31 of the Funniest Tweets from Thursday, February 8, 2024

The strip of teeth is the best part
31 of the Funniest Tweets from Thursday, February 8, 2024

When the nepo babies are getting radicalized and seeing the light, that’s when you know Hollywood is due for a rude awakening. While promoting her foray into the superhero world with Madame WebDakota Johnson spun a “web of truths” in an interview with L’Officiel in which she called the industry “really fucking bleak” and “disheartening.” The Fifty Shades actress told the magazine that “the people who run streaming platforms don’t trust creative people” and that “everyone who makes decisions is afraid.” She added that playing it safe is the very thing that’s going to make the industry implode. Although most of Johnson’s references were specifically anchored in the difficulty she had getting her indie film Daddio made, her struggles speak to the state of the industry and reveal awful truths for those with even less access than her.

Once Madame Web hits streaming, we’ll be able to see it on Disney+ from the comfort of our own homes, but until then, Disney’s top dog, Bob Iger, has something else on his plate. Two years after Gina Carano was fired for social media posts “denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities,” The Mandalorian actress is suing Disney and Lucasfilm in a bid to force the companies to allow her to return to her role in the Star Wars universe. The disgraced actress is getting help from the man with the compulsive need to be in everyone’s business as Elon Musk pledged to fund lawsuits for Twitter users who have been “wrongfully terminated” due to their activity on the platform. When CNBC asked Iger about his thoughts on the suit and Musk’s involvement, he had a one-word response: “None.” 

Now, if being hysterical were a fireable offense, these users on the timeline would be in big trouble. Today’s funniest tweets include those about the ideal volume settings for your boss, a pressing question for Jim Henson and the perks of getting an early jump on your day.

DI Nezuko's Brother @_suavegu... 20h ... what I ordered versus what I got 396 2,890 20.1K 1.2M
Nieltown @nieltown 18h French Toart PHILLY'S CHEESE STEAK FRENCH TOART PHILLY'S BPAR 10 80 1,027 32K
allison @allisongeroi . 2 21h ... in order to buy a midday Celsius I had to push this button and have a loudspeaker announce HELP NEEDED- ENERGY DRINKS لات and 36 PER 250 6 15 o 27.1° 6.50 27.5 Need - - - Help? 8/$ ang ang Press button - - for assistance f - - Bull Presione el botón para ayuda We'll be right with you! - - - in - as P9.50 - 9.50 as BR - 5.28 25.5kg IL nero the ALT a au - - 28.50 529 م 8 35K 31 850
BJ Colangelo @bjcolangelo.22h Release the Animaniacs, Ryan. V Variety @Variety 1d Ryan Gosling: When I was 16 and moved to Los Angeles and was auditioning at Warner Bros., they wouldn't have let me climb the water tower. Ten years ago, when I shot 'La La Land' here, they wouldn't have let me climb the tower. For whatever reason, right now, at this stage in my... Show more VARIETY 7 WB 6 195 1.2K 48K
Lauren @mamavirg0 1d ... When I tell you I GASPED at first when I walked in because thought his ass was FLOATING home Actually, 1 can 78 795 26K 617K
NotLilDave @LilCarlosKeeper - 1d ... Close that mf and crank that mf up to 500 Ruby @el_ruby02.2d You open your oven and see this, what's your next move?? 457 7.5K 75K 3.5M
im silly selma @selmacashmoney . 18h ... thank god for the apple vision pro. it actually makes conversations with my wife bearable OF Chief's Digest Promoting Stories With More Insight 10 Inspiring = Andrew Tate Quotes for Success and Motivation INSPIRING ANDREW TATE 32 956 21K 931K
@hotpinkfurby 12h i cannot believe this worked You M can you summarize the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 in the voice of rupaul using as much gay slang as possible ChatGPT Darling, let me spill the tea on that tragic day, honey! September 11, 2001, was a total wig snatcher, and not in the fabulous way we queens like. We're talking about a major kiki turned into a catastrophe, sis! So, picture this: it was a fierce morning in NYC, and then ВАМ! Those wicked terrorists pulled a stunt, crashing planes into the Twin Towers, leaving the whole world
Trey @treydayway 1d I taught the baby to say help instead of just yelling and now she says help like a Southern belle with the vapors 39 98 1.3K 34K
ben @funko_wop 1d ... imagined scooby doo trying to say the word taliban in the middle of a meeting and had to fake a coughing fit to cover for how hard i was laughing 11 768 13K 489K
7/11 Truther @DaveMcNamee3000.15h ... The boys going out on a Friday night to drink 145 beers, name actors at each other and talk to zero women 144 5.1K 52K 3.1M
pri @yangcuddygf 13h anatomy of a fall (2023) brittny pierre @sleep2dream 16h Sofia Vergara posting her divorce lawyer and calling him cute is hilarious. 46,984 likes sofiavergara Cutest lawyer gracias @troychris007 View all 423 comments Add a comment... 69 3.6K 37K 1.5M
Robert Komaniecki @Komaniecki_R. 1d Lmao please + 11.3K POV: Legolas every day ... before Aragorn and Gimli 97 wake up 1 270 4.4K 149K
Clug @Clug_chan . 22h getting a red one to wear in public so people dont talk to me aidan @101Iight 1d Well let me put my studying hat on 189 1.9K 40K
ceo of kory @korysverse 22h all i know is the movie better end with that cat safe and sound. FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates. 1d First look at Joseph Quinn and Lupita Nyong'o in 'A QUIET PLACE: DAY ONE.' (Source: @EW rew.com/a-quiet-place-...) Entertainment FIRST LOOK 7K 91 75K du 2.9M
MoneyMakinMcColley @_fashionablyL8T 12h If I got 13k photos with you we gone figure it out dw. @kushNdiamonds-13h Today we move on. Delete 180 photos from 18 bursts, and 12,506 other items? Your items will be deleted from iCloud Photos on all your devices. They will be in Recently Deleted for 30 days. Items shared with you will be deleted from Photos, but still appear in Messages. Delete 12,686 Items 930 une Cancel 256 8.4K 56K 1.8M
Robert Komaniecki @Komaniecki_R 1d Imagine peeing in the Beethoven's 5th urinals 74 1.4K 16K 682K
Notyep Elad @NotyepElad 1d Guy who rates everything on letterboxd ***** just because he's happy he's watching a movie 23 642 3.4K 185K
Karaoke Demon @KeefCheif.20h too many white cats being named things like snowball or marshmallow. what about freaky ass white boy 53 1.5K 14K 320K
Big Fat Bitch DiStefano @tsunami_mami420. 1d Sometimes I get so bored at work that I just start working 55 9.9K 85K 2.3M
@RICKYRAGE. 11h Danny Neary @itsdannyneary Hate when musicians change the pronouns when doing a cover of a love song. You can't be bi for three minutes? 3:09 PM 2021-04-22 Twitter Web App 15.4K Retweets 1,190 Quote Tweets 144K Likes 29 6.3K 62K 1M
joe bro @jbromovies 17h ... Taylor Swift going to get some milk from the market around MR the corner UNIT C 67 4.8K 68K 2.6M
SPRING Special husky dave grohl @saulmalone 1d ... putting together a diabolical fit TEEN HARTS sorry i'm late Í mas disn CRANKEN MY HOG 89 2K 23K 1.3M
chaosjim @thechaosjim 1d oh you're a leftist? name everyone that has left you 116 9.5K 58K 1.5M
rand @randsiron . 20h youre not gonna believe this SPIDER CULTURE Spider Culture @Spider_Culture. 1d I need a Wolverine solo movie MARVEL STUDIOS 104 6K 117K 3.7M
Marshall Scott @Marshall_Scott-1d .. My boss accidentally muted himself on this zoom meeting 20 minutes ago and none of us have told him 111 295 5.7K 138K
dirt prince @violinbee01. 1d starting your day at 6am is so fun.. i've lived a whole life and now i get to have lunch 87 12K 98K 2M
Mädi Kircher @MadiOkay 1d Our Polish repair guy sent this to my boyfriend and I just love it inspector is waitching me 47 6,778 135K 2.5M
sleepiest girl in the whole wid... 14h ... COBRA is like sorry you lost your job - we'd love to help you out! would you like to pay way more money for heathcare with zero income? 56 467 3,903 del 111K
I'm Her @Columbiana_30k·td ... My taxes done hit while I'm doing UBER, ma'am please get the f*ck out my car!! 686 5,066 48.3K 2.1M
tania @boywaif 17h I am putting myself back out there Idiot plot Article Talk XA In literary criticism, an idiot plot is one which is kept in motion solely by virtue of the fact that everybody involved is an idiot, :26 and where the story would quickly end, or possibly not even happen, if this were not the case.  It is a narrative 2 266 3,421 80.1K


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