33 Bizarre Reasons People Asked to Have Their Meal Comped

‘My pancakes are too round’
33 Bizarre Reasons People Asked to Have Their Meal Comped

It’s incredible that there aren’t more out-and-out brawls between restaurant workers and customers. Apparently, it’s not enough for people to come into a restaurant, have their order taken, be served a meal and not have to clean up after themselves. Some of them also want that meal for free. We’re not talking about a mistake on behalf of the kitchen either. We’re talking about absurd complaints about the food that defy logic. I mean, what do you say to someone who claims their pancakes are “too round”? This is the kind of comment that weasels into your brain and stays there. 

To that end, servers and back-of-house employees have provided a menu of the most bizarre reasons people wanted their meal comped, and the audacity of the requests is almost admirable.

drunkenmunky519 . 1 10y One time a guy ordered a pizza, pre-paid for it and didn't show up. Не then showed up 2 days later and demanded a refund because his pizza wasn't there. ... 887
 . 1 10y A woman found a black and white striped finger nail in her salad, and she had the other 9 of these on her hands. ... 2.1k
 10y I'm a Best Buy manager now, so you have to give me the manager discount here. It took 5 minutes of reassuring her that manager discounts only apply at places where you work. She thought it was a secret club discount for upper division employees all over the country.
 . 1 10y When I was a server, I once had someone come in, order a meal, not eat it, then want it for free, because I'm not hungry. ... 1.8k
shaydra . 1 10y A customer spilled wine on herself. We offered her a new glass out of the kindness of our hearts, but she also demanded a free meal... still not sure about the logic behind that one. ... 2
 10y I once had a customer at Applebees tell me, I thought it looked good but i ate it and now i i think i didn't like it so i want to try another meal for free. WTF you can't do that! ... 337
toxinogen . . 10y Oriental cook here. A customer called and complained that his spring rolls were full of hair. Upon closer inspection, we informed him that those little white stringy things were in fact bean sprouts. ... 3
Dolomite808 . 10y I had a customer demand her meal comped because her pancakes were too round. Seriously. ... 1.5k
heymejack. 10y One time a girl who had black hair with pink tips found a hair in her food. None of our servers, or kitchen staff, had black hair with pink tips. The hair that she found, however, was black with a pink tip. Needless to say, she did not get a discount.
saltyyslug . 10y I work at a pretzel place in the mall (similar to Auntie Anne's). A customer reported me to my manager because one of her pretzel sticks was shorter than the rest (due to uneven cutting). She yelled at me, insisting that I ate half her pretzel stick. ... 3
Elturiel . 10y I'm a cook and one time this lady ordered grilled salmon and sent it back because it tasted like fish. NO FUCKIN SHIT. ... 2
damnflanders. 10y I had a lady ask for a refund because her dish was supposed to have spaghetti, the kitchen was out so vermicelli was used (flat spaghetti) she said she couldn't eat the dish. When the manager tried to take her plate away she asked for it wrapped up to go. ... 3
bored_man_child . 10y I once worked as a host in an Italian restaurant. I was the only male host there, with 4 other very beautiful girls as my coworkers/hostesses. One woman wanted her entire meal comped because she claimed her husband wouldn't stop staring at the hostess throughout their entire meal...
 . 1 10y Child voms in the bathroom. Family comes to counter to alert us (even state lol he's been sick for days, poor boy!) and also to let us know that they expect entirely new meals for free. What is logic. ... 1.2k
nevermatter 10y Once, as a cook not a waiter, we ha to explain to a women why she couldn't get egg beaters over easy. She refused all explanation. We gave her regular eggs. ... 3
Whicksta . 10y I used to work at wendys, There was a customer that ordered a number 3 large meal, that is a triple stack hamburger and large fries, the largest meal we have. She also ordered a large caramel milkshake. She came back ten minutes later with her tray empty except for pickles, onions, and tomatoes. She demanded her money back because she said she was a diabetic and couldn't eat those things. ... 6
Sizzerdip 10y I once served this dumbass who ordered a WELL DONE 20 ounce bone-in ribeye steak. The kicker was he had to leave in 45 minutes and insisted it be well done. I suggested a smaller cut like the 8 ounce filet, but he wouldn't budge. I tried to explain that his steak would take 35-40 minutes to cook, and for him to enjoy his meal the cooks would also have to invent a time machine. Не was able to take two bites of his steak before he had to leave. Не complained and wanted a discount for the
hxcn00b666 . 10y A woman came into my job and asked for a personal plain personal pizza. When I brought it out to her she said Uh...whats this? In a very sassy voice while pointing to a small bit of onion that was in the sauce. It's an onion I said. Ohh...I can't eat this. I asked her if she was allergic. No, I just don't do onions. You should tell people there is onions in the sauce. I don't do onions. So we had to make her a new pizza with no sauce, and she expected to get the
 10y The grill marks on the grilled onion look like devil horns, and I take offense to that! ... 1k
PriveledgedCon . . 10y I work in a bakery/cafe and a woman wanted a $100 house certificate because that man over there called me a slut. Little did she know that man was my manager on his day off. Why would a manager get a day off? Не lost his voice The entire line overheard and slow clapped her out ... 1.8k
ICanAlmostThink 10y I was managing a fast casual restaurant while I was in school. We had one lady who would always have problems with her food and would always want her money back. So she comes in one day with her whole family and my server says he isn't going to deal with her since she always has problems. No problem I take her order repeat everything back to her. Then I go to the kitchen and cook every item myself to make sure there is no problems with it. After I bring everything out to them and make sure
z0mbiegrl . . 10y I was at a seafood buffet restauraunt once and a very large woman seated with another very large woman demaded a discount because her sister only ate beef. ... 3
dimmonkey . 10y I used to work in a Palestinian restaurant. Our hummus and babaghanouj were legendary in the area. One day a girl wanted me to give her whole lunch free because she said that the eggplant in the babaghanouj was too hard and it cut up her mouth. She ate all of it. And her lunch. And had dessert. But her mouth was in so much pain from the roasted eggplant that I needed to comp her. I did not do that. ... 174
marifjeren . . 10y I manage a Chicago style hot dog place. We deliver food because we are on a college campus. Delivered Italian Beef sandwich to a lady. She called and said it was cold. I said okay, just keep the cold sandwich, and we will bring you a new one. I bring a new sandwich to her. She hands me the old Italian Beef sandwich wrapped up in foil. I open the sandwich, the bread is there, the beef is gone. Hmmmmmm...excuse me Ma'am?!? ... 2
 в 10y My so is a waitress and she tells me something ridiculous nightly. My favorite story was last week actually. A customer came in and complained (before she ordered) that the food was too expensive, and wanted to know what the restaurant was going to do about it. She then proceeded to demand the manager because my so refused her request to give the customer her employee discount, and the staff HAS to accommodate her. The worst part is the management reprimanded her for saying no to the customers request and comped the entire meal. ... 1.1k
SeriousBlack 10y I saw a woman send back sushi at a japanese place because it wasn't cooked. Apparently she didn't understand what sushi actually was. ... 722
hashtagshowoff 10y I work at a pizza place. One night, it was just myself (female), another manager (who was doing some admin stuff) and a female delivery driver. A group of guys rung up and ordered a few pizzas delivered. I made the pizzas myself, cut them up, put them away for delivery and gave them to the driver. Needless to say, I got an angry call from them before she'd had even made it back to the store. I want a refund! What exactly was the problem with the order? There is SEMEN on my PIZZA! I explained to
FeliciaAmazing 10y When I worked drive through, I accidently told a lady a higher price than her actual total. When she I arrived at the window, I said Your total is actually $3.43 instead of $7.47. Sorry about the confusion.. She then asked me if she could have something for free for her confusion, and demanded angrily to speak to manager when I refused. Best part: I was the fucking manager. Not a damn thing she could say to make me give her free food for no reason. ... 1.5k
CeeDiddy82 10y I waited tables at a place that had a buffet on Fridays. A lady comes in with her twin sons and they all eat the buffet, when I bring her the check she flips out on me because I didn't charge her for two child buffets. I tell her that the cut off age is 10. She says her kids are 10 exactly. I point out that 1) her kids are wearing the HIGH SCHOOL varsity football jerseys and 2) I knew they were seniors in high school because they were a grade below me and I had
GillicuttyMcAnus 10y Had a customer one time come in and order 50 wings, in various sauces. Well my dumbass fucked it up and rang in boneless. Not a big deal, they just had to wait a bit longer, so we give them the boneless wings FOR FREE to eat while they wait. Their order comes out, everyone is happy, they end up with a huge pile of wings to take home, etc etc... Fast forward a week, the cocksuckers call and complain demanding free food, district manager comes in and all that shit. The computer records showed where my mistake
ThatOtherGuyHere 10y This happend to me when i worked at Chili's. I was serving a table of 4 one time and got their order in and brought out their food. They called me back a minute later and told me there was a roach on the plate (they' 've obviously placed it there) and demanded to talk the manager because they are not paying for food that is unsanitary. I told my manager that there was no roach on the plate when i gave them their food but he said that the customer's come first and he'll comp their meals.
ImpromptuSlut 10y One night a few weeks ago I was closing down the pizza place I work at with my manager. We closed a little early that night because it was snowing out and it had been slow all night. As we were getting ready to leave a guy calls to order a pizza but I inform him that we closed early and everything was shut down. Не then demanded that we re-open and that his order be comped because by closing early we inconvenienced him and fucked up his whole night.(1 made it polite but you can mix in
lily_pad . 10y because there were bones in his ribs..... Also I work at a casino so people will make up stuff constantly to try and get free food I've even seen someone break a toothpick and put it in their sandwich to say it was there and want free food. ... 1


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