32 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of February 19, 2024

32 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of February 19, 2024

It’s been another jam-packed week. Jimmy Kimmel might retire, Ricky Gervais inexplicably threw his hat into the ring to join the MCU and John Oliver is trying to use his wallet for good. But no one’s had a week like True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto. The mind behind the show’s groundbreaking first season hasn’t been shy about sharing his feelings about the show’s latest installment. Pizzolatto took to Instagram to slam Night Country by reposting comments that call the season a “hot mess” that “butchered” his original work. 

While this was the first season Pizzolatto didn’t have a hand in writing, he did serve as an executive producer. Unfortunately for Pizzolatto, HBO believes in Night Country writer/director Issa López’s work enough to ask her to return for another season. Whereas Pizzolatto agreed with some fans that the finale was “lazy and nonsensical,” HBO called Lopez a “one-of-a-kind, rare talent that speaks directly to HBO’s creative spirit.”

In more internet-y news, the timeline has been filled to the brim with tweets that had us belly-laughing all week. The funniest ones include those about a big Beatle, how to spend your lottery winnings and a woman who gets what she wants.

The Morally Corrupt Jay Resnick @haunted_mi...3d .... or maybe playing uno just an idea lissy @xanaxxcereal. 6d doing coke off this 9 347 6.6K the 216K

rev @whyrev.4 4d ... Meryl streep gulped, viola davis blinked nervously, jennifer lawrence quivered, jessica lange shuddered FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates 4d Sabrina Brier has joined the cast of 'ABBOTT ELEMENTARY' season 3. WOOD Elementary 46 2.8K 50K 2M

Conor Sheeran @conor_sheeran3 3d ... 14-year-old me attempting to balance the Jets assets after I overspent on free agents by raising the price of a hot dog to 100 dollars DISCOUNTS A/R MTD FEE MTD A/R DEPOSIT FEES $ 102.00 $ 102.00 $ $ 11,371.75 $ 1,473.75 $ 6,818.00 $ 8,291.75 $ $ $ 2,558.07 $ 20,849.82 $ $ 4,691.49 $ 25,541.31 $ $ 5,432.52 $ 30,973.83 $ $ 85,756.29 $ 116,730.12 $ $ 8,550.97 $ 125,281.09 $ $ 62, 109.25 $ 541.02 187,390.34 $ $ 54,102.00 $ 241,492.34 $ $ 541.02 689.98 $ 242,182.32 $ $ 541.02 478.32 $

Matilda 69 @matildae22.5d Once again Mark Wahlberg promoting Catholicism like it's a protein powder pyramid scheme Brandon Streussnig @BrndnStrssng 5d Hope you all have a great day today CC 0:05 57 915 22K 1.4M

Gale NLM @poisonjr . 4d REPORTER: Is San Francisco the #2 city in the world? It JOHN: isn't even the #2 city that starts with San spor @sporadicalia. 6d look, all i'm saying is that SF and the Bay Area would be so much cooler if someone built a Statue of Colossus on Alcatraz ... 53 369 13K 579K

frunky -, @Doof_MD.4d you have to stop Irish baby, your swag too faire, your drink too stout, your bitch too buxom, they'll kill you Irish baby The author, Séamas O'Reilly @shockp... 3/17/20 For those saying my son looks Irish. That photo is not even in the top ten. May I present, at seven months old, my precious little pintbaby. GUINNESS 68 12K 130K 4.5M

it Maddie (ghosts are real) @Picklemaddierix 5d - . you just know gene is smashing that shit in a bob's burgers b plot @RobbBeaux 5d Apparently 'Bed making competition' is a thing. The way he put that Duvet together was a thing of beauty. C 2:15 27 1.6K 24K 859K

@globalzaay 1d zaay Vibrator hanging like you finna go in the booth and drop a freestyle lovee @prettyasslovee. 1d what's some good to watch on tubi? tubi 489 11K 122K 14M

bob @TheBestPoaster. 3d VOTER THE RUS POASTER the third one in the trilogy gonna go crazy ONE One Take News @OneTakeNews. 5d A 'PROJECT X' sequel, titled 'PROJECT XX' is in the works. The film will have a female-led cast. (via @ThelnSneider) 1 10 132 17K

cru @cruatron 5d dm need NEW YORK, NEW YORK If you got a Horse swipe up 40 1.1K 13K 320K

F % ٨ @KloroComments. 5d Tweet my girlfriend is so funny now 1:13 PM F @KloroComments. 5d My girlfriend is so funny. 199 14K 100K 4M

Savia (artist) @saviaivas 1d ... This is some sh-t you'd see on adult swim at 2am. The back of the couch would say  @GAFollowers . 1d Everything Georgia Atlanta is unbelievable at times. CJ 0:15 10K 96K 3.6M 6

alex 7 @nothnghppens 4d the award kinda look like him FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates.4d Cillian Murphy is a first-time BAFTA winner for Best Actor. 46 5.1K 114K 3.2M

jeremy @jeremylovesyall. 2d holy fuck i can read portuguese lila @faelwnnon . 2 2d filme do john: gay filme do paul: gay? filme do george: gay e autismo filme do ringo: 90K 40 4.5K 3M

andrea @andreaonhbo. 1d If I was Issa López I would post this, tag Nic Pizzolatto and turn my phone off V Variety @Variety 1d True Detective has been renewed for Season 5 at HBO. Issa López, creator of True Detective: Night Country, will helm it under her new overall deal with HBO. Season 4 is the most-watched installment of the show to date, with 12.7 million cross platform viewers.... Show more 10 TV 'TRUE DETECTIVE' RENEWED FOR SEASON 5 WITH 'NIGHT COUNTRY' CREATOR ISSA LÓPEZ RETURNING VARIETY 1 239 2.2K 95K

Adam Thomas @TheHonorableAT.2d If she had to write 31 fries I'm on her side I know she done had more than one conversation. @Moreofleee. 3d bruh my sister ask me for a marker.. I come back & she write this??? 5'h shrimp 2 chicks 31 Fries Don't touch FatBack 108 14K 139K 4.3M

Rodger Sherman @rodger 3d RoadRodge Nothing gets you to adopt the evil billionaire mindset MoneyLion quicker than dynasty mode in sports video games. I was 12 years old price-gouging my fans on concessions and cutting franchise icons because they wanted too much in free agency Bruce Matson @MetricScout . 4d I miss changing hotdog prices on Madden. L R GIANTS ny GIANTS STADIUM AT THE MEADOWLANDS FAN SUPPORT OUTDOOR/GRASSY TURF STADIUM TYPE N/A AVG ATTENDANCE $- 11.75M CURRENT ASSETS PRICE vs EXPECTED HOT DOGS $8 HAMBURGERS $5 PIZZA $5 7 72 1.6K 158K

bethany @fiImgal 4d every actor when talking about leaving the MCU lately: Trisha Paytas @trishapaytas IM FREEEEEE!!!!!!!! WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY FUCKING LIFE 12:12 AM Aug 12, 2017 4F DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm - 5d I played a guy named Tony in the MCU for about 12 years. And then recently Chris Nolan suggested I attempt an understated approach as a last-ditch effort to resurrect my d... 192 3 2.9K 86K

lucky @ccrysthal . 5d ... They cut back on school budgets so these mfs could have a dance team?? Clown World TM ôô @ClownWorld_. 5d NYPD dance team قا FIP 1770 YYFB PIXII.COM MEET THE NYPD DANCE TEAM 9:36 PIX+ 29° x 0:58 12K 91K 486 5.1M

eepy joe @sevignatOr 2d Imagine a beatles movie where theyre all normal size except Paul is inexplicably 7 feet tall Loony Lupin @LoonyLupin2.2d Babe...? x.com/saltssburns/st... 166 7.3K 158K 4.8M

Friedkin February @LazlosGhost 4d I'm so glad we're entrusting the future to AI. Keith Harris @useful_noise.4d People also ask ... Who does Anya Taylor-Joy play in Dune 2? соу Yes, Anya Taylor-Joy is in Dune 2. However, she played соу when asked about her presence at the premiere and who she was playing saying that viewers had to see the film to find out. 2 days ago 18 1.1K 35K 1.2M

@JoeDaActivist.4 4d ... Me listening to her talk about her day (idgaf) NBA L-S A 77 4K 30K 1.7M

defleppardfan94 @lemonade_grrrl . 2 2d unidentified flying object TO YOU. i know what it is 26 3.2K 26K del 610K

rachel yara @bugposting 4d ... (Trying to explain non binary) it's kind of like if a boy and a girl had a baby 2 42 867 31K

ЕЇЗ | @ilyk8e.4 4d ... is that a threat You're alone in this call. freaky bob can still join anytime while you are here. 46 3.3K 44K 778K

evan @esjesjesj 2d Bro we are not going to make it evan @esjesjesj 11h I was the member of SEAL Team 6 who took out Osama, but you can't even tell anybody that these days because of wokeness g @billygrene 4d What's your contribution to society? 9 5 141 del 21.3K Fettju @Fettju123685 Oh, so you are a liar. Okay good to know. 102 465 33K 1.5M

W.E.B. Fucc Boi @biscuitsjoe 5d ... If I won the lottery I wouldn't tell anyone but there would be signs Palm @PerfectlyWeird . 5d 45 1.7K 38K 2M

Eric Shun @Anu_Start_ - 1d Chat is this rizz? Allye My most irrational fear inch worms Then I've got something that's gonna terrify you Done and for from W e r t u i q y o p a S d f h g j k I 7 V .. h n m 31 587 19.6K 1M

Dr Laura Eastlake @VictorianM... 2d ... The big bottle of soy sauce is empty. Inner chaos-voice: Fill it full of Diet Coke and casually sip from it in staff meetings, just to freak people out? ALL-PURPOSE SEASONING KIKKOMAN® NATURALLY BREWED Soy Sauce 1 LITRE e OVER 300 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE ALT 184 1,679 29.7K 671K

erin chack @ErinChack.4d ... once again it is 4pm, too early for a beer, too late for a coffee, and so i i find myself roaming the streets desperate to spend $8 on a mysterious third beverage 1,837 13.2K 147K 12.9M

jenny_tightpants @haloma... 13h ... it's crazy how common it is for video games to have jump buttons compared to real life where i can't remember the last time i needed to jump 296 2,313 59.1K 1.6M

jay @kendallhosseini-2 22h this article deserves a pulitzer prize 4 Matt Damon not wearing wedding ring again during another visit to Ben Affleck's house which could mean nothing Last week I posted about Matt Damon, as he was photographed after a visit to Ben Affleck's, and he ... Lainey Gossip 17 hours ago 24 3,787 69.6K 1.6M


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