleneuve 1d ... cameraman hear Cillian Murphy saying my wife and his first reaction was filming Chris To my wife, Yvonne, LIVE 17 1,247 24.6K 504K
Matthew Ferrari @MatthewFerrari -1 1d : being 23 was like the Book of Job rou @ickgs 3d what was y'all's worst Age ?? mine was 14/15 probably 10 192 1.8K del 118K
tommy bayer @tommybayertime 21h remember eating honey nut Cheerios as like a 7 year old and being like my cholesterol is gonna be so god damn perfect after this 22 1.9K 33K 761K
august @regularaugust.1 16h ... People who live in New York City are tweeting shit like now seated for Citizen Kane on 35mm at 6pm on a Wednesday 80 1.9K 22K 918K
Kaden @kaden53535 . 17h ... This is the funniest line from a politician FOX CUOMO: I'M NOT PERVERTED, I'M JUST ITALIAN EWS 22 ET Watters' World 11 138 2.1K 61K
ella devi @HOUSEOFDEVI 1d how i act when the gc doesn't reply isnt this literally us ok i guess ill just KILL MYSELF THEN + Message 7 266 93K 2.5K
raine @thegorezone. 1h john waters, paul verhoeven and david cronenberg are all working on new movies right now. it's like they saw all the anti-sex scene discourse and assembled the pervert film elder avengers Reel Updates @worldofreel. 14h AUBREY PLAZA is set to star in JOHN WATERS' Liarmouth -his first film in over 20 years. Production will begin this summer in Baltimore tinyurl.com/bdf9hbu7 BFI ES 575 41K 8 2.2K
jacob. @jtimsuggs 20h if i won the lottery i wouldn't tell anyone but there would be signs QUAR Fodge Striper JARJAK STAR WARS 56 15K 408K 1.4K
Brandon Streussnig @BrndnStrsssgg 7h Your coworker is happier than anyone on this app josh tenet @joshtenet. 18h was talking to my coworker about Dune and he literally had no clue what it was. asked him what his favourite movies are and he said The Amazing Spider-Man, Anyone But You and that movie where George Clooney is a TV presenter ate M GEORGE CLOONEY JULIA ROBERTS JACK O'CONNELL MONEY MONSTER NOT EVERY CONSPIRACY 15 A THEORY. DE REE - - and الا the ملكا TH - LE 15 is YOU! and - INTERNATIONAL HE - I a all CHECO E the
depths of wikipedia @depthsofwiki 12h ... I love that Wikipedia's entire history is public. It takes like WIKIPEDIA The The two clicks to the very first version of the ant article, in its entirety, from 2001 Ant From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The poor little ant doesn't have an article? I know nothing about ants, but at least I didn't crack the Wife of my uncle joke. 15 683 9.4K 209K
rod @RodHwrd 1d Who ordered gratuity?? @Ya5avPrincessa 2d Makay Mfs seen THAT bill 12 730 14K 111K 6.2M
Katie D @KatieDeal99 - 1 18h Do you think in heaven you can pee anywhere you want? My daughter, asking the big questions 78 131 1.4K 44K
Accidental Bronson @Accident... . 1d ... .. PARA Jean-Luc Bouchard @jlucbouchard Slicing my strawberry shortcake ice cream bar like it's wagyu beef 9 790 14.8K 438K
Ned Schneebly @Patlantis... 23h ... I had a friend who doesn't care for sports sit & watch a basketball game & hes quiet for a bit & just barks out: Yeah I dont think there are that many squeaks. They gotta be pumping em in That was over 10 yrs ago I havent watched a single game since without thinking of it soul nate @MNateShyamaL... 1 1d what's the lowest stakes conspiracy theory you have? i think airplane mode is a hoax because they don't want you texting your friends and telling them you're not having fun О... 76 3,351 61.7K 3.8M
soph @tobesophlonely-1 1d i love this shania twain lyric X Becky Taylor-Gill @beckyt... . .2d The best part about being a woman at a men's football match is you can fart and no one will think it's you 12 472 7,199 655K
Jamie Klingler @jamieklingler. 1d ... I just kissed the guy in the coffee shop hello bc I thought he was my date. Не was the only one in there & looked like he was waiting for coffee. Knelt down to pet smalls. So I kissed him hello. Не then asked if I wanted anything and then took off his coat and was an employee. 304 697 15K del 1.2M
good reddit @GoodReddit.8h r/Showerthoughts 47m dog breathes to hard Mindblowing he breathe right on me. had stinky breathe Vote 12 Share SINGLE COMMENT THREAD VIEW ALL ASymmtrue 27m What Edit 1 Now stinky Vote 13 1,025 21.5K 425K
lil arab @sweatyhairy 2h *horniest dude who's ever existed* that's sick what does being a project manager entail? 3 201 2,553 du 71.9K


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