25 Epic Surprise Party Fails

‘My friend’s uncle walked into a surprise party with his mistress’
25 Epic Surprise Party Fails

The secret getting out ahead of time is the most common way for a surprise party to go awry, but it’s far from the only way such a gathering can be torpedoed. For instance, one woman went through the painstaking process of planning a surprise party at home for her husband, only to see him walk through the door with his mistress. Can you imagine the chaos that followed? Everyone in attendance was probably hesitant to even be in the vicinity of a surprise party for years after that debacle. 

To that end, Redditors have revealed the most disastrous surprises they’ve witnessed at a party, and maybe we should put a moratorium on these kinds of celebrations moving forward.

Captainhowarth . 1 10y My friend got back from deployment, it was my job to take him out and keep him away whilst they prepare his house. When we arrive everyone jumps out, friend reacts automatically punching someone in the face and throwing himself out of the door at the same time. Two chipped teeth and a sprained wrist. ... 208
KPexEAw . 1 10y My 19th birthday surprise party (30 years ago), I had to go the bathroom as soon as I got in the door, they hid all the shoes in there. ... 3
homerBM . 10y I worked quite hard at planning a surprise party for my best friend in the flat we shared. Her boyfriend was to bring her home at a set time. We were all sitting in the living room with our eye on the front door, waiting for her to enter as we had seen his car go by. All part of the plan. Except he brought her in the back door. She walks into the living room and all our backs were to her and asked what we were doing. When I asked him why he brought her
 . 1 10y My first wife Tammy tried throwing me a surprise birthday party. When I saw my friends hiding through the window, I drove to a gas station, called the cops and told them people had broken into my home. I'm not big on surprises. ... 10
Blutwolf . 10y My buddy who does way more Judo than people should flipped his girlfriend clean over during a surprise party and broke her arm, thought she was an intruder. Needless to say, they're married now. ... 2k
spheryeyne . 10y In high school I was responsible for keeping a friend busy while her parents set everything up at their house for the party. We get back to her house, all lights are off, she walks in the door and announces I have to take a huge shit! Lights turn on. Surprise! Embarrassment ensues. ... 2.5k
notwiththatattidude . 10y The person we were throwing the 63rd birthday party for was coming back from a trip with his wife and we (50+ people) were in the back yard with all the decorations set up and food. His wife texted us when they were 5 minutes away and we all gathered to the fence gate where they would soon enter (the fence was about 7 feet tall so you couldn't see anything over it). When they entered, we all yelled surprise and his face looked like he was about to sneeze, but instead he was having a stroke
 10y My buddies girlfriend threw him one at his apartment the day before his birthday....everyone got in there places when we saw him pull up, waited and waited...then looked out to the parking lot to see why he hadnt come in yet, he was getting blown by some other girl. Then it got awkward ... 770
Church_of_Xenu . 10y My aunt had setup a surprise 40th birthday party for my uncle. Everyone (about 30 friends, neighbors, relatives) were hiding in the basement waiting for him to come home from work. His car pulls up, he runs to house, everyone yells SURPRISE! and he shits himself. Turns out he had the runs that day and really had to poop. We all had to wait until he got a shower for cake. I was 9 at the time and couldn't stop laughing. ... 1.6k
Roadwarriordude. . 10y My friends married uncle walked into his surprise party with his mistress. ... 2
mrstring 10y My ex threw a surprise birthday party for her best friend, it was great! Except she forgot it was my birthday too. ... 2
 10y My friends birthday thrown by his wife. he was recovering from a horrible car accident and was on crutches and horse sized doses of Vicodin. Не walks in and everyone yells Surprise! and he slowly turns, looks at everyone in a doped out state and walks right back out without saying a word. ... 2k
perlx 0 10y a stupid ass of a frined mine who is a drunk good for nothing, birthday was coming up, an his GF wanted to surprise him with a surprise party in his House. So a couple of his friends decided to make things better and went to a bar to get him drunk Не passed out, pissed himself, we tried to warn him but he insisted to go inside. So when everyone yelled surprise he threw up. GF smashed the cake to his face, broke with him that night and it was the best surprise party. ... 1
Turdburgl4r74 10y When I was 13, my mom's then bf wanted to throw her a surprise 40th birthday party. My job was to keep her out of the house after work/school long enough for him to set everything up and for everyone to arrive. I told her I wanted to use my saved up allowance to take her shopping for a new purse. We were leaving the store and as we were walking to her car, 2 men rushed by us and took off with her purse. She was happy with the party, but her worrying about having to cancel
jasunshine 10y My friends, family and coworkers planned a surprise birthday party for me at my house. In order to give everyone time to get there and get set up, my coworkers had my boss ask me to stay late at work because we might have an emergency project to do tonight. So 5pm rolls around and everyone heads home (really, to my house). I sit around. 6pm.. 7pm... Finally text the boss that I'm headed out unless she really needs me to stay. Turns out she was supposed to have me go home at 5:30 because the project didn't
AwesomeSmiths 10y On my birthday I confessed my love to the girl I was seeing at the time. She shot me down. Bad. I was a husk of my former self.. Just kind of broken. She insisted on hanging around for the next few days saying it was to show she wanted to be my friend still but back then I was too much of a pushover to tell her to leave. On Friday she dragged me to the movies (tangled. A love story of all movies) and I couldn't figure out what the fuck she was thinking. Turns out
Stregano 10y When my Dad turned 50 we wanted to give him a good surprise party. Не got it at some club/lodge place for some group. Не had an idea it would be a surprise party, but he was single (got divorced), and assumed it would be more of a guy's night out type deal. Well, we all failed at people placement since the door was cracked open slightly since it was hot in that room, and who does he see? My grandmother... ...his mom. I mean, it is not a disaster like other stories, but I would say it
wordsmif 10y Went out for a romantic dinner with the then-wife. She was being unusually flirty, showing cleavage, goes to rest room, brings back panties in her hand and gives to me. Says she couldn't wait to get back home, etc. So, arrive back home. She tells me to meet in the basement where we have our entertainment room and tv while she changes into something for the evening. Huge boner. Go down the stairs, start taking off my pants. Surprise!!!! About 30 friends in the basement for an early surprise b-day party. I fell backwards on the stairs, could
Bseagull . 10y We threw a surprise party for my dad. We had everyone out on the driveway and called him out, yelling that our basketball hoop fell on top of our neighbor. Не thought him and my mom were going out to dinner with some friends, so he ended up running out in half of a suit with no pants on. Funny as shit. ... 1
war-scribe . 10y Guy I know has some heavy PTSD, a lot better then he used to be. His wife threw him a surprise 30th birthday party at their house. Word of advice, don't stand in the fatal funnel when surprising a person like this. The shouts of surprise changed to don't shoot very quickly. His wife caught his arm mid-draw. The guy in front of the door took a while to calm down. All his service buddies thought it was damn funny (they were well around the corners of the hall). ... 14
zektron42 10y One time my mom told me that we were running low on funds so we couldn't have a birthday party and that the best we could do is take me to McDonalds with my friend (we'll call him jack). We get to Jacks house and mom tells me that he is out at his pool. I walk over to the gate outside and twenty people jump out and are all like SURPRISE! I'm confused as fuck. I walk over to Jack and ask him if he's ready to go to McDonalds and my mom had to pull me
walrus_gumboot 10y A girl I was dating in high school set up a surprise birthday party for me, but chose to not invite most of my good friends because she didn't like them. Well, they caught wind of this party and took me out for some drinks instead, as a their own birthday surprise. This was before cell phones, so she didn't have a way to get in touch with me to make up a reason to get me back to her house. Halfway through the night one of them spills the whole story, and I decide it wise to
assylem3 10y When my son was turning 5 he told us he wanted a surprise birthday party. Не gave us the entire run down on how it was going to go, and we followed his instructions to give him exactly what he wanted. Не had been out with Grandma and when he walked in the door all 40 of us yelled surprise! Не just sat down on the floor and cried and refused to even stand up. It took us about 20 minutes to calm him down enough to stop crying. Needless to say, we won't be throwing him any
_mayhem 10y My boyfriend at the time and his female friend planned a surprise party for me while I was at work. Was definitely surprised and overjoyed that all my friends were at my house with cake and balloons and wine. However, after awhile I notice I can't find my boyfriend or his friend. Caught him on the porch making out with the girl who helped him set up my surprise party. Не forgot I had a security camera pointed at the front door. Was not a good surprise. ... 308
5howtime . 10y Went to one of those surprise parties where more and more people show up to a restaurant until the whole party is there. Fun stuff right? Turns out that a couple who were in our group of friends were in the same section having the divorce talk. And thing was that they hadn't been invited because they fought so much it was tough to be around them. ... 887


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