19 Highly Unconventional Things People Did for Money

‘Plucked my parents’ gray hairs for 10 cents per strand’
19 Highly Unconventional Things People Did for Money

How weird are you willing to get to secure some extra cash? Would you break your arm for $20? Pluck gray hairs for 10 cents a strand? Answering yes to either of those questions is definitely concerning, but the guys on Jackass likely did much worse for much less

To that end, Redditors have revealed the most unconventional things they’ve done for money, and some of them really should re-evaluate their worth — after all, drinking a mug of melted garlic butter should earn you more than $5. 

hydrangeasinbloom . 3y In college I used to stow flip flops in my bag when I went out to the bars, so I could switch out my heels for the walk home. One night I sold those dirty flip flops to a creepy old dude at the bar for $200. Easiest, yet most upsetting money I've ever made. ... 558
vaponwave_enthusiast + 3y I ate a sandwich from a teacher's lunchbox while they were out of the room for $20... This was in 2nd grade so I felt bad and left $10 on their desk drawer where they kept their lunchbox ... 58
mosyicatto . . 3y Not like that weird but when I was 6 or 7 - used to pluck my parent's grey hairs for 10 cents per strand. ... 4k
wambamthankyoukam . Зу I licked a slug for $20 bucks as kid...after doing it my mom didn't believe me and refused to pay up. ... 395
LIXD5203 . 3y Not me but my friend threw his $300 phone into a river for $25. It was deep so he didn't get it back. ... 2.5k
 . 3y Broke my arm for 20 dollars Yes I was dumb as fuck back then ... 165
mynonymouse. 3y Wrote fanfic to order. Gimme characters and plot (or plot what plot scenario), $15 per thousand words. Was fun, and occasionally hilarious, even if I'd never admit publicly to some of the stories I wrote ... .. It was that, or work a second retail job. Writing commissions won. ... 712
jabeith . 3 Зу When I was a teen, I drank a mug full of melted garlic butter for $5 at work. ... 151
lineageofhobbis . 3y Italian man came up to me on holiday in a town near Naples, he asked me to go talk to these 2 Americans he gave me 10 euros to buys them a couple o beers and talk about whatever. No idea why. ... 3.7k
james-betprotocol . 3y I used to clone rare Pokemon like Mew on the GameBoy game and sell them to other people. I'd just rip the transfer cable out while transferring the Pokemon at the right time and we both could keep it. ... 5.1k
tompackman Зу I worked as a runner (paid intern) for a TV talk show in the UK. David Hasselhoff was a guest and while researching him, one of the team found out he was in a soft core porn movie. We were based in Soho, London so they sent me out to the sex shops to see if I could track it down. I was sick with anxiety going into the shops but I kept thinking 'at least I'm being paid.' Funniest thing was I gave no context as to why I was hunting down David's sex tape.. all they
Jenniferinfl . 3y Stood in line for Dole Whips at Disney. Some guy paid me $50 to wait in the line while his family rode a ride. Edited to add: I was pregnant at the time and my family was in line for a ride I couldn't ride. I overheard a family trying to figure out how they would use their fastpass, make it to lunch AND manage to try a Dole Whip. I offered to stand in the line for him for $20. Не gave me $50. ... 483
shaodyn . 3y Not me personally, but a guy I went to high school with got offered $45 to fall down the stairs at the performing arts center on campus and yell fuck really loud while they were recording a performance. ... 543
shivam4171 . 3y My dad accidentally threw away a box of important papers into a large dumpster. Не paid me to go get it, easiest 100 bucks I ever made
Areswe . 3y I wrote an erotic fanfiction featuring spider man, the green goblin, and major booty-groping. I got paid 75$ for it. ... 130
vicrally . 3y I read the book every thug needs a lady by Wahida Clark. Saw it in Barnes and nobles and jokingly said to my brother that I would read it for $100 and give him a book report. Son of a bitch it is the worst book ever written. ... 2k
lordmattrimcauthon . 3y I was paid to watch alternating clips of nature and pornography while a camera in my vagina measured the hue of my vaginal walls to determine the amount of bloodflow to the area (which indicates the level of physical arousal). At the same time, I also had to take notes on what I thought about the images I was seeing (rating arousal level) This was to attempt to study the relationship between physical arousal and mental arousal. ... 4.7k
bopeepsheep . . 3y 'Babysat' a rock star before a gig so that he would stay put and not go off into the local area (which he didn't know) looking for drugs. We talked about TV and films.
 . 3y I got paid a $100 to learn how to do math with an abacus over the course of 10 days for a college study ... 1k


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