21 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of February 5, 2024

Oh, that makes sense too, I guess
21 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of February 5, 2024

It’s been a busy week with news breaking in just about every category. A presidential hopeful embarrassed herself from coast to coast. A reality TV star mixed up recently-released inmate Gypsy Rose Blanchard with the recently-deceased Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Bill Maher pulled the plug on a two-hour interview with Kanye West in what one could only imagine was full of enlightening and not at all offensive conversation. And a fresh batch of silly lawsuits have cropped up for everyone to point and laugh at. 

But the worst news of all? The comically large nail that was officially put in Coyote vs. Acme’s coffin. After the internet rallied in support of the to-be-shelved live-action/animated hybrid film, Warner Bros. reversed course on its decision and opened the playing field to other offers — with one caveat. The studio was seeking upwards of $80 million for the film, and when other studios didn’t match that number, Warner Bros. refused to let them counter-offer. After rejecting offers from Netflix, Amazon and Paramount, Warner Bros. is set to once again lock the film away forever. 

Those mourning the loss of what could have been with Coyote vs. Acme could probably use a laugh right now; thankfully then, this week has been full of hilarious tweets. The funniest ones were about a different way to save half of a snack for later, the worst decision you can make on Chopped and the whimsy of being clueless on a work Zoom. 

Shafeeq @Y2SHAF.2 23h Banana to the other fruits inside a smoothie 9 2,366 35.2K 1.1M
madi magdalene @hottropica 1d ... the fact that the girlies were like these are the sexiest guys we've ever seen 492 6,366 107K 4M
omeo @ihyomeo 2d saving the other half for later Flamits CORN STACKS 467 13.1K 195K 7.6M
oph @ophmaraj 2d ... spongebob the fashion icon you are !!! dove @lovedovec... . 3d these are calling my name sorry MARC JACOBS marcjacobs 58 7,771 136K 3.2M
Grace @gracecamille_.2d got kind of choked up telling my boyfriend that i think knew each other in a past life because he is too familiar and our love is too real for this to be our first lifetime together and he goes yeah that makes sense.. Or like maybe we played on a basketball team together 95 5,201 115K del 5.1M
acid reflux updates @widelybe... 2d ... Verizon 3:30 PM 17% 19 M Mom> Yesterday 7:21 PM Dad accidentally recorded curb your enthusiasm on HBO Latin channel. We sat there for like five minutes, listening to it in Spanish thinking that was part of some joke. 29 1,859 68K del 2M
Talia @saulgoodwoman_ . 1d ... by the time you are 23 your circle should have at least one of each of these: -scheming eunuch -beautiful courtesan -pious monk -vengeful warrior -hardworking serf 36 1.1K 6.9K 215K
Not Today Eric @NotTodayEric . 4d An adult is a person who thinks everything was ten years ago. 28 115 654 21K
Emily Austin @eraustinauthor - 1 1d ... The opening to this email is so hysterical to me I'm almost open to being swindled You've been HACKED ! YH You have an outstanding payment!!! 1:56 AM Hello pervert, I want to inform you about a ve... 70 4.6K 52K 1.4M
Eoin Wenger @eoinwenger 4d ... YOU GET A FAST CAR. AND YOU GET A FAST CAR #GRAMMYs 47 1.5K 22K 812K
7/11 Truther @DaveMcNamee3000.4d The other two boygenius girls at the little one's funeral in 40 years 5.1K 89K 165 3.3M
Die @k852947316. 1d ... i should've never smoked that shit now i'm at the littlest pet shop get better center 0.2 6 8 10 12 Get Botter Center HEART LESS 112 4.6K 31K 822K
Blight Yoakam @Vomit_Dragon 1 1d CCJ Taylor swift when the remote is on the other side of the couch TikTok @ renjunlsbae EY x 1 38 317 14K
sven @barhvas 22h this keeps me up at night FILTHY Ronnie Botes PATRON Films where the main character visits his partner's parents house for the first time, only to realise they are racists who have hatched a plan to have a white guy steal their identity. SHREK2 NATIO GET OUT bethany @fiImgal . 3d god bless the people who make extremely niche letterboxd lists idk what i'd do without you 93 25K 262K 11M
mere strömb @merestromb - 3d Me when I'm the least important person in a 40+ person meeting and I don't know what anyone is talking about imgfip.com 3.4K 43K 1.2M 10
@lilcoochiemama.5d this asshole keeps taking my money te BIO BOTANICA SO Nutrition Security DDr Calories W 96K 73 6.7K 2.9M
eve @impossiblyeve : 3d unrelated but how long until i go back to normal eve @impossiblyeve e . 4d should I : Buy this - - - 81 I NEW RHINOMAXXX 22000 MADE WITH NANO SUPER LONG LASTING TECHNOLOGY NEW FOR BETTER ABSORPTION 69 RHINOI Doly SUPER LONG Л EXTRACT LI PSULES ST UM STRENGTH )) PER DO LIBIDO MINA INS 2 CAPSULES NA 200 mg FORMANG STAMINA MADE IN A PERFORMANCE FDA -20 REGISTERED FACILITY WARNING:Beware of counterfeit prad 415 5.8K 101K 8.8M
Lauren Ipsum @rush_less s 1d ... Risotto on Chopped.... you already know how it went Bires doodie 13 136 2K du 90K
zach silberberg @zachsilberb... 19h ... he looks like if you asked an Al to create a new succession character Recording Academy /... 20h @JackAntonoff has won his third consecutive GRAMMY for Producer Of The Year, Non-Classical. #GRAMMYs
jake @huntichon 19h ... If you're single on Valentine's Day it's cuz you're ugly. Don't ever forget that. If you looked better you would have the person you want 23 925 4,007 186K
dan (the x-files 1998 hallway... 16h ... amazing things are happening on Twitter tay. II the smg milf agenda! Follow @sarahmilfgellar I'm not gonna lie. I saw these pictures and thought it was David Duchonvy in drag dan (the x-files 1998 hallway scene ex... 1d why do we never talk about her when we talk about beautiful twin peaks women 7:31 PM 08 Feb 24 45 Views 22 311 3,744 151K


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