32 Wildly Egregious — and Infuriating — Examples ‘Rich Kid Syndrome’

‘Dad sold the jet and now I have to fly commercial to our ranch’
32 Wildly Egregious — and Infuriating — Examples ‘Rich Kid Syndrome’

When we consider all of the negative repercussions of wealthy people existing on this planet, it’s hard not to think of “Rich Kid Syndrome,” which has claimed more victims than any viral disease. Even without bringing nepotism into it, rich people are delusional to an infuriating degree about how the world works. Take, for instance, the trust-fund girl whose father gave her money to start a business. She did, then went on vacation for six months and didn’t pay her employees while she was gone. Laughably, she was under the impression that her employees would just continue working without being paid until she got back. 

And yet, this is far from the worst case of Rich Kid Syndrome that Redditors have experienced. It’s very unfortunate that this affliction isn’t fatal

 . 4y My personal favorite was in college - kid down the hall from me bought a brand new Fender Stratocaster and played with it for a day and got bored and sold it to me case and all for $20. I still have it and play it fifteen years later. It's a great guitar. ... 28.4k
Pencilowner 4y Knew a trust fund girl whose dad gave her the money to start a company. She lost it when she went on vacation for 6 months and forgot she was supposed to pay her employees all the time. She assumed they would not get paid for 6 months and be there when she got back. I quizzed her on this for a few min and it was clear she had no idea what a job was. ... 4.9k
tnrivergirl . 96d Former friend stamping her foot and crying because Dad sold the jet and I have to take a commercial flight to our ranch. ... Reply 2.1k
 . 4y A 12 year old family friend. Got an iPhone XS for his birthday, then deliberately shattered his iPhone 8. ... 4.5k
 . 4y Girl I went to high school with got a Mercedes for her 16th birthday. Bitched and moaned about the fact that she didn't get a Lexus, because her name was Lexi and she thought it would be sooooo cool! for Lexi to drive a Lexus with a custom license plate saying Lexi. Her parents did cave and buy her a Lexus for her 17th birthday.
humanextintion . 4y First day as a librarian in a private school. Help a 7 year old with the printer. Не offers to tip me. ... 38.4k
Wright4000 . 4y I knew a girl whose allowance was $90 a day. She got into trouble so they cut it to $90 a week. 18.2k
foxaer . 4y Girl got a 2 year old Range Rover for her 17th. Now 20 and still doesn't have her license... sits unused in their 4 car garage ... 4k
SpiritualAmbassador . 4y Ex-girlfriend's friend said to me, Can you believe there are people who have never been on a private jet?? Uhh, yeah, I'm one of them... ... 17.9k
captain_screwup . 4y In high school a kid was bragging that he got in his third fender bender in his old car (3 years old) that his parents gave him but he hated, so his parents were buying him an entirely new (current year) car to incentivize him to drive better. ... 16.7k
AuthorizedVehicle . 4y My mom's friend used to buy new clothes each season and throw out the old ones. She had to be taught by her husband to save them for the next year. Edit: This happened way back in the '50's. Her family was very rich, and he was just a normal guy. ... 16.1k
SailorVenus23 . S 96d Not me, but a friend of mine was an assistant trainer at a Panera store. They hired a teenager who was only working there to meet people, and one day had a group leave a huge mess in the dining room. Apparently the teen turned to my friend and said should we get the help to clean that? And my friend had to explain that they were the help. Не apparently quit not long after. ... Reply 1.3k
LiterallyOuttoLunch . 96d I used to work with someone who proclaimed to be an environmentalist. She was very preachy. Once I had a can of Coke on my desk. She said, You're going to recycle that, right?. She used her father's personal jet all the time. Once, just to fly from NYC to Boston to see a baseball game. ... Reply 6.4k
PazzaCiccio 4y A girl in my school was surprised by her parents in the school's parking lot with a new BMW. A freaking BMW. Everyone who is out is basically watching this go down and she starts crying. At first we are all thinking its because she's so happy but then she runs back into the school. Apparently they were supposed to show up earlier (I'm assuming when there would be more students to witness the surprise). I felt bad for the Dad because he looked totally embarrassed and sad about it. You know in his head he's like, I
meta_uprising . 4y Girl at work told me she hated her Dad. I asked why. She said he keeps asking for money since she used his credit card for a Euro trip and left him an 80 grand bill from last year. ... 42.1k
tuscabam 0 4y When I was in college a friend that was heavy in the frat life told me about a freshman that got kicked out for having a servant flown to town to do the hazing chores he was supposed to do. ... 28.1k
 . 4y Someone's sister got $600 shoes so the parents got the other kid shoes of the same price to stop their complaining Edit: it was a birthday present for the first kid i should've said that ... 18.6k
 . 4y Knew this one guy at my college who didn't understand why everybody is so worked up about student loans. I remember him saying something along the lines of why don't people just pay the tuition upfront. Не was also quite sheltered. ... 17.7k
picksandchooses . . 4y A 14 year old in full volume cursing meltdown (WHERE THE FUCK IS HE!!???) because the pilot of the private helicopter that had brought him there had gone off to get a cup of coffee. The kid was done skiing for the day and found it totally unacceptable that he had to wait 10 minutes before he got flown home. ... 23.3k
bubbaklutch . 4y One time a college dorm mate next door was stressing his dad hadn't yet given him money for the month, and $1000 wasn't going to last him for the week. Meanwhile I'm having to donate plasma to afford my next meal. Life just be like that. ... 25.5k
Timinime 4y A friend I met at Uni flew from Auckland to London for a week to go shopping. Clothes were cheaper in London, so to him it made sense. His parents were from Singapore and had no idea just how much cheaper cars were in New Zealand. So when he said he needed $70k for a Toyota Corolla they gave him the money and he bought a used BMW МЗ. When he went home for the summer he asked if I could mind the car for him - given his Dad had pretty much cut him off at that point he
Shelldonix 4y I was that poor kid who ended up getting a scholarship to a ridiculous private school. The one thing that stood out massively for me was probably how much people cared about what everyone else parents did. Like your parents achievements counted for yourself. My daddy just brought a new plane (Yes a literal statement) So what does your dad do? When I replied Fuck all they laughed and thought I was being cool about it. ... 22.7k
party_atthemoontower 0 4y Dad bought his college aged daughter a house in a VERY nice neighborhood so that she and her friends could live rent free while they attended university. Не remodeled the entire house. In all he probably spent close to $2 million. Two weeks after moving in, they left a candle burning while they went to the store to get snacks for a football game. Came home and the house was on fire. A month later, it was good a new for them to move back in. ... 11.5k
 . 4y Went to HS with this insufferably spoiled kid. Family had a couch in their home's elevator. And classical European sculpture (this was in the U.S.). Kid talked down to/about the less fortunate on a regular basis. Once made fun of me for picking a coin up off the ground. ... 17k
huazzy 4y Not scathing like most of the ones on here. I grew up attending a private school in a developing country so a lot of my classmates were in the 1% of the country. Whenever we'd be swimming in the school pool one friend of ours in particular would always remark that swimming is more fun if the pool has a current or waves. To which I had no idea what he was talking about and generally thought he was just being imaginative. One day he invited me over to his house for swimming and... Не had a 50
thecrusadeswereahoax 4y Went to a destination wedding in Mexico resort. Rich kids rented a golf cart, tore through the streets and flipped the cart (injuring people and causing a huge commotion and traffic jam). A Mexican lady comes out and begins to scold them for their behavior. You wouldn't act this way at home! Rich kid responds, I promise you we do. It was the earnestness of his reply that got me.
sholbyy . 4y I worked at a Starbucks and we hired a new guy, who I was training. At one point, I had to show him how to clean the restrooms. I grab the bleach, and hand him a pair of gloves and he looks at me in disgust and says, we don't have a maid to clean the bathrooms?? Не quit the next day lol. ... 14.6k
chuteboxhero . 4y My college roommate's mom gave him fucking $1400 for the weekend just randomly. Не blew through the whole thing by Saturday asked his mom for more money and was screaming at her because she promised $1400 for the weekend and he spent most of what she gave him on Friday which isn't a part of the weekend. ... 18k
StiffyStephy . 4y I use to have a friend who would constantly say I love when my dad gives me money. and If I ask for a certain amount of money my parents always give me $50 extra.. This girl then bought a apartment boasting about it on Facebook and how proud she was of herself how at 23 she was able to afford a home at such a young age all on her own. Still makes me want to face plant into a pile of jagged rocks. ... 7.1k
Bammerice . 4y One girl from my high school got breast implants for her 18th birthday. Her mom joined her as a mother/daughter bonding activity, followed by the daughter getting a brand new $90,000 Mercedes as a high school graduation gift ... 7.6k
Nathaniel66 . 4y There was this rich kid in our class who was literally disgusted by us- buying used stuff (like computer parts) on ebay. Once during conversation i said i bought on ebay memory module for my pc and said to me that i should have a little dignity, and if i buy used stuff i should keep it to myself. ... 23.9k
 4y There's a lot of rich kids in my particular business program in university. I met this one girl a few months ago at a social. We were chatting a bit about our program and she proudly told me about how she threatens to sue the school whenever things don't go her way. She also said said something to the effect of: they have to take the threat seriously because they know I actually have the means to follow through haha. ... 20.8k


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