21 Wild Hitchhiking Stories That Will Have You Running for the Hills

21 Wild Hitchhiking Stories That Will Have You Running for the Hills

Sometimes the driver, not the hitchhiker, is the weirdo. Case in point: The guy who picked up a college student who looked to be his cousin. After chiding him with “Does your mom know you’re doing this?” and letting the kid in the car, the driver came to the realization that this guy was not, in fact, his cousin. But he continued driving him to his destination anyway, forgetting to turn off the Baby Einstein CD that was blasting through the speakers. At the end of the ride, still forgetting that this dude wasn’t his cousin, he yelled “Love you!” as the guy got out of the car. That’s a memory neither of them will forget, and now it’s immortalized online for all of us to have a chuckle about. 

Redditors have swerved into the slow lane and told stories about the wildest times they’ve let someone hitch a ride, and it’s a miracle people still consider this a viable mode of transportation.

Dragonfudge . 7y I was feeling nauseas because I had a stomach bug, so I went to a nearby gas station late at night when I knew not a whole lot of people would be there so I could get some ginger ale and Gatorade. Some random guy just gets in my car with me and asks me to take him home, and I was feeling so ill I just didn't feel like protesting. So I took him home. On the way out, he opens up my center console and steals a watch and a pair of sunglasses that I

 13y My husband and I were leaving the grocery store and witnessed a big dramatic mulch theft. Yes, someone grabbed a bag of mulch, tossed it in their jeep and sped off, tires squealing, jumping curbs...it was confusing and hilarious. The high school clerks were mostly indifferent, but there were a couple employees freaking out and running after the jeep. Then we turn around and there is this girl standing there with her jaw hanging open, and holding a box of donuts. She just looks at us and says/demands I need a ride. I don't know why he just

LuvsCigars 10y Not anymore. I was exiting the offramp on the interstate exit that's about 8 minutes from any town. There was a car with the hood up. I stopped. There was a 40ish guy & a 80ish guy. They needed gas. The 40ish guy said he had a buddy that lived 1/2 mile away and asked if I could drop him off. I did. Thought nothing more about it until my wife got home. She asked if I saw the car on fire on the way home. The one on the side off our offramp. The one with the

nappy-doo 13y My roommate (a straight laced, straight-A girl) and I were at the college grocery one night at about 1AM buying foodstuffs, when a very skinny woman approached me. She said, she and her husband had their car repossessed in the lot, and will I give them a ride to their apartment (about 3 miles away). So, I tell them, sure, let me finish up, and I'll give them a ride. My roommate was having none of it, and was very upset. I told her, it's okay, shit happens to people, sometimes you should just be nice. So, we

 10y I picked up a hitchiker for about..10 minutes one time in Austin Texas. A normal 20-something year old girl, in business casual, not hitchhiking but she was broken down, and was obviously hot. So I stopped and brought her some water, and she asked if I'd give her a ride to her house, of course I thought Well this is normal, no problem. We're driving for about 10 minutes, and she asks Hey is it alright if I smoke in your car?, and I smoke in my car so of course I said yes. I hear her light

 . 10y When I was about 8 or 9, my dad picked up a hitchhiker who turned out to be a hooker. And offered him sex. While I was sitting next to her. Не turned down the sex and we dropped her off a Steak n Shake. Then me and my pop got some milkshakes. Shit was tasty. ... 462

Zarniwoooop . 1y Early 90's. A dude picks me up, he's mid 50ish. Ask me where I go. The ride was about 45 minutes and I sat at the back. Не cried to whole time. Not a light sobbing but full on crying. Not a word was spoken the entire ride. ... 188

xenzor . 13y I picked a guy up one time who started out being friendly. Не then made some joke about stabing me with this strange laugh. Like it was a joke but not really.. I told him to get out. ... 153

 7y It's December 2009, I'm about to deploy, and I have to drive my car across the country to drop it off at my brother's to look after. I picked up a guy somewhere on I-90, not sure where.. the states kind of blend together when you have to drive over 1k miles a day. Не smelled like old wet laundry but he didn't try to talk which made it bearable. I drove for a few hours and dropped him off at a truck stop he requested.. right along the highway so it's whatever. I lose maybe 10 minutes

HabaneroEyedrops . . 7y One time I picked up a guy who looked much rougher up close than I expected, but I gave him a ride anyway. A few miles down the road, he turned to me and said, Hey, this worked out OK. I needed a ride...and you needed someone who wasn't going to murder you. And that's the story of the last time I picked up a hitchhiker. ... 1.5k

skydiver1958 . 7y My brother and I picked up 2 guys years ago. Fifteen minute ride to town. My brother rolls up a big Cheech and Chong joint and proceeds to get them blasted. Asked them where they want off. They say court offices as they are going to see their probation officer. We just laughed and said good luck with that.

illlogic 11y I unwillingly did. A famous Australian cricketer named Greg Matthews ( I didnt know at the time) Got into my car while I was sitting at the lights. His hands were all bloody and he had blood on his face and shirt. At first I was shocked that someone got into my car but I asked him if he wanted to go to the hospital and started driving there. Then he started saying things like I've had tea with the queen and something after that but I can't remember. I think he thought I was a taxi. Не was

cedarvhazel . 7y We got picked up whilst hitch hiking and the guy had about twenty cats skulls sitting along his dash board. They were his cats, his families cats and road kill cats. It was pretty weird but he was so lovely and we made it to our destination: ... 87

 1y Picked up a hitchhiker who I thought was my cousin who lives in the same city but I hadn't seen in a long time. Think I said Does your mom know what you're doing? as I stopped/rolled down the window. Was not my cousin. Realized it too late. Dropped the kid at his college across town before becoming aware I'd never turned off the children's preschool music CD. Also, having dropped off my kids at school just before this so it was part of the routine, automatically told Not-My- Cousin that I loved him as he was getting

vingverm 12y I picked one up once, first and only time ever. It was about 10km from my home, and where he was there wasn't much public transport, and it'd be a decent walk for him to walk the long scary road in the woods by himself. Не was also standing in front of a church which gave me some confidence. So, I pick him up, tell him I can drop him at the other end of the woods (which is where I live, and where public transport is). Не asks if he can get dropped off at a certain

MattTheMoose. 12y I picked up a hitchhiker once. Не wouldn't stop talking about how he had the best product ever. It was a workout video called 7 Minute Abs. .. 23

 12y I picked up a hitch hiker. I asked him if he was an escaped serial killer. When he said no I said great....only one in the car at a time.You should have seen the look on his face. ... 92

vikingblood63 . . 1y I accepted a ride from a guy in a red van. It smelled of dead flesh. I asked about the smell and he said he delivered chicken parts. There wasn't any refrigerated compartment. I was on edge the entire ride and held my hand to my keys which were strung in a fashion similar to brass knuckles with keys sticking out. ... 47

RadicalMisanthropy 1y Guy stops for cigarettes with his kid in the back. Leaves the keys in, car running, threatens to shoot me if I try anything. While he's away getting cigs. Okay dumbass lol But could also be the time some weird ass guy picked me up on my way to school. First thing he says is thought you were a girl because of the long hair. Refuses to drive anywhere near the school to drop me off. Hmm. ... 68

infanticide_holiday . 12y I was hitch hiking in NZ and got picked up by an awesome guy. We were approaching a New Zealand Experience bus, commonly known as a fuck truck due to the loose moral nature of the people frequently taking the tour. In response to his encouragement, I drop my pants and stick my arse out the window as we drive past and he leans on the horn. As I pull in and sit back down I see that the bus is in fact full of somewhat shocked octogenarians. Many laughs were had. ... 11

HotBackground3812 . 1y One time I was trying to get to Portland, OR, and I got picked up by this dude. We are chatting in his car and actually vibing pretty well, when he reaches over and grabs this massive chalk asking me if I want to do some coke I nervously laughed thinking he was joking, but no, he actually scraped the piece of chalk with his knife and snorted it. ... 30


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