22 Funny Yet Weirdo Moments People Had With Their Neighbors

That’s one way to melt the snow…
22 Funny Yet Weirdo Moments People Had With Their Neighbors

While it’s not necessarily any of your business what your neighbors are doing, some behaviors end up being so puzzling — and occasionally, so hazardous — that you have no choice but to stop and stare. What would you do, for example, if you saw the guy next door pouring gasoline on his driveway to melt the snow? Surely you’d want to intervene, but not before trying to solve some kind of snow removal mathematical equation in your head to understand how they arrived at the gas-on-snow method in the first place. 

Redditors have sounded off about the weirdest things they’ve witnessed as a one-person neighborhood watch, and they might inspire you to take a gander at what’s happening on the other side of your fence.

 . 6y The whole family showered outside complete with shampoo when it was raining heavy once. ... 1.6k
SpacemanBatman - 6 6y Guy's house was foreclosed on so he locked his dogs in the backyard, set his house on fire, and tried to escape via canoe on the intercoastal. Не got about three blocks before the Coast Guard picked him up. Не got arrested. Dogs are fine. ... 947
BryBry_Bebo . 6y I live in Michigan. Most winters we get a lot of snow. The house next door has never had the brightest people living in it. Woke up one day to the fire department parked in the street. Apparently my neighbors thought they could save time shoving snow by just covering their driveway in gasoline and melting it. They would also burn trash all the time. ... 2.4k
SupremeSupercows - 6 6y my neighbour, a grown man, with a house and car, was sitting in his driveway, pretending to drive ... 727
JenovaCelestia . 6y My next door neighbor is a sweet elderly lady. I once saw her mopping the carpet in front of her door in the apartment hallway. It struck me as weird, but I'm not so sure now. I love her, she gave me a hug. ... 560
EsQuiteMexican 6y I lived in a rural area for a few years and my next door neighbour showered her son naked in the backyard with a hose, no curtains or anything. That wasn't the weird part. The weird part is that she did it until he was 13. ... 3.2k
GravelBallrooms . . 6y She followed us when we went on vacation and stayed in the same hotel. ... 1k
-HundredEyes-. 6y after a big snowstorm, he took this 20 foot pole thing, and started stabbing the snowbank at the end of his driveway with it. Не just sat there for an hour sticking the pole through the entire snowbank, in different spots and then went inside and did nothing else.
Rehabilitated86 . 6y Slowly drive in circles in her small, fenced-in backyard. It was an old woman. At least 2-3 times per week. ... 123
Real_Kevin . 5y Не gets drunk and mows his lawn on his riding lawn mower weekly.. ..at 1 in the morning ... 243
LederhosenSituation . . 6y Had a neighbour who always picked up trash on our street. Great, except dude liked to run the hose over them and hang them up to dry. Bottles, paper, clothes, food, cigarettes, you named it. After drying the stuff out, he'd throw the stuff away. ... 3.5k
 . 6y Saw him spreading his ass cheeks in front of his air conditioner. ... 3.4k
dazasm 6y My neighbor regularly sits in a chair in his garage and...just sits there. For hours. And it's not like his garage faces the street so it'd be comparable to someone sitting on their porch - his garage faces my garage/house so that's pretty much all he has a view of. Не also has a back porch which faces his backyard and woods, but he never sits back there. He's a pretty nice dude and I've pretty much gotten used to the obligatory exchange of Hey when he's there when I leave the house or get home, but for the first
Ppleater . 6y Shovelled my driveway for me while drunk at 10pm. Не didn't do an amazing job, but I appreciated the intent. ... 1.8k
RES1STOR 6y My neighbor used to hit golf balls at his own house. Не would dump a bag of golf balls on the grass and proceed to bounce them off of his house with a 9 iron. Не broke a window once and just kept on swinging like nothing happened. ... 180
iamgregreg . 6y My bedroom was on the side facing the street and at least twice a month the neighbour across the street would end up sleep walking naked in his front garden. I'd get woken up by their blinding lights coming on, then if I ever peaked out, he'd either be pissing, standing military still, rubbing his crotch or just sitting on the grass. Не was 65. Very confusing.
STEVE onefortysevenone . 6y STARK My neighbour looked over his fence, looked at me straight in the eyes and said 'the last time I looked at somebody like this, they died a week later' After that he just went back to his business like the conversation never even happened.
ihatemandymoore . 5y The fire alarm went off at 2 am, and as I was leaving my apartment, he poked his head out to ask if there was a fire. I said idk, but I'm not risking anything and he stayed in his apartment. I thought that was so weird. Maybe he had a death wish. ... 55
frenchcaptain . 6y Mine sits in his hedge watching my husband and I working ( we run a farm) and then he copies what we are doing. Не wears cammo and thinks we can't see him! ... 4.8k
_BiggieSmalls . 6y Не likes to play his violin in the small forest between our houses in the early hours of the morning. Scares the fuck out of me. ... 4.5k
 e 6y I went outside to the garden with my dog and saw my elderly neighbour just sitting on top of our shed. Не chatted to me for a while before I went back in, and then after a while he got down off the shed and went into his house. The best part was the baffled looks my dog kept giving him. ... 1.1k
ursois . 6y I live on the second floor of a 2 floor apartment. I was outside, walking down the steps to the ground, when my next door neighbor just walks outside and throws an entire plate of spaghetti over the side of the balcony onto the bushes below. I looked up at him like WTF?, and he just stared at me and said I made too much spaghetti and walked back inside. ... 4.3k


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