18 of the Funniest Tweets from Friday, February 23, 2024

This phrasing is crazy…
18 of the Funniest Tweets from Friday, February 23, 2024

After years of taunting his opponents in the ring with the exact opposite, you can finally “see” John Cena “like you’ve never seen (him) before.” Yesterday, the wrestler-turned-actor took to Twitter to announce a pivot to OnlyFans. His content, however, comes with two caveats. First, the page is free-to-view. The second, and probably most glaring difference, is that the content isn’t of Cena himself, but the titular “renowned impersonator, philanthropist, investment banker, socialite, cancer survivor and method actor” he plays in the upcoming film Ricky Stanicky. Audiences will be able to see how the marketing stunt ties into the Peter Farrelly movie when it’s released next month.

Fellow athlete Eli Manning is also branching outside of his comfort zone — though he’s definitely keeping his clothes on while doing so. The two-time Super Bowl MVP is producing a Hulu series titled Chad Powers, which is based on his undercover experience in the ESPN+ docuseries Eli’s Places. Glen Powell is set to star in the half-hour comedy series, in addition to serving as co-creator and co-writer. Chad Powers marks the second series based on a character created for a sports program after the highly successful Ted Lasso

Over on the timeline, posters are sticking to what they know best — which is being downright hilarious. Today’s funniest tweets include those about Small Dick Energy, the elusive 4 p.m. beverage and the quintessential bass player.

Benedict Townsend @Bene... 7h ... Wordle, NYT connections, daily mini crossword... modern people yearn for the riddles of the sphinx 20 3,437 31.8K 733K
$aint $mith @SaintSmith_.3h ... I have 2 photos... in my hand Nature is Amazing 6h A Siberian Tiger and Brown Bear at the same tree in Russia's far east. 166 2,141 13.8K du 790K
for @ethersince. 3h ... # did i i fumble Today 10:26 AM can i put my thingy in your whatever Read 10:26 AM 30 1.3K 14K 286K
Zack Stentz @MuseZack.22h ... our I think the real lesson of True Detective season 4 is that Jodie Foster investigates weird murders is a billion dollar bill lying on the ground that it inexplicably took Hollywood thirty years to pick up. 50 424 5.9K 300K
holden m. accountable @noahpasaran 11h you can't call it folk music anymore, because of Woke. do Dillabol you have to call it folx music.  and you have to play on the banjx 31 1.7K 17K 406K
Tony P. @Tbone7219. 17h I'm growing a ponytail so no one will ever ask me to hold their baby. 56 98 559 19K
sixfootcandy @sixfootcandy 1d ... Have you ever seen a spider, then gone into another room to grab something to get rid of it, and when you return it's disappeared, so you have to move out of your house? 33 98 740 29K
Dom2K @Dom_2k - 1d No bull, my stomach has not been the same since this day Dom2K @Dom_2k . 3d Lunch time ZERO SUGAR M S S UNNSTER ZERO N - ULTRA DE a WAKE 487 3.2K 93K 5.7M
@IssaLiyah__ . 1 1d Liyah Michelle My uncle bought this tv from a crackhead so why he turn it on and it's the sonic menu 0.39 900-1340 Cal Sandwich 3.59 720/610 Cal CINNABON Grape Slush with 59 kcal 18 NERDS Condy by 0-66G Cinnasnack Uma 1440 Cream Cheese SSCA Cry Frosting 160 Cal LT. 239 289 - 59 un this Floror 15 219 200k IN +Drink M Clerry Strawberry VISION 4.29 Unsweet Tea FREE K Yella 19-90 Ca the 5 380-640 Cal A I 20-10 CA i & Years adidas spe ha I 1 King JK 3.09 380 Cal 439 63 Premium ! BOLA - Der Day
Ricky @PicassoMadeSty. 1d Bet. Watch the news at 6 tomorrow. looking good Refund so far $89 Explain my numbers Helpful Not Helpful Continue 792 5K 34K del 2.2M
matt @computer_gay 20h watching madame web 30 seconds ahead of madame web to see my future 98 4.7K 101K 2M
Joe @mojoejoejoemtz- 1d ... She has ATT no wonder I ain't get a text back in 3 weeks, it all makes sense now GIF ALT 75 4K 37K del 1.8M
jake, @callmeshitto. 1d excited for my first day at at&t as a network engineer supporting national infrastructure. just unplugged a few things in the server room for my space heater. it's cold in here. should be fine though 97 6.9K 112K 3.8M
7/11 Truther @DaveMcNamee3000. 1d ... There has to have been a better way for my friend to tell the group chat he was listening to Eric Clapton !! Now blasting Cream at my desk 39 2.4K 33K 1.3M
nell @lesIiebens 21h tomdaya for senior citizens and theater kids Page Six Page Six @PageSix 1d Meryl Streep and Martin Short grab dinner together after denying dating rumors trib.al/1JIWZ4q 44K 14 2.4K 1.3M
hunter @hunter_hhhh . 9h i hope this P USS IS YO finds you well TaraBull @TaraBull808.15h BREAKING: Elon Musk says he's creating XMail, an alternative to Gmail. Will you use this over Google? Nate X @natemcgrady-2 2h When we making XMail? 54 37 242 du 12K Elon Musk X @elonmusk•10m X It's coming 49 12 124 1.4K 6 1.2K 17K 412K
michael J @j3wtalian 20h ... a real work email i just got et IN a Wed 2/21/2024 2 NOT FUNNY.jpg 718 KB Attention Premium Collection Stores: Chiming Chinney Foot If you sell K Vintners wines featuring a large K on the label (we carry various varietals and vintages), please avoid facing them three bottles, Amity Amity inevard side-by-side, like attached. A ineyards Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. KKK ects FAIT WITH - WITH PINOT NOT $42.99 SAMPLE 2211 the - $20.89 - Type - LANST Forward Reply all 134 2.3K 58K 2.3M
TheJosiahTurner (CHEYENNE OUT) @TheJosTur.... 1d ... bro got the EVIL usb port at the bottom veer @undercOveer. 1d SSS was looking for usb hubs on amazon and what the fuck enter did just find USB3 O y And H USB3.0 USB3.0 USB3.0 USB3. O USB3. O SS USB3.0 USB3.0 USB3.0 USB3 O 1.7M 63K 2.3K 46


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