28 of the Funniest Tweets from Friday, February 16, 2024

28 of the Funniest Tweets from Friday, February 16, 2024

While Jennifer Lopez’s self-indulgent sweeping epic that just hit Prime Video ensures that Bennifer is stronger than ever, a different kind of Bennifer reunion may be in store soon. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jennifer Garner is in talks to join Ben Affleck’s upcoming directorial venture Animals. Although the two have previously acted alongside each other — including in 2005’s disasterpiece Elektra — this would be Garner’s first time being directed by Affleck following their divorce. Making matters even messier? Garner would be acting opposite the Oscar winner’s other other lover, Matt Damon, in the Netflix crime thriller. 

Disney is also planning to dabble in a healthy dose of nostalgia — this time of the Saturday morning cartoon variety. Yesterday, the studio released the trailer for its newest animated series X-Men ‘97, which will pick up where X-Men: The Animated Series left off, back in — you guessed it — 1997. The revival pays respect to the original by emulating the same animation style that made the initial series so popular and is set to air on Disney+ in March, with a second season already in development.  

The timeline, on the other hand, is living in the moment and firing off some of the most hilarious tweets on the fly. Today’s funniest include those about someone who would make an incredibly astute detective, the country finally embracing ancient traditions and an ominous autofill suggestion.

sami @beauregardbias 16h the birth place of greek mythology and mamma mia not having had gay marriage legalized until today is actually crazy Pop Base @PopBase 18h Greece has legalized same-sex marriage, becoming the first Orthodox Christian country to do so. 4.2K 660K 28 39K

CLUB JAY JAY @JayJurden . 2 23h 3 shirtless hunks A non binary smart ass Two teen runaways A MOTHER! An actual mother Two semi straights in tanks tops Gang's all here! CLUB JAY JAY @JayJurden 1d 3 Dollar Bill X-Men night when??? 35 1.7K 13K 422K

reversecowgirl69 @botticellibimbo. 1d ... walked by this man the other day and accidentally said oh hey it's the guy from girls a little too loud as we passed him and he literally turned around and glared at me FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates - 2 2d Ebon Moss-Bachrach to star as Ben Grimm also known as The Thing, in Marvel's 'FANTASTIC FOUR' movie. 4 70 545 23K du 2.1M

twink joan didion @bobbyonmain 15h WHY DO THEY HAVE A PASSCODE ON THE COKE FREESTYLE MACHINE Enter Password to Unlock 2 3 1 5 6 4 و 8 7 0 2 2 54 2.4K

bo theldlerwheel @TheldlerWheel 19h Average twitter interaction LAW V & ORDER peacock SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT 10:27 LAW & ORDER Paranoid Schizophrenic Attacked By Misogynistic Homosexual | Law & Orde... Law & Order 18K views 5 hours ago 33 14K 102K 2.3M

Charles Bramesco @intothecrevasse.2 22h She's playing Cornholio V Variety @Variety22h As if the cast of Denis Villeneuve's Dune: Part Two couldn't get any more star-studded, Anya Taylor-Joy has joined the ensemble. Variety can confirm that Taylor-Joy makes an appearance in Dune, playing a major character from the franchise that we won't spoil here.... Show more FILM SURPRISE! ANYA TAYLOR-JOY CONFIRMS 'DUNE: PART TWO' ROLE AT LONDON PREMIERE VARIETY 15 278 4.3K 297K

@brzie_ 21h Ivy this fucking convo between my coworker who quit and my boss is killing me bc bro quit with a breakup text and my boss responded like a serial killer Today 13:57 I dont think this job is going to work out sorry Your quitting ? Yes Delivered Haha You coward Never burn a bridge little man Good luck growing up + iMessage 149 3.8K 70K 1.6M

Drunk Coyotes @drunkyotes.22h Vape shop PEPSI WISECONNECTOR TM @wiseconn... .22 2d What would you do with this space? 13K 9.1M 241 193K

Rude Boy @rudepolaroids - . 1d ... I... 9:47 AM Hey babe. Did you leave a Michelle Branch shirt at my place after the orgy? 13 36 522 40K

Madeline Grant @Madz_Grant-2 23h As wedding pictures go it doesn't get much better than Queen Victoria insisting on photobombing her son and his wife, by sitting between them wearing full mourning dress and staring at a bust of her dead husband 158 27K 2K 959K

KILLER MEG (Interdimensional entity..) @hors... 10h ... I bring a if i don't win l'll kill myself vibe to the pub trivia night that the casual beer drinkers can't quite fuck with 25 1.9K 24K del 700K

Ryan Totsling @dumbface5000.1 14h Me as a detective at the scene of a murder: looks like someone wanted this guy dead 97 60 724 19K

JP @jpbrammer. 18h ... saying her web connects them all before I exit a room like it's have a nice day 8 95 1K 60K

Horny Emeritus @InternetHippo - 1 13h The irs: you owe us money for taxes Me, too sophisticated to fall for scams: yeah right 5 135 1.5K du 50K

Mollie Goodfellow @hansmollman . 2 21h The French would have set something on fire by now Guardian news @guardiannews. 1d British Gas profits leap from £72m to £751m in a year dlvr.it/T2n2Q0 167 6.7K 57K 2.5M

U rob @lmNOTcatholic• 12h ... WAR SBO in the Hannibal universe there are like approximately 5,000 active serial killers in Baltimore turning people into lava lamps and food for monstera plants and shit 35 487 4.9K del 175K

Laura J. Nelson @laura_nelson 23h ... I was just trying to write, I'm a reporter at the L.A. Times, but my email's auto-complete had other, darker ideas Hey there, I'm a reporter at the moment 55 429 6.2K 234K

Jane Altoids @staticbluebat. 1 15h ... Villains Wiki https://villains.fandom.com wiki Osama bin Laden (Zero Dark Thirty) | Villains Wiki - Fandom Type of Villain ... Osama Bin Laden is the overarching antagonist of the 2012 action-thriller film Zero Dark Thirty. Не was the leader of f ... ... Missing: einema's greatest 9 120 1.6K 58K

jemima puddle-duck @heyyitsdidi 1d ... my dad texted me this completely unprompted (i was born exactly 9 months after valentine's day) 109 D dad I'm sure the math between V-day and your birthday cannot have escaped your notice don't remind me Read 7:17 PM 126 973 31K 778K

Púca @pucamusic• 22h ... so what are ur hobbies Phone Covers SMOKING, PHONE& &MORE To OP NAT ERS UNG GERS CABLE PTERS AKERS 28 1.8K 23K 679K

river Genesis X @rohrxd 1d SOON this friend is no longer straight. ladies and gentlemen, we got em river Genesis X @rohrxd 11/17/22 SOON i brought my straight friend to pride prom wearing a gay flag cape and he got saluted by 2 goth girls 225 5.4K 99K 1.7M

The Film Drunk @thefilmdrunk.20h Bro hasn't tweeted since ralphthemoviemaker @ralphsepe. 1d I'll see you on the other side DAKOTA JOHNSON HER WEB CONNECTS THEM ALL MADAME WEB EXCLUSIVELY IN MOVIE THEATERS F E B R U A R Y - adidas IMAX REGAL Now Showing 13 87 3.2K 126K

princess jiang @70s90s. 1d girl i met drunk in a bar bathroom in london in 2019 worst than a break up unfollowed me 28 3K 55K 996K

nicole boyce @nicolewboyce 16h ... YES!!!!!  NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! AV The A.V. Club @TheAVC.... 21h Barry Keoghan to star in Saddam Hussein movie, but he's not playing Saddam Hussein dlvr.it/T2pJ8P VAULI 65 4,641 85.4K 4.1M

Lays @OTD2point0-17h ... No caption needed PM Going for a PR New PR 4: 16 PM 207 1,280 40.3K del 2.9M

no context memes @weirdd... 7h ... I recently discovered that pizza is my second favourite thing to eat in bed Liked your answer Today 6:26 PM what's your first favourite thing to eat in bed? Sent MacBook Pro 68 1,086 33.7K 1M

emma @do_not_test_me.8h jesus christ Self conscious posting photo but I need advice! How to change skin care routine with rosacea diagnoses. 16 221 4,367 94.6K

It's Keaton! @EvilKeaton 16h Friend: Madame Web is so hot. Me, thinking Madame Web is the name of the spider from James and the Giant Peach: Dude, I know. I wanna marry her. 20 1,486 16K 491K


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